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1 HENRY ALLEN & HIS NEW YORK ORCH Make A Country Bird Fly Wild/Pleasing Paul   Vic V38107  E  ($40 min)

2 ALLEN-HAWKINS & THEIR ORCH You’re Gonna Lose Your Gal/My Galveston Gal   Per 15851  E+  ($20 min)

3 ALL STAR SWING BAND Here You Are/The Pity Of It All   Indian Col FB 40230  E

4 BUSTER BAILEY & HIS RHYTHM BUSTERS Afternoon In Africa/Dizzy Debutante   Vri 668  E

5 COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCH Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today/Swinging The Blues   Dec 1880  EE+

6 COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCH Texas Shuffle/Mama Don’t Want No Peas An’ Rice An’ Coconut Oil   Dec 2030  E

7 COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCH If I Could Be With You/Taxi War Dance   Voc 4748  EE+

8 COUNT BASIE & HIS ORCH I Struck A Match In The Dark/Platterbrains   OK 6508  E

9 CHU BERRY & HIS JAZZ ENSEMBLE Blowing Up A Breeze/Monday At Minton’s   Com 541  E

10 BOSWELL SISTERS Down On The Delta/Charlie Twostep   UK Br 1403  EE+

11 CONNIE BOSWELL I Cried For You/I Can’t Believe That It’s You   UK Br 1298  EE+

12 BENNY CARTER & HIS CLUB HARLEM ORCH Devil’s Holiday/Symphony In Riffs   UK Col CB 698  EE+

13 BING CROSBY Beautiful Girl/After Sundown   Br 6694  EE+  label tear side a

14 DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH Shim Sham Shimmy/Mood Hollywood   Br 6537  E+  ($20 min)

15 DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH Au Revoir L’Amour/Singing A Happy Song   Dec (sb) 357  E+

16 TOMMY DORSEY & HIS ORCH Weary/Pagan Star   Vic (scr) 25206  E

17 TOMMY DORSEY & HIS ORCH I’m Shooting High/Lovely Lady   Vic (scr) 25216  EE+

18 TOMMY DORSEY & HIS ORCH Goin’ Home/Humoresque   Vic (scr) 25600  E

19 TOMMY DORSEY & HIS ORCH The Morning After/I May Be Wrong   Vic (gld) 25703  EE+

20 TOMMY DORSEY & HIS ORCH Blue Skies (voc Sinatra)/Back Stage At The Ballet   Vic 27566  E

21 TOMMY DORSEY & HIS ORCH Swingin’ On Nothin’/On The Alamo   Vic 27578  E

22 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH The Sheik Of Araby/Blue Ramble   Br 6336  EE+  ($20 min)


     Anything But Love   Br 6519  E+  ($20 min)                   

24 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH Take It Easy/Black Beauty   Br 6803  E+

25 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH Doin’ The Voom Voom/I’m Checkin’ Out – Go-Om Bye  Col 35208  E

26 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH Tootin’ Through The Roof/Grievin’   Col 35310  E+

27 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH Solitude/Mood Indigo  Col 35427  EE+

28 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH Swing Low (A)/Ducky Wucky (A)   Col 35683  E+

29 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH Blue Mood/Delta Bound   Col 37298  E+

30 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS FAMOUS ORCH Clouds In My Heart (B)/Slippery Horn (A)   Col 37299  EE+

31 THE FIVE BREEZES My Buddy Blues/Return, Gal Of Mine  BB B8614  E

32 LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH True Blue Lou/SAM LANIN’S DANCE ORCH Wishing And Waiting For Love  Dom 4373  E

33 NAT GONELLA & HIS GEORGIANS Georgia’s Gorgeous Girl/I’m Gonna Wash My Hands Of You   UK Par F 116  E

34 NAT GONELLA & HIS GEORGIANS Nagasaki/Tiger Rag   UK Par F 161  E+

35 BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH Junk Man/Ol’ Pappy  UK Col CB 730  EE+

36 BENNY GOODMAN TRIO Nobody’s Sweetheart/More Than You Know  Vic (scr) 25345  EE+/E+

 37 BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH Peckin’/Can’t We Be Friends   Vic (scr) 25621  E

38 BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH Down By The Old Mill Stream/Yours Is My Heart Alone   Col 35445  EE+

39 BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH Dizzy Fingers/Tattletale   Cap B 439  EE+

40 BENNY GOODMAN SEXTET Hi ‘Ya Sophia/Baby, Have You Got A Little Love To Spare   Cap 462  E

41 EDMOND HALL & HIS QUARTET WITH TEDDY WILSON Caravan/It’s Only A Shanty In Old Shanty Town    Com 557  EE+

42 IKE HATCH & HIS HARLEM STOMPERS Dinah/Some Of These Days   UK RZ MR 2050  E

43 JOE HAYMES & HIS ORCH Cross-Eyed Kelly/There’s Gonna Be A Wedding In The Band   Or 3017  E-  rcnap

44 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH Sweet And Hot/I’ve Found What I Wanted In You   Col 2414-D  E/EE+  ($20 min)

45 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH Limehouse Blues/Wrappin’ It Up   Dec (sb) 157  E+  ($15 min)

46 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH Big Chief De Sota/Stealin’ Apples   Voc (blk) 3213  E/E-

47 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH Rhythm Of The Tambourine/It’s Wearin’ Me Down   Voc (blu) 3487  E

48 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH Moten Stomp/Don’t Let The Rhythm Go To Your Head   Voc 4180  E+

49 KANAWA SINGERS Golden Slippers/AL HOPKINS & HIS BUCKLE BUSTERS Hear Dem Bells   Br 189  EE+

50 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS NEGRO ORCH Nocturne/Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn   UK Dec F 3563  E

51 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS NEGRO ORCH Music At Midnight/Music At Sunrise   UK Dec F 3836  E

52 INK SPOTS Swing High, Swing Low/Whoa Babe   Dec (sb) 1236  EE+

53 MAHALIA JACKSON Walking To Jerusalem/What Then   Apollo 289  E  

54 JAY & KAI Don’t Argue/Bags’ Groove   Prestige 919  E

55 UNCLE DAVE MACON The Old Maid’s Last Hope (hilarious lyrics!)/The Fox Chase   Voc 14850  V

56 JELLY ROLL MORTON Pep/Fat Frances   UK HMV JK 2201  E

57 MOUND CITY BLUES BLOWERS San/Red Hot!   Br 2602  E

58 HARLAN LATTIMORE & HIS CONNIE’S INN ORCH Chant Of The Weed/DON REDMAN & HIS ORCH Two Time  Man (B)   Col 35689  EE+

59 LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCH High Tension/LOUIS ARMSTRONG Knockin’ A Jug   UK Par R 1064  E+

60 LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCH Hokus Pokus/The Ghost Of The Freaks   Mel M 13334  E-

61 JOE SULLIVAN My Little Pride And Joy/Just Strolling   UK Br 02136  V+

62 JOE SULLIVAN Andy’s Blues/Summertime   Com 540  E+  (terrible pressing quality as always with this record)

63 SYNCO JAZZERS I Love You So Much/I Won’t Be Satisfied   Mad 5082  EE-

64 JOE TURNER & PETE JOHNSON Goin’ Away Blues/Roll ‘Em Pete   Voc 4607  E+

65 JOE VENUTI & HIS BLUE FOUR Satan’s Holiday/Hell’s Bells And Hallelujah   UK RZ MR 1452  E

66 FATS WALLER HIS RHYTHM & ORCH We Need A Little Love/The Jitterbug Waltz   BB B 11518  E

67 WARING’S PENNSYLVANIANS Collegiate/Look At Those Eyes   Vic 19648  E

68 PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCH Ol’ Man River/Make Believe   Vic 21218  E  rcnap

69 unidentified electric Hawaiian guitar & acoustic guitar duet   Japanese Teichiku 0263  E- 

     (10” LPs)

70 FATS WALLER Fats At The Organ   UK London AL 3521  disc: VG+  sleeve: VG+  wos

71 FATS WALLER Jivin’ With Fats   UK London AL 3522   disc: VG+  sleeve: VG+  wos

72 ERROLL GARNER Playing Piano Solos Vol 1   Savoy MG 15000  disc: VG (must be played with a 1 mil stylus)  sleeve: VG  wos

73 ERROLL GARNER Playing Piano Solos Vol 2  Savoy MG 15001   disc: VG (must be played with a 1 mil stylus) Sleeve: VG  wos