The Paul Garon Collection. 

PO BOX 4181 Carlsbad CA 92018 USA.

All bids to: (please do not send bids to my other email). Packing and Post extra.  Min bid $25 unless noted. 


NOTE: Joe Lauro and myself purchased the Paul Garon blues collection. Both of us will be posting discs in separate lists in VJM. There is something for every price range in these pages. In addition, the records in lesser condition (below V) are generally decent players — Paul play-graded these discs and they many were listed at higher grades because they played better.

I have put Minimum bids on more discs than usual because many of them are higher value and because this list will circulate well beyond VJM subscribers .. Most mins are about 20%-30% below prices comparable copies sold for.



1 ROBERT JOHNSON E+ Phonograph Blues Vocalion test of SA 2587 -2. Unissued on 78. This is an early 1960s master test—probably done by Frank Driggs for the Columbia LPs—on smooth, heavy vinyl, Plays beautifully.  Min $1100.

2 SIPPI WALLACE (THOMAS) E to E+ Vi 38502 (magnificent Johnny Dodds and quite rare) Mighty Tight Woman/Gonna Need My Help.  Min $450

3 SOUTH MEMPHIS JUG BAND V++ /V+(plays E to E-) Vo 02585 Policy Rag/Doctor Medicine (rare—only on Vocalion. No ARC issues)  Min $850

4 JOHNSON BOYS (Guitar stomper) E-/V++ (small dig 1 gr click)  Herwin 92025  Ash Can Stomp/Neckbones&Rice.  Min $800


Group 2 PRE WAR 1920s-1932

5 LOTTIE BEAMON (Kimbrough)& Pruitt Twins (guitars) E/E- Pmt 12201 Honey Blues/Red River Blues (this side has weathering marks that make very slight swish) rare in good shape  Min $200

6 BLIND BLAKE & CHARLIE SPAND V+ Pmt 12863 Hastings St (essential classic)/Fighting the Jug. Min $250

7 BIG BILL BROONZY (as Sammy Sampson) E Perf 163 Bow Leg Baby/Texas Blues (Ga Tom w Broonzy)

8 GUS CANNON JUG STOMPERS V- Vi 38006 Pig Ankle Strut/Bugle Call Rag

9 GUS CANNON JUG STOMPERS E /E to E- Vi 21267 Madison St Rag/Minglewood Blues

10 GUN CANNON & BLIND BLAKE V  Pmt 12571 Can You Blame Colored Man/Poor Boy

11CANNON & WOODS V+ Br 7138  4th&Beale /Last Chance Blues (rare one) Min $300

12 LEROY CARR E- (int hlc)  Vo 1493  V+ Carried Water for ELephant/Papa on House Top

13 JESSE CLAYTON E- (a few scuffs plays E+) Vo 1598 bNeckbone Blues/Station House Blues Min $200

14 JED DAVENPORT BEALE ST JUG BAND V+ Vo 1513 looks E- but a little grainy)Vo  Save Me SOme/Move Out of Town Min $650

15 TEXAS WILL DAY & BILLIKEN JOHNSON E+ Col 14514 Elm St Blues/Billiken Worried Blues

16 TOMMY GRIFFIN E to E+ (slight grain) Vo 1479 Bell Tolling Blues/Ball Playing Blues Min  Min $250

17 LUKE JORDAN V+ Vi 21075 Cocaine Blues (an essential classic)/Church Bells

18 JACK KELLY S MEMPHIS JUG BAND V (ec no grooves)  Perf 0260  Believe I’ll Go Back Home/Ko-Ko-Mo Blues

19 JACK KELLY E to E+ Vo 05193 High Behind Blues/Neck Bone Blues Min $200

20 JACK KELLY E  Vo 05031   You Done Done (great stomper)/ Diamond Buyer   Min $200

21 SYLVESTER KIMBROUGH E to E+ Br 7135  Bird River Blues/Garbage Can Blues

22 FURRY LEWIS V++  (Play E!!) Vo 1134 (very tough and excellent) Mean Ol BedBug/Why Don’t You Come Home Min $800

23 FURRY LEWIS V  (ef no grooves) Vo 1133 Billy Lyon Stack O lee/Good Looking Gal Blues . platys strong Min $350

24 FURRY LEWIS V-  Vo 1115 Jelly Roll/Mr Furry Blues (sound muffled somewhat but not a lot of surface noise)

25 FURRY LEWIS V- Vi 38519 Furry’s Blues/Mistreatin Mama (stro ng player even wear)

26 MEMPHIS JUG BAND E  Vi 20809 Memphis Boy/Sometimes I Think  Min $250

27 MEMPHIS JUG BAND V+ Vi21066 Beale Street Mess/See You In the Spring

28 MEMPHIS MINNIE V+ Col 14455 Fresco Town (essential classic)/Going Back to Texas (plays E-, looks borderline V /V+

29 MEMPHIS MINNIE V+ (a bit grainy, no wear) Vo 02711 Drunken Barrelhouse (her last “country blues” Vocalion and one of her best) Stinging Snake  Min $350

30 MEMPHIS MINNIE w JED DAVENPORT JUG BAND V/V- V (plays fine) Vo 1600 (quite rare, this one) Garage Fire Blues/Grandma & Grandpa  Min $300

31 MEMPHIS MINNIE & Kansas Joe V Vo 1668 Shake Mattie/Washwoman Min $200 (strong player)

32 MEMPHIS MINNIE V Vo 1651 Called You This Morning /Plymouth Rock Min $200

33 MEMPHIS MINNIE E Vo 1512 Mr Tango/Gonna Bake Bi\scuits Min $450

34 MEMPHIS MINNIE & Kansas Joe  V++ Vo 1570 Bother that ThingWild About My Stuff    Min $300

35 AL MILLER MARKET ST BOYS V+ Br7140 Stuff You Sell/Bone Blues

36 “E” (Little Bro) MONTGOMERY E Vo02706 Frisco High Ball (one of the greatest piano blues ever and a super copy)/Louisiana Blues Min $300

37 BEN NORSINGLE V (strong player) Br 7041 Red River Blues/Rover Blues (Texas territory band stuff)

38 PINE TOP & LINDBERG E- Vi 23330 4-11=44 (this has to be the strangest song title ever but super piano blues)/ E Chicago Min $350

39 YANK RACHEL & DAN SMITH V+ Vo 2649 Gravel Road Blues/Night Latch  Min $300

40 WILL SHADE E+ (potential 10 gr ec  stabilized) Vi 21725 She Stabbed Me with an Ice Pick/Better Let Stuff Alone  Min $125

41 SHORTY GEORGE V Br 7106 Jones Law/ My Babe Blues

42 SONNY SCOTT  V-/G+ Vo25013 Red Cross Blues/Coal Man Blues (Scott way underrated) strong player

43 HENRY THOMAS V  Vo 1443 Dont Leave Me Here/Railroading Some Min $300

44 HENRY THOMAS V Vo1094 Cottonfield/John Henry

45 TOO TIGHT HENRY  V++ Br 7189 (this is a great black string band record) Squinch Owl Moan/Way I Do (label faded from dampness) Min $200

46 CURLEY WEAVER-FRED McMULLEN V (plays V+) Ro5204 Some Cold Rainy Day/Just Cant Stand it  Min $200

47 CURLEY WEAVER E-/E Perf 0250 Birmingham Gambler/Tippin In (2 of his best sides) Min min $450

48 DEACON WILSON w Piano & Cong V+ Br 7023 Listed in the Army (80% singing)/Revival Prayer

49 AMADIE ARDOIN & DENUS McGEE E Br 80083 One Step des Chameaux/Valse de Opelousas (rare enough reissue of impossible Br 559) Min $100


Group 3 Some Classic ladies…

50 BESSIE SMITH E  OK 8949 Gimmie Pigfoot/Take Me for a Buggy Ride Min $100

51 BESSIE SMITH E Col 14042 (Magnificent Joe Smith) Weeping Willow Blues/Bye Bye

52 BESSIE SMITH E- Col 14083 (LOUIS!!) Careless Love (#1)/He’s Gone

53 BESSIE SMITH E- Col 14095  JC Holmes/ I Aint Got Nobody

54 BESSIE SMITH E Col 14538 On Revival Day/Moan You Mourners

55 MA RAINEY V+  Pmt 12215 (Ladnier etc) These Gods of Mine/Lucky Rock

56 MA RAINEY V+ Pmt 12227 South Bound/Lawd Send Me a Man

57 MA RAINEY V++ Pmt 12332  Oh My Babe (one of her greatest)/Slaved to the Blues

58 MA RAINEY V+ Pmt12556  Blues Oh Blues/Oh Papa

57 GEORGIA WHITE E+ De 7389 Alley Boogie (RM Jones)/Red Cap Poker

58 GEORGIA WHITE E+ De 7562 Blues AInt Nothin But (uptempo hot)/Worried Mind

59 MEMPHIS MINNIE E CQ 9763  Ma Rainey (scarce and beautiful tribute to Ma Rainey on her death )/ Fingerprint Blues This side E-

60 SIPPIE WALLACE  E+ Mer 2010 (W Albert Ammons, Bob Shoffner, Starks etc) Bedroom Blues/Buzz Me



61 ARKANSAS SHORTY  E  Bb 6571 (great guitar blues and rare) Double Crossing/Whipping Jelly  (slight warp)  Min $150

62 KOKOMO ARNOLD E to E+ (orig 1935 shellac Champ test of mx 91289 A) Neck Bone Blues

Min $100

63 KOKOMO ARNOLD E+ De 7181 Stop Look & Listen/Do The Dippy (hot slide grr) Min $125

64 KOKOMO ARNOLD V+/V De  7163 plays well) Down & Out/Milk Cow #4

65 KOKOMO ARNOLD E+/E- De 7156 Front Door Blues/Back Door Blues Min $100

66 KOKOMO ARNOLD E+ De 7191 Let Your Money Talk/Bo Weevil  Min $150

67 KOKOMO ARNOLD V+ De 7172 I’ll Be Up Someday/Sundown Blues

68 BROWN BOMBERS OF SWING Vo 03678 (Casey Bill slide guitar-stompers and scarce) Walkin in My Sleep/Guitar Swing $Min $125

69 HATTIE BOLTON (same as Hattie Hart of Memphis Jug Band) E (light lams side 1 inaudible) Down Home Shake (great)/Drive that thing

70 SCRAPPER BLACKWELL E+ Wayback Blues (orig shellac Champion test 1935 mx 90088AA) Min $100

71 SCRAPPER BLACKWELL V Champ 50038 Bad Liquor/My Old Pal (only on Champ)

72 SCRAPPER BLACKWELL E Champ Alley Sally Blues/No Good Woman

73 JEAN BRADY V+ /E-  Ok 06254 My Mellow Man /Knock Myself Out (nice late 30s blues)

74 BROWNSVILLE SON BONDS V+  Champ 50044 Weary Worried Blues/ Back&Side Blues

75 BROWNSVILLE SON BONDS E+ (slt warp) De7558 Old Bachelor/I’ll Work Up to you (double grr great) Min $125

76 SON BONDS E+ Bb8950 Come Back Home/(Sleepy John Estes) Working Man Blues Min Min $75

77 FRANK BUSBY E- De 7295 Eleven Light City/Prison Bound (obscure Indianapolis bluesman)

78 BO CARTER E+ Bb8295 Tush Hog / My Little Mind  Min $100

79 JAMES DE BERRY  MEMPHIS PLAYBOYS E+ Vo 05084 Nummy Nimmy Hot/you can Go (great New Orleans style band on this…both uptempo)

80 DIPPER BOY COUNCIL (Devils Daddy in Law) E- Vo04643 ILookin for My Baby/Dont Want Hungry Woman (great Carolinia guitar blues) Min $100

81 SLEEPY JOHN ESTES E  De7595 Time Drawing Near/Mailman Blues

82 LEROY HENDERSON (Casey Bill etc ) V++ Vo02970 Good Scuffler/Good Grinder

83 RICHARD M JONES V Bb 6569 Black Rider (Lee Collins tp)/Troube in Mind

84 JAMES Stump JOHNSON + DOROTHEA TOWBRIDGE E+ Bb 5169 E+ Steady Grinding /Dont Give Lard Away (more distinctive than his others)

85 FRANKIE JONES E+ Vo04286  Jockey Blues/Gamblin Man (obscure CHicago blues)

86 MEMPHIS MINNIE E/V+ De 7048 (her Deccas are great and scarce) Cant Give it Away/DIrty Mother For You

87 MEMPHIS MINNIE E-/V++ CQ 9282 Call the Fire Wagon (guitar stomper) /Keep Your Big Mouth Closed Min $100

88 MEMPHIS MINNIE & BLACK BOB E/E+  Vo03046 Joe Louis Strut (what a barrel housing romp)/ He’s in the Ring Min $75

89  AL MILLER & STOMPERS V++ (slight warp) Champ 50067 Truckin Old Fool/Got to Be Done

90 JIMMY ODEN E+ Vars 6051 (ex 1932 Champion)  Thats All I Think/Everybody Like thing

91 POOR BILL E+ (pressing bubble clix 3 gr) Vars 6020 Way Up on the Mountain/100 Women Blues (a mystery record. Great guitar blues from mid-30s but not derived from any other issue)

92 PEANUT, THE KIDNAPPER E Mel 7-09-65 Silver Spade/8th AVE BLUES  (great Birmingham blues session)

93 MACK REINHART&BROWNIE STUBBLEFIELD E-/V+ Mel 7-04-61 Leave Here Running/Lost Woman

94 ROOSEVELT SCOTT E+ Vo 05550 Down in the Gutter/Dark Road Blues

95 CURLEY WEAVER E/E- De 7906 Two Face Woman/Sometime Mama Min $75

96 BUKKA WHITE E/E- Col 30139 Pinebluff Arkansas/Shake Em On Down Min $125

97 JOSHUA WHITE E to E+  Mel 6-06-53 Greenville Sheik/Good Gal

98 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW E+ Vo 1569 (w Charley Jordan) School Day/So Soon Min $250

99 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW V Bb5626 Ice & Snow/Creeping Blues

100 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW E De 7465 Banana Man/Wrong Woman

101 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW E+ De7778 Machine Gun/Pocket Knife Blues

102 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW E De 7753 Big Apple/Two Time Mama

103 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW E- De 7738 Big Money/Five Minute Blues

104 OSCAR WOODS V+ Vo 04604 Token Blues/Jam Session Blues

105 JOE WILLIAMS E Bb5996 Stepfather /49 HiWay  (Min $125

106 JOE WILLIAMS E+ (hlc 3”)   Bb5930 Providence Help the Poor People (one of the greatest blues sides — truly unique) /(Clarence Lofton) Policy Blues  Min $100

107 JOE WILLIAMS E Bb 6231 E  Stack O Dollars /Worried Blues Min$125


Part 5. POST WAR (the first 6 are are 1920s sounding acoustic blues)

108 DAN PICKETT E+ Gotham 516 Lemon Man/Number Writer Min $125

109 DAN PICKETT E+ Gotham 242 You Got to Do Better/Baby How Long “”

110 DAN PICKETT E+ Gotham 201 Laughing Rag/Thats Grieving Me  Min $125

111 JOE WILLIAMS E+ Tpt 153 Delta Blues/Mama DOnt Allow

112 JOE WILLIAMS E+ Tpt169 Overhauling/Whispering Pines

113 JOE WILLIAMS E+ Tpt 171 She Left Me A Mule to Ride/Bad Heart Blues

114SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON E+ Tpt 216 Going in Your Direction/Red Hot Kisses

115 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON E+ Tpt 140 Stop Crying/COme Back Home

116 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON E+ Tpt144 West Memphis/Cross My Heart

117 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON E+ Tpt 145 Pontiac Blues/Bonny Boy Xmas Blues

118 MEMPHIS MINNIE E Regal 3259 Kidman Blues/WHy Did I Make You Cry (scarce)

119 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS E Aladdin 3096 Miss Me Blues/Abilene

120 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS E Aladdin 3035 Have to Let you Go/Morning Blues

121 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS E+ Herald 504 Boogie Woogie Dance/Blues Mighty Bad

122 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS E+ Herald 476 Grandma Boogie/Love You Baby

123 LIGHTNIN HOPKINS E- HErald 436 Movin on out Boogie/Sick Feeling

124 JESSE JAMES E+ Sittin In 569  Forgive Me Blues /Corrinna Boogie

125 LITTLE JUNIOR E Sun 192 Mystery Train/Love My Baby Min $125

125 SMOKEY HOGG E+ Merc 8225 Looking for my Baby/ALways on My Mind

126 BOBO JENKINS E+ Fortune 838 10 Below Zero (iconic classic)/Baby DOnt You Want to Go Min $125

127 LIL SON JACKSON E Imp 5267  Thrill Me Baby (his best w great slide guitar)/Doctor

128 WASHBOARD PETE (Ralph WIllis- acoustic blues) E+ Sav5556 Xmas Blues/Neighborhood

129 RALPH WILLIS TRIO E+ 20th Cent 20-11 Going to Chattanooga (uptempo guitar romp)/Goin Down Slow Min $75

130 RALPH WILLIS TRIO E+ 20th Cent 20-09 That Gals No Good/So Many Days Min $60




The Following are set price at US $7. All V or V- so.. some have lams but all are decent playing.


Ma Rainey Pmt 12303; Ma Rainey Pmt 12257; Elzadie Robinson Pmt 12417; Elzadie Robinson Pmt 12578; Lee BrownWashboard Band De 7775; Charlie Spand (E+) COl 37336; Big Bill Mel 6-04-62; Leory Buddy De 4848005; Bessie SMith Col 14260; 14109, 14399; 14375; Col 14273; 14158; 14147; 14172; 14195