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Jazz records from the George Paulus collection. (Blues records begin at Lot #90). George had some excellent and rare jazz records which we are pleased to offer here. Since this list will be posted in several places, I have added more minimum bids than usual by request.



1 Autograph  ( no #) ELMER KAISER & His Ballroom Orch MONKEY BUSINESS-One Step/Fox Trot Classique  E scuffy  Min $60

2 (no # ) MERRITT BRUNIES  Up Jumped the Devil/Follow the Swallow V++ Swallow side has a swishy area . Min $175

3 # 625 SUPER SYNCOPATERS (great Chi Band with Carl Rinker etc) South Bound/ When My Sugar Walks Down the Street  V+ (int. hlc). Min $175

4 #604 LAMPE’S TRIANON Orch Prince of Wails/ So Soon V 1/2” hlc inaudible Min $50

5 # 628 “”””  Lady of the Nile/Midnite Waltz V+  Min $50



6  6664 ALPHONSE TRENT Or LOUDER & FUNNIER/Gilded Kisses V++ tiny edge flake four tics  Min $400

7  6275 TRIANGLE HARMONY BOYS Chicken Supper Strut/Sweet Pattotie E (almost invisible potential 1/2” hlc)  (exceptional rare) Min $600

8 6211 BLACKBIRDS OF PARADISE Sugar/Muddy Water E (a few light scratches) Min $750

9 6278  FRANK BUNCH FUZZY WUZZY Fuzzy Wuzzy/ (Walter Anderson Or) Sugar Foot Strut V to V+ Min $200 (plays V+)

10 6575 EZRA BUZZINGTON RUSTIC REVELERS Bass Blues/Brown Jug Blues E/V  2 tight hair cracks. Brown Jug side has some heat damage. Plays strong but swishes

11 6099 JOHNNY SYLVESTER Or St Louis Blues/ (Jimmy Carr Or Wistful&Blue) V+ Min $40

12 6118 ROSS GORMAN Virginians Phanton Blues/Kickapoo Trail  V+ Plays E  (except for small swish spot )

13 6026 JOHNNY SYLVESTER Playmates A Blues Serenade/(Harry Pollack Or) Aint No Maybe in my Baby Eyes V

14 5405 (acoustic) BUCKTOWN  FIVE Mobile Blues/Someday Sweetheart E-/V++ Min $75

15 5419 “””) BUCKTOWN FIVE Really A Pain/STeady Roll  E-/V+ 1” hlc. clix a few grooves. Small edge bite 

16 5132 “””) KING OLIVER CREOLE JAZZ BAND Dippermouth/Weatherbird Rag V+

17 5217  “””) NORK Milenburg Joys (Jelly Roll) Margurite V++


18 12009 FRANKIE FRANKO LOUISIANIANS Golden Lily Blues/Somebody Stole My Gal  E- a few light scratches but no wear. Min $150

19 JACK WINN DALLAS DANDIES (Bix’ last record) LOVED ONE (Mills Merry Makers) St Louis  E- Min $150



20 1463 Walter Page & His Blue Devils SQUABBLIN' / BLUE DEVIL BLUES V  very scuffy, extreme rarity and plays strong Min $175

21 1027 LILL’S HOT SHOTS Drop That Sack (#37)/Georgia Bo Bo V (not  very worn but scuffs and plays very loud and strong)  Min $125

22 1226 HALF-FINT JAXON (Freddie Keppard?great cornet!) Hit Tiddy Low Down/Down at Jaspers BBQ E Min $250

23 1220 ALBERT WYNN CREOLE BAND Parkway Stomp/Down by The Levee V+ Min $125

24 1218 ALBERT WYNN CREOLE BAND Crying Blues Away/(Midnite Rounders) Shake Yr Shimmy V

25 2983 WILBUR SWEATMAN Or (scarce  & very hot from 1934) Hooking Cow/Whatcha Gonna Do? E (very slight centre hole dam.) Min $60

26 1008 CHICAGO HOTTENTOTS (AL Nicholas) Put Me in the Alley/All Night SHag V-

27 1738 MAPLE CITY 4  WASHBOARD BAND Tiger Rag/Oh Monah  E (small heat mark

28  1296 JIMMIE NOONE Or Birmingham Bertha/Am I Blue  V+



30  7066 IKE RODGERS & HENRY BROWN w Papa Eggshell   Malt Can Blues/Stomp ‘Em Down to the Bricks  E- to V+ Min $175

31 4779 SLATZ RANDALL Or (hot Territory band) Ding Dong Daddy/Skirts E- (Scuffy)

32 4331 SLATZ RANDALL or  Bessie Couldn’t Help it/I Get the Blues E

33 4330 TOM GERUNOVICH Or (West Coast) The Boogy Man/Sugar Cane Around my Door E

34 4244 JABBO SMITH RHYTHM ACES Jazz Battle/(Walter Barnes Royal Creolians) Tight Like That E+ Min $100



35 20589 RICHARD M JONES Jazz Wizards Good Stuff/Smoke Meat Blues E+ Min $125

36 38041 RICHARD M JONES Jazz Wizards Tickle Briches/Novelty Blues V+ (10 groove swish on s1)

37 21345 RICHARD M JONES Jazz Wizards African Hunch/(Jelly Roll Morton) Jungle Blues V+/V



38 14586-D RED PEPPERS ( Benny Nawahi) TIGER RAG / DINAH E- scratch B a few light tics, and a lam under label B  Min $75

39 14358-D JOHNNY DUNN & BAND (Jelly Roll Morton) Ham&Eggs/U Need Some Loving E- (some light scratches on Loving side ) Min $125

40 2962-D ANDY AIONA Or (with Paul Howard band guys- stomping solos) Minni Haha E-

41 1546-D JOHNNY MILLER NO FROLICKERS Dippermouth Blues/Panama E to E+ Min $100

42 2829-D WILLIAMS JUG BAND Chizzlin Sam/(DICKY WELLS SHIM SHAMMERS) Baby You Satisfied? E (a few scuffs)  Min $75

43 698-D NEW ORLEANS WANDERERS Perdido Street Blues/Gate Mouth E Min $50

44 14220 -D CELESTIN TUXEDO JAZZ BAND Papa Got Jims Jams (one of the best ones)/Dear Almanzor  V+ (ef 0 grooves) 

45 1547-D NEW ORLEANS OWLS New Twister/Thats A Plenty E (looks E+ but a bit of play) Min$45

46 862-D DOC COOK (Keppard) Or  Sidewalk Blues/(New Orleans Owls) White Ghost Shivers V++ tiny lam inaudible - This is the most difficult Cook to find, especially clean) Min $75

47 545-D PARENTI LIBERTY SYNCOS Midnight Papa/Cabaret Echos V++

48 2156-D RUBE BLOOM BAYOU BOYS Mysterious Mose/Bessie Couldn’t Help It E

49 2103 -D RUBE BLOOM BAYOU BOYS Man from the South/St James Infirmary V+ ef)



50 4907 ERSKINE TATE Or (Keppard) Cutie Blues/Chinaman Blues V+

51 8431 RICHARD M JONES Jazz Wizards  Dusty Bottom Blues/Scagamore Green V+ Min $50

52 8260 RICHARD M JONES Jazz Wizards 29th & Dearborn/Spanish SHawl V (ef 0 gr)

53 41011 MC KENZIE & CONDON (Tesch) CHICAGOANS  China Boy/Sugar E (a few light scuffs)  Min $75

54 41548 FRED GARDNER TEX TROUBADORES No Trump (I wish)/Daniel Blues V++/V to V+ plays E-  Min $45

55 41440 FRED GARDNER TEX TROUBADORES Papa Gone/Loveless Love E- Min $45

56 8261 ( first pre-True-Tone pressing/label) LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOT FIVE Gut Bucket Blues/Yes I'm In The Barrel E  Min $150

57  40848 MIFF MOLE MOLERS Davenport Blues/Hurricane E+  Min $50

58  40898 NY SYNCOPATORS (Beth Challis vocal) Aint No Land Like Dixleland/Blue Heaven E




59 12683 Clarence Black Savoy Trio CAUSE I FEEL LOWDOWN/BLESS YOU SISTER  E or better  Min $250

60 Puritan 11251 JELLY ROLL MARTON Orch MUDDY WATER BLUES (#2)/Fletcher Henderson Orch My Sweetie Went Away V+ hlc.  Min $45

61 12279 JONES CHARLESTON PARAMOUNT 4 Old Steady Roll/Homeward Bound V

62 12716 CLARENCE JONES Sock 4 I’ve Got it All/Mid the Pyramids (better than title) V

63 12494 NELSON PARAMOUNT SERENADER Phillips Street Stomp/Nelson Blues V (crack to label plays OK)


65 12898 KANSAS CITY FRANK FOORWARMERS Wailin Blues/St James Infirmary V-

66 14021 JUNGLE KINGS Friars Point Shuffle/Darktown Strutters E+ (Steiner job from 1940s)



67 DAN BURLEY SKIFFLE BOYS Arkay (looks like old Vocalion) Chicken Shack/Skiffle Blues  E

68 WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS Bluebird 6186 Street Walkin  Blues/Come Down My House V+

69 DAVE HARMAN Or (Texas Band) Bb 5438 Marihuana/I’ll Strong Along E- (mark on label)

70 WASHBAORD RHYTHM KINGS Bb 6061 IKEY& Mikey/(Art Kassel Or) Hells Bells E-

71 BILL CARLSON Or (Milwaukee band) BROADWAY 1480 Many Happy Returns of the Day (mx L1114)  You Forgot Your Gloves (mx L1111) rare 1933 Bdwy  hot tpt solo  Min $125

72 LAWRENCE VEEDA Or Bdwy 1351 Taint No Sin/Happy Days Here Again E

73 WHOOPIE MAKERS (Midnight Serenaders) Bdwy 1271 Honey/I Get the Blues When It Rains E-

74 GIL RODIN ORCH Crown 3017 Beale Street Blues/(Lloyd Newton Or) St Louis Blues V++/V

75 EUBIE BLAKE OR Crown 3160 Nobody Sweetheart (uptempo - solos)/St Louis Blues V++

76 CLIFF JACKSON CRAZY KATS Mad 5098 Horse Feathers (HOT HOT HOT) E-  Min $125

77 UNIVERSAL DANCE PLAYERS Mad 1620 Pepper Blues (a mystery session— no one knows who this great trumpet is. Not Mosiello for sure.) E+

78 WILBUR SWEATMAN (Atlanta Syncos) Mad 50015 Lead Pipe Blues/Beale St  E-

79 BEN POLLACK Or (Teagardens,) Regal 10057 Rollin Down the River E-

80 MOUND CITY BLUES BLOWERS/Red McKenzie etc Group of 10 Vocalion 15166, 14978,14977, 14978 Brunswick, 2849, 2581,2602,  2804, Okeh 40892, Victor 38087 - generally E, except the Victor which is V+.

81  JELLY ROLL MORTON ; All 6 General full band discs  with Red Allen, Albert Nicholas etc. - all E.

82 SARA MARTIN & Sidney Bechet Parl E 5235 (1924 issue) Green Gal Can’t Catch On/Graveyeard Dream E to E+ (magnificent copy and magnificent Bechet)

83 WISCONSIN ROOF OR (hot) Bdwy 1210 V+ Memphis Blues/Farewell Blues V+

84 JOE VENUTI & FRIENDS Onyx Club Revue Lucky 1001 E+ (vinyl made from 1930s master found in Columbia plant)

85 JOE VENUTI & FRIENDS Onyx Club Review #2 Lucky 1000 E+ (same)


PART 2 BLUES.  These are from the George Paulus Collection  - Minima $50 this section unless otherwise noted



90 1698 MEMPHIS MINNIE (one of the rarest) Outdoor Blues/Wheres My Good Man At V++to E- Min $800

91 1550 MEMPHIS MINNIENorth memphis Cafe/Whats the Matter with the Mill V Min $220

92 1556 MEMPHIS MINNIE Talking Bout You #2 (one of her best uptempo) / Bumblee Bee #2  V to V+ $150

93  1476 MEMPHIS MINNIE  Talkin Bout You / Bumble Bee  V

94 1576 MEMPHIS MINNIE & KANSAS JOE  She WOuldn’t Gove Me None/My Mary E Min $750

95  1623 TAMPA RED Black Hearted Blues/Cryin Shame  E (side 1 has a 5 groove swish, side 2 has a stain that swishes lightly) otherwise E  $125

96  1216  TAMPA RED  Tight like that/Grieving Me (yes it’s common but not in E shape)

97  1558 FUNNY PAPER SMITH Howling Wolf Blues #1-#2  E- V++  Min $125

98  1745  BIG BILL How Do You Want it Done (iconic guitar classic)/ Bull Cow V plays V++

99  1480 MATTIE DELANEY (rare but worn) Tallatchie River/ Down the Big Road G (10 groove bite- repaired with Clix. $500



100 PAPA EGG SHELL w Henry Brown (please bid on #30 above)

101  BIRMINGHAM JUG BAND OKEH 8866 Cane Break Blues/Kicking Mule Blues (rarest one) This one is tough to grade. It looks G and has a lam crack But it plays V to V+ Min $350

102  HENRY MOON & BOYS Gennett 6156  Two Little Tommies/Gang Brownskin Woman G (rare Min $800)

103  ED  BELL (Sluefoot Joe & his Guitar) QRS 7080 She’s a Fool Gal (uptempo rag) / House Top Blues V- (Also rare $750)

104 LOTTIE KIMBROUGH Sup9367 Rolling Log Blues (iconic blues)/ Going Away V to V-/ V+ to E- ($175

105  HOLY GHOST SANCTIFIED SINGERS (with Memphis Jug Band) Brunswick 7162 When I Get Inside the Gate/Thou Carest for Me  E- to V++ scuffs, not worn. Min $450

106 BIG BILL (early uptempo guitar stomper) Champion 50069 Mistreatin Mama/ 2 2 Train V  Min $175

107 MOOCHE RICHARDSON (Memphis blues&guitarist) Okeh 8611   Low Down Barrelhouse Blues #2 /Helena Blues E  Min $200

108 MOOCHE RICHARDSON Okeh 8576 Big Kate Adams/Burying Ground Blues E- (scratch) Min $150

109 MOOCHE RICHARDSON Okeh 8554 Low Down Barrelhouse Blues #1/ TT Blues  V/V+ (lam)

110 JOE REYNOLDS Paramount 12927 Nehi Blues/Outside Woman G+ Min (rare) $1000

111 MEMPHIS JUG BAND Victor 38558 Memphis YoYo (Hattie Hart)/ KC Moan E to E- (Min $200

112 MEMPHIS MINNIE & MEMPHIS JUG BAND Victor 38599 Bumble Bee/Everybody’s  Talking About Sadie Green E- (2 hair cracks)

113 MARSHALL OWENS Paramount 13117 (rare) Texas Blues/ Try Me One More Time G (repaired crack to label) Min $500

114 BARBEQ BOB Col 14222 Mississippi Heavy Water/Mama You DOnt Suit Me E- Min $100

115 BARBEQ BOB Col  14316 Mississippi Levee/Goin up the Country E-/V+ Min $100

116 BARBEQ BOB Col 14246  Poor Boy Long Ways from Home/You Don’t Know My Mind E- Min $150

117 BARBEQ BOB Col 14461 Bad Time Blues/Shes Gone Blues (West Coast pressing) E+ Min $300

118 RUFUS & BEN QUILLIAN Col 14560 (great guitar) Keep it CLean/Good Right On E+ Min $250

119 BAREFOOT BILL (Ed BELL) Col 144510 My Crime/Snigglin Blues V Min $150

——————————————1930s Blues———————————————————————————

120 CHARLEY JORDAN De 7455 What Shape I’m in/Twe Twaa Twaa E+

121 RED NELSON De 7171 (Clarence Lofton stomping piano) Streamline Train/Cryin Mother E+ Min $75

122 EDDIE MILLER Per 7-02-60 WHoopie/Id Rather Drink Muddy Water E-/V++

123 WALTER DAVIS Bluebird 6060 Root Man/Dentist Blues E

124 LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY Bluebird 7806 Misled Blues/(One Arm, Slim) Howlin Man E+ Min $75

125 WALTER DAVIS Bluebird 6059 Tell by the Way You Smell/Keep on Dealin E

126 WALTER DAVIS Bluebird 7878 Spread Your Wings/Cuttion off Days E- Min $20

127 MILTON SPARKS Bluebird 6096 Grinder Blues (Peter J Clayton) Yo Yo Jive Min $75

128 CHATMON BROTHERS (Mississippi SHeiks) Bluebird 6717 If You DOn’t Love Me (one of the Sheiks best ever, uptempo stomper..)/Wake Me Shake Me V++ Min $175

129 TOMMY McCLENNAN Bluebird 8373  Bottle UP & Go/Whiskey Head  E+

130  TOMMY McCLENNAN (Mississippi Delta quitar)  Bluebird 8725 Elsie Blues/Down to  Skin & Bone E 

131 TOMMY McCLENNAN “”” Bluebird 8760 New Sugar Mama/Whiskey Headed Man E

132 TOMMY McCLENNAN  “”” Bluebird 8704 Drop Down Mama/Black Minnie V+

133  SON BONDS Bluebird 8927 Highway 80 Blues/Hard Pill to Swallow  E-/V+++  Min $75

134 JACK KELLY SOUTH MEMPHIS JUG Band CQ 8242  Highway 61/Red Ripe Tomatoes E-/V+ Min $125

135 JACK KELLY SOUTH MEMPHIS JUG BAND Perf  0256 RFD Blues (same tune as Ivory Joe Hunter rock&roll hit Since I Met You Baby)/President Blues V (plays V+) Min $100

136 WALTER ROLAND Mel 13373  Cold Blood Murder/Sail on #2  E to E+  “””  Min $100

137  WALTER ROLAND Mel 12762  House Lady/Early in the MORNING E/V+ (f5 grooves rough start) One his best

138  LUCILE BOGAN Mel 12845 Roll & Rattle/Groceries on the Shelf  E

139 LUCILE BOGAN (her best one) Perf 0332  Shave Em Dry/Barbeque  V+

140 WALTER ROLAND Mel 13310  Early in the Morning #2/Dice Blues E-

141 WALTER ROLAND CQ 8500 Money Taker WOman/ Talkin Low Blues  E-/V+

142  BIG BILL Mel 12570  Bull Cow Blues / That Too Too Train E/E-

143 WALTER ROLAND Perf 0322  Screw Worm/Schoolboy Blues E to E+ (rarely seen this clean) Min $100

144 SMITH & HARPER Perf 6-10-61  (rare & obscure Georgia Blues) Insurance Policy Blues / Poor Girl G+

145 CHARLEY JORDAN (great guitar) as Uncle Skipper Dec 7353 Chifferobe/Cuttin ABCs E++ Min $100

146 FLYIN LINDBERG Dec 7066 No Good Woman Blues/LC Train E+

147 BOB WHITE (scarce Detroit blues) Bluebird 8595 Pullet & Hen/Im the Boogie Man E

149  WALTER DAVIS Bluebird 6410 Fallin Rain/Just Wondering  E

150 PAPA CHARLIES BOYS Bluebird 6405 Let Me Peaches Be/Too long E- (torn label)