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1.LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOT FIVE OKEH 41575 King of Zulus/Lonesome Blues E E+ Min $40

2. LOVIE AUSTIN BLUES SERES Paramount 12277 Peepin Blues/(J O’bryant) Georgia Breakdown V- Min $25

3. LOVIE AUSTIN BLUES SERES Paramount 12256 Travelin Blues/Steppin on the Gas V+ (great playing copy and sizzling Ladnier!). Min $85

4. JIMMY BERTRAND WASHBOARD WIZARDS (Dodds) Vocalion 1060 (small label takes 31-33_ Idle Hour Special/47th Stomp V+ 

5. BROADWAY BELLHOPS (for the BIX                                                                                completist) Har 508 Rainbow of Love/ (Harmonians) The Ladiies Man E- 

6. EUBIE BLAKE Or Crown 3193 River Stay Away/Life Bowl of Cherries E++ Min $35

7. BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE Ok 8911 (w Haywood Sons of Harmony - sounds like Louis) Radio Papa/Deal Another Hand E+   Min $75

8. JIMMY CARR O Gennett Electrobeam 6099 Whistful & Blue/(J Sylvester I St Louis Blues V-

9. CHICAGO STOMPERS De 7424 Stomp Yr Stuff/Wild Man Stomp (master press Gennett) E+

10. COTTON CLUB O Col 287-D Snag Em Blues/Down & Out Blues E- (scratches s1 click for several grooves) 

11. IDA COX SIL 3563 (takes issued only on Silvertone) Kentucky Blues#2/Achin Blues #1 V+

12. COW COW DAVENPORT (underrated Joe Bishop tpt) Dec 7462 Railroad Blues/Aint No Ice Man E

13. DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS Vi 20403 Florida Blues/Louisville Stomp E- (slight grain) Min $45

14. MARY DIXON (w Metcalf cornet) Col 14459 Fire&Thunder/Black Dog (#1) E/E+ MIN $40

15. JOHNNY DUNN BAND (Jelly Roll Morton) Col 14306 Sgt Dunn Bugle Blues/Buffalo Blues V (plays very well-strong) 

16. DUKE ELLINGTON O ACDJ 01 Lil Farina/Animal Crackets E+

17. JIM EUROPE Harmony Kings  Perf 11096 Roll Jordan/Swing Low E++

18. FLETCHER HENDERSON O Col 228 (LOUIS!)  Manda/Go Long Mule E -

19. FAMOUS HOKUM BOYS (Broonzy hot guitar) Superior 2603 Hokum Stomp/Aint Going There V Min $150. (fewer than 10 known copies)

20. FAMOUS HOKUM BOYS Vocalion 03265 Nancy Jane/Gonna Tell Man Ma on You E- Min $90

21. GEORGIA GORHAM  Black Swan 2017 Broadway Blues/ Kind Teatment E

22. JEAN GOLDKETTE Or (BIX SOLOS) Vi 20994 Clementine/(J Crawford O Baltimore) E- (plays E) Min $15

23. PORTER GRAINGER JAZZ BUDDIES Buddy 8051 (very rare label) Made no Difference/Ba Ba Blues V Min $80

24. HANNAH MAY STATE STREET 4 (Lee Collins cornet) Vocalion 03313 A Rank Stud/Kansas City Hill E

25. HANDY’S MEMPHIS BLUES BAND Pur 11098 St Louis Blues/Yellow Dog Blues E

26. HARLEM HAMFATS (all have great New Orleans horn by Herb Moran) Dec 7299 Hallelujah Joe Ain't Preaching/Whats My Baby Do E to E-

27. HARLEM HAMFATS Vocalion 04813 Thats Going to Ruin Yr Beauty Spot/When Sun Goes Down in Harlem E

28. HARLEM HAMFATS (Palooka Washed Band) De7378 Back Door/Were Gonna Move E+

29. HARLEM HAMFATS Dec 7182 Lake Providence Blues/O Red E/V+

30. CLIFFORD HAYES Victor 21489 Barefoot Blues/Bye Bye Blues E+/E Min $60

31. HARRIS BLUES & JAZZ 7 Hytone K-45 Everybody Blues/Jazz Me Blues w. Lucille Hegemin  E. Min $35

32. FLETCHER HENDERSON O Voc 15174 Hay Foot Straw Foot (hot solos parade)/ Peaceful Valley (quite scarce) V+  scratch inaud

33. ALBERTA HUNTER Paramount 12017 Chirping the Blues/Someone Else Take Yr Place E-

34. CHARLIE JOHNSON PARADISE 10 Victor 21712 Walk That Thing/Boy in Boat V+ Min $35

35. JAMES P JOHNSON & CLARENCE WILLIAMS Col 14505 (scarce) How Could I Be Blues/Found a New Baby V+ Min $35

36. LIL JOHNSON Voc 03428 (Lee Collins tpt) Grandma Said Lets Susie Q/New Shave Em Dry E++

37. MARG JOHNSON 8162 (w Clarence Was Bl 5) Nobody Knows How I Feel This Morn.Absent Min Blues V++

38. RICHARD M JONES Gennett 5171 12 St Rag/Jazzin Baby Blues V+

39. RICHARD M JONES Okeh 8431 Scagamore Green/Dusty Bottom Blues  V to V+. Dig pass

40. JUBILEE GOSPEL TEAM (hot stomping) QRS 7014 Let Jesus Lead/Station Will be Changed V- (plays loud & strong) 

41. LITTLE RAMBLERS (Rollini) Col 423 Deep Elm/Melancholy Lou E-

42. VIOLA McCOY w F Henderson Jazz 5 Bruns 2591 Aint Gonna Marry/IYour Man Quits You E++(very hot uptempo and perfect copy)

43. SARA MARTIN (King Oliver) Paramount 14025 Death Sting Me/Mistreating Man (40s issue) E+ 

44. HAZEL MEYERS Voc 14709 (Joe Smith cornet) Awful Moanin Blues/Never Gonna Throw Me Down E-

45. MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND Bruns 6199 (scarce) Snake Hips/Every Time I Look  E- (suffs no wear) 

46. JELLY ROLL MORTON Victor 38527  Freakish/Seattle Hunch V+ (small scratch 2 groove)

47. JELLY ROLL MORTON Voc 1020 King Porter Stomp (his best version)/Pearls V (plays great) Min $50

48. BENNIE MOTEN OR Vi 21693 Get Low Down/KC Breakdown E- (excellent playing copy — may be an improvement over your junk shopper) 

49. BENNIE MOTEN OR Okeh 8100. Elephant Wobble/  Crawdad Blues  V to V- (plays better)

50. NAYLOR 7 ACES (New Orleans) Gennett 5376 She Wouldn Do What I Asked Her To/X-Eye Papa E- Min $40

51. NEW ORLEANS FEETWARMERS HMV 4944 SHAG/(Fess Williams Or ( Playing My Saxophone E+

52. KING OLIVER DIXIE SYNCOS Voc 1112 Willie Weeper/ Black Snake Blues (uncommon one) V Strong player) 

53. ORIGINAL JAZZ HOUNDS (scarce) Col 14086 Fo’Day Blues/1620-1865 Uncle Eh Dream E-/V++ Min $65

54. OSSMAN-DUDLEY TRIO (hot for its day w mandolin & guitar) Vi 16092 St Louis Tickle (Thought I heard Buddy Bolden) E 

55. TINY PARHAM MUSICIANS Vi 22778 Sub Buster Dream/Now that I Found You V+

56. TINY PARHAM MUSICIANS. Vi 38054 Skag A Lag /Voodoo. E—  Min $25

57. TINY PARHAM MUSICIANS   Vi38009 Jogo Rhythm/Stuttering Blues V+


59. OLLIE POWERS SYNCOPATORS Paramount 12059 Play That Thing #4/ Jazzbo Jenkins V- (one of Ladnier’s best)  Plays well. 

60. ORIG MEMPHIS 5. Perf 14090 Aunt Hagar Blues/Ivy E /E+

61. MA RAINEY (a’ Louis Armstrong) Pmt 12252 Jealous Hearted/See See Rider #1 E-/V to V+ plays fine. Min $35

62. MA RAINEY (Lovie Austin, Ladnier) Pmt 12200 Mystery Record/Honey Where You Been So Long V++ (shallow dig side 1 pass) 

63. SOUTHERNERS (hot Eddie Edwards Band) Gennett 3204 That Certain Party/(Bailey Lucky 7) V++ (tiny ef 0 groove) 

64. RICHMOND STARLIGHT JAZZ QT QRS 7028 Gone Jazz Crazy/Monkey Man Blues E+ Min $95

65. ELMER SCHOEBEL FRIARS Or  Br 4652 (Tesch) Copenhagen/Prince of Wails E—(scuffs)

66. EMIL SEIDEL Or Champ 15383 Down South/I’ll think of You V 

67. BESSIE SMITH Col 14435 I Got What It Take/Kitchen Man E 

68. BESSIE SMITH (Ladnier) Col 14375 Dyin By The Hour/Foolish Man Blues E to E- (plays E+) Min $50 (scarce one)

69. STATE STREET RAMBLERS Champ   40007 Kentucky Blues/Barrel House Stomp E-/E  Min $75

70. STATE STREET RAMBLERS (Blue Jay Boys) De 7224 Tack it Down/Endurance Stomp (Gennett mx press) V+

71. STATE STREET SWINGERS Vocalion 03319 Whippin That Jelly O Red. E

72. STATE STREET SWINGERS (Broonzy, Howard Armstrong etc) Voc 03002 She Caught the Train/Dont Tear My Clothes E-

73. JESSE STONE SERENADERS Ok 8477 Boot to Boot/Starvation Blues V- (strong player)

74. CHARLEY STRAIGHT Or Br 3136 Hi Diddle Diddle/What A Man (solos both sides) E-

75. TAMPA RED HOKUM JUG BAND Voccalion 1540 She Can Love So Good/You Rascal You E- Min $35

76. WHOOPIE MAKERS (Teagarden, Mc P, BG) Or 1624 After You Gone/12 St Rag E-

77. SIPPI WALLACE (Sidney Bechet) Okeh 8197 So Glad Im Brownskin/Off and On Blues V+ 

78. FATS WALLER Victor 38613 (rare) My Feeling are Hurt/Smashing Thirds. E- (E slight grain) Min $50

79. WASHINGTONIANS Har 577 Bugle Call Rag/Sweet Mama E to E- Min $40

80. ETHEL WATERS w Joe Smith. Black Swan 14117. Jazzin Baby Blues/Kind Loving V+ (great player & rare)

81. ETHEL WATERS (James P Johnson) Col 14380 Do What You Did Last Night/Get off Yr Knees E+. Min $20

82. WARNER 7 ACES  Col 752 Hangin Around/Wh’d Be Blue E-

83. CLARENCE WILLIAMS BLUE 5 Okeh 8181 (Louis Armstrong) Everybody Loves My Baby/All the Wrongs E—/V++ (plays E)  Min $85

84. CLARENCE WILLIAMS Okeh 8020 Pullman Porter Blues/If You Dont Believe I Love You E+

85. RALPH WILLIAMS O (St Louis Territory band- hot solos) Vi 19504 Get Lucky Chicago Stomp/Prince of Wails E/E-


86. FIVE BIRMINGHAM BABES (great Rollini! - sax and composer)  Perf 14635 Remember the Night  E-

87. DAN BURLEY SKIFFLE Boys Exc 77 Skiffle Blues/Chicken Shack Shuffle (low down barrelhouse worthy of a 1929 Electrobeam) E

88. BOB FULLER (w Elmer Snowden and Louis Hooper) Har 580 Black Cat Blues/Too Band Jim E to E- 

BARGAINS: (Min: $10 for 3 discs)

89. 3 HOT JAZZ. Clarence Williams Col 14287 Close Fit Blues; Fletcher Henderson Vocalion 14926 (Copenhagen w Louis); Bennie Moten Vi 20485  KC Shuffle All V to V-  

90.  3 Bessie Smith (2 with Louis Armstrong) Col 14053 Reckless V+ to V lam cr; Col 14086 Careless Love V; 14312 Empty Bed Blues V+

91. 3 HOT JAZZ. Duke Ellington Vi22938 Bugle Call Rag V+/V; Ben Pollack Perf 15326 Wah Wah Gal #2 V to V+; Bennie Moten Vi20955 V

92. 2 JAZZ GREATS CLARENCE WILLIAMS Blue 5 Bruns 3664 Baltimore V+; KING OLIVER Bruns 3741 Sobbin Blues V+ Min $15

93  3 JAZZ HOT Clarence Williams Bl 5 Okeh 8510 Close Fit Blues; JIMMIE NOONE Vo 1185  $-5 Times ;  Bennie Moten Vi 21693 Get Low Down all V


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