Sell in VJM


Unlike selling via internet auction sites, selling in Vintage Jazz Mart is so simple and hassle-free! No complicated listing procedures, post-auction form filling, pressure to despatch parcels within 24 hours, arcane ‘one stop’ international shipping programmes which deter cross-border trade, and a system increasingly weighted against the seller. 

All Internet-based auction sites charge a hefty per-item listing fee to sell records - and then take a whopping cut of up to 10% (the so-called Final Valuation Fee) of the final price after the sale - NOW EVEN INCLUDING A 10% SLICE OF YOUR SHIPPING CHARGES! Add those together and see what a hole that makes in your profit -  an average 15-20% off your sale price is the norm!

Things are a little different selling in VJM...

No per-item listing fees here! We charge magazine subscribers a flat fee of $85 or £50 per A4 sized page in the published magazine and just 50% extra to go on to the Website (double these costs to non-subscribers)! How many items you want to cram onto an A4 sized page is up to you but 150 items per page is easily do-able. That works out at a TOTAL listing/selling cost of just 57 cents or 33 pence per item listed! Compare that to eBay and other web-based auction sites!

And now, the really good news...


With a worldwide magazine readership built up over 60 years and a global presence on the Web, Auctions and Set Price Sales in VJM reach the world's most active, discerning buyers (and most reliable payers!) of Jazz and Blues 78s, LPs and associated ephemera. Why not give us a try? You could make - and save - a fortune!

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