VJM’s Famous Record Auctions

For 68 years Vintage Jazz Mart has been the premier source of high-quality, well-graded Vintage Jazz, Blues and Hot Dance Band 78 and vinyl Auctions, offered for sale by many of the world's leading international collectors and dealers. Their reputation, built up over many years, means that not only can you trust them to be honest in their dealings, but you will not be swamped by pages of worthless, badly-described and poorly graded records fit only for the rubbish dump!

Up to the closing date, the lists on this page are live auctions to be found in the current issue of Vintage Jazz Mart. There are many other 78rpm, LP and book lists of similar quality in the magazine version of VJM, covering all styles and periods of jazz and blues -  if you don't subscribe you really will never know what you're missing!

VJM 189 auctions closed on 28 March 2021.

Look out for the summer 2021 listings in VJM 190, to be published in early June!