MARK BERRESFORD RARE RECORDS. Regularly updated website of the former English half of the VJM editorial team. Specialist sales and auctions of Jazz, Blues, Personality, Dance Band, Theatre and Music Hall, Ethnic, Rare Labels and other 78s, Books, Ephemera, Gramophones and Phonographs, cylinders and even some LPs! 1000s of records in stock! Also extensive collection of rare photos of recording artists.

VINTAGE JAZZ AND DANCE MUSIC AT 78rpm. John Wright's well-designed and very comprehensive site is a must-see for 78rpm record collectors, especially British Dance Band fans. Where to buy and sell records, how to grade them, clean them and pack them, lists of magazines, web sites, articles, music files, record societies - the lot. 

THE VITAPHONE PROJECT. Dedicated to the reuniting of Vitaphone films with their original sound discs and their restoration to video, their home page gives up to the minute information on news, finds, needs, etc. A very worthy project which needs any support you can give to save these precious and rapidly decomposing survivors of the earliest days of the talkies. Much to interest the hot dance music collector and some jazz.

MONROVIA SOUND STUDIOS - RAGTIME-JAZZ-HOT PIANO. Very professional site devoted to the music of Jelly Roll Morton and his contemporaries. Founded by the late Mike Meddings, one of the foremost experts on Jelly Roll Morton. Strong emphasis on Morton and piano rolls of ragtime and jazz performers, with an extensive library of MIDI files and photos. Recommended!

TIM GRACYK'S HOME PAGE. Well-written articles pertaining to the history of the record industry and recording artists (mainly studio singers and vaudeville artistes), and lots of useful links to other sites. 

CITY OF LONDON PHONOGRAPH AND GRAMOPHONE SOCIETY.  Rather studious, but very useful site. Very much slanted to machines and their upkeep, 'Serious' music and the minutae of record company history - great if that's your sort of thing…

BLUES WORLD. The Godfather of blues and blues-related sites. Enormous content, links, page-hosting, auctions and much more. 

DOCTOR JAZZ MAGAZINE. Long-established, mainly Dutch-language jazz magazine, but regularly features English-language articles, plus reissues, and their famous twice-yearly 'Doctor Jazz Days' in Wageningen - live music, chat and thousands of 78s and LPs for sale!

THE HARLEM FUSS. A good-looking, highly informative (and occasionally controversial) discographical website dedicated to the Harlem-based recording  singers and musicians of the 1920s. Meticulously researched, many hours can be spent here!

BLUES IMAGES. John Tefteller’s website of Classic Blues artwork including his beautiful 1920s Calendars, as well as CDs, Posters, CDs, T-Shirts and DVDs. John also runs his WORLD’S RAREST RECORDS website.

ON THIS DAY IN JAZZ AGE MUSIC. A fantastic daily-updated blog of Jazz Age births, deaths and more with great links to sites featuring the artists mentioned.

WWW.ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM. Great resource site for all aspects of jazz. Gigs, record reviews, interviews, diary, images, links and much more. Highly recommended, especially to contemporary jazz fans.

JAZZ REVIEW. Monster site with heavy leaning towards currently available CDs and MP3. Mainly contemporary scene-oriented, but with massive links page and lots to keep visitors on the site.

RAGTIME PRESS. Large selection of MP3 and Midi files of ragtime piano solos (mainly piano rolls), plus useful information on the contemporary ragtime scene and good links page.

JASS.COM. Invaluable resource site, containing biographies, pictures and sounds of pioneer jazz men and women of the 1895-1930 period. You could spend hours here! Recommended!

GLOBAL MUSIC NETWORK. A well-designed site dedicated to Jazz, Opera and Classical music, but the jazz section is dominant. Loads of articles (with a mainly contemporary and Modern Jazz bias), CD reviews, CD sales section and more. Well worth a look.

BIXOGRAPHY - BIX BEIDERBECKE RESOURCE PAGE. An extremely useful resource site for anyone interested in Bix. Full of info, music, articles, useful links and much more. Very well presented and easy to navigate.

A PASSION FOR JAZZ. A well-designed site featuring music commentary, history and education featuring musicians' photo gallery, festivals, virtual piano chords, teacher locator and Jazz MIDI files archive.

BIRGIT LOTZ-VERLAG HOMEPAGE. Rainer Lotz's record auction and discography sales site, but with useful historical information, including a complete German Vox listing. Especially useful to collectors of German records.

MUSICAL PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS: THE HISTORY OF JAZZ MUSIC. As it says, this site is a primer for our younger listeners to learn about jazz. Hosted by playground equipment company AAA State Of Play, they provide much educational material on music, play and many other subjects.

GUITAR JUNKY. A music-oriented magazine that aims to provide the best reviews and guides on musical instruments.

THE HISTORY OF RECORD PLAYERS IN CARS. An interesting piece by Jerry Miller on record players in cars.

LYREKA. A community of music lovers offers a platform where music lovers can discuss and interpret song lyrics in an open and social environment. Examples include A Deep Look at How Blues Has Influenced Jazz.

THE RED HOT JAZZ ARCHIVE. An enormous and very popular resource site for anything to do with vintage jazz. Biographies, critiques, photos, music and much much more. Extremely well laid out and easy to navigate. Well recommended!

WORLD OF GRAMOPHONES. This is a browser's delight, a cornucopia of goodies relating to old jazz and other music 1880-1940s. It has a large listening library, lists of CDs, books, and films. Don't be put off by the commercial intent of the site. The creator(s) have provided a source of inspiration by presenting many potentially useful and interesting items for your consideration. By rattling around the site, you'll find huge amounts of old music information to enjoy.

MAINSPRING PRESS. Alan Sutton's excellent web resource page is awash with interesting articles and photographs relating to the history of record labels and early performers. Although heavily tied in with his book American Record Labels (and why not? It's a magnificent book!) and the forthcoming 5th Edition of Brian Rust's Jazz Records and Ragtime Records, there is plenty of content for both label freaks and jazz and blues lovers - e.g. articles on OKeh, Black Swan, Dixie Jazz Band, Puritan, etc.

THE BLINDMAN'S BLUES FORUM. An excellent web forum devoted to all aspects of Blues music. Lively discussions, wants, info and much more. Need to register before posting.

DE WEERGEVER. Amsterdam-based record collectors' club which meets Thursdays and Sundays. Well worth going along - great people and good snacks too!

LITTLE WONDER RECORDS AND BUBBLE BOOKS. Fascinating site devoted to everything Little Wonder; audio files, history, discography and much more!

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JAZZ RECORD COLLECTORS. Like it says on the tin - a Worldwide association Jazz record collectors with an annual subscription and quarterly magazine. Annual conferences held with papers, music, record sales etc. Useful association with a revamped website.

JAZZ-ON-LINE.COM A comprehensive Classic Jazz download site with over 15000 titles in mp3 format available at a very low cost (currently $5 for 3 months). Tons of great material including vintage personality recordings (Jolson, Marion Harris, Cantor etc, etc.) and a good search engine to find them too!

FLORENCE MILLS.COM Florence Mills' biographer Bill Egan's tribute to singer and dancer Florence Mills, with much useful material, sound files, pics and much more. Very useful and well-considered links to other web sites with related themes.

JAZZQUOTATIONS.COM A great idea - a website devoted to quotations on the subject of jazz and jazz musicians. Very comprehensive and searchable by artist, subject etc.

BLUESPIPE.COM The Premier Blues Music Search Engine.

PHONOSTALGIA.COM  Ryan Barna's excellent work-in-progress site dedicated to mainly pre-1925 American recording pioneers. Good stuff!