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Paul was one of the pioneering Blues collectors who canvassed the Louisville area back in the early 1960’s  - keep your eyes on Malcolm Vidrine’s great 78 Venerable Music auctions  ( and Eric Simkin’ s“Rarest 78 Emporium” Facebook page and RUSS SHOR’s ebay and VJM listings.


BIDS IN US DOLLARS,  BID WHAT IT IS WORTH TO YOU – ONLY WINNERS NOTIFIED via email or post if you do not have email – 

PAYMENT via PAYPAL (fee charged), US CASH via registered mail or BANK CHECK OF US FUNDS DRAWN FROM AN AMERICAN BANK.  S&H EXTRA   Standard VJM “visual” grading. If a record appears to have an issue such as a crack, bad lam, stressed groove or dig I play grade it.


1. Pmt 12986 V- ( plays through fine)  Label E- CHARLEY PATTON -  Jesue Is A Dying Bed Maker/I SHALL NOT BE MOVED  Min $2500 (Grade is from small scratches not heavy wear)

2. Pmt 12963 VV+/V-  MA RAINEY ( w guitar) BLACK EYE BLUES/Daddy Goodbye Blues. Her rarest and one of her best. Odetta & others recorded this as Hogan’s Alley blues . $250 min.

3.  Victor 21065 E+ JULIUS DNIELS Crow Jane/RICHMOND BLUES  Min $500

4. Victor 20658 E+ Julius Daniels-Bubba Torrence MY MAMMA WAS A SAILOR/99 YEARS BLUES ( Daniels alone)   min $500

5. Victor 21672 V  FRANK STOKES Mistreatin’ Blues / IT WON’T BE LONG NOW

6. Victor 21272 V ( even wear) FRANK STOKES Bedtime Blues/DOWNTOWN BLUES

7. Pmt 12531 G/G+ Beale Street Sheiks HALF CUP OF TEA/Sweet To Mama

8. Pmt 12518 VV+ ( stressed groove A clicks 2xs) Beale Street Sheiks YOU SHALL/It’s A Good Thing

9. Columbia 14290D EE+ Dallas String Band  DALLAS RAG /Sweet Mama blues  $300  min

10. Mel 12077 V+ Magnolia Harris & Howling Smith MAMA’s QUITIN AND LEAVIN/Pt2

     KILLER guitar – scratch side A 2 tics and a 1 ½ HAIR CRACK not sounding

11. Victor 21357 EE+ Elder Richard Bryant & Cong MASTER CAME AND CALLED ME/Saul,  A Wicked Man  GREAT MEMPHIS SANCTIFIED $150 min

12. Decca 7050 EE+/E Kokomo Arnold OLD BLACK CAT BLUES/Sissy Man Bls $150

13. Okeh ( shellac test 91344A) EE+  LONNIW JOHNSON Blues For The West end  GUITAR SOLO!  Min $100

14. Okeh 8537 E Lonnie Johnson KANSAS CITY BLUES / Part 2

15.  Herwin 92400 E+  Booker T. White SIC’EM DOGS ON/Po’ Boy

16.  Bluebird 6519 E+ CASEY BILL Casey Blues/Ise Just A Bad Luck Man

17. Vocalion 03220 E to E+/E+ ( BLUE SHELLAC!) Casey Bill FLOOD WATER /Pt2

18. unissued  vinyl TEST ( c1459)  E+ Casey Bill  MAKE A CHANGE  min $50

19.  Vocalion 1198 E Cow Cow Davenport w Ivy Smith STATE STREET JIVE/Cow Cow Blues ( just Cow Cow)  min $75

20. Okeh 8866 G+  BIRMINGHAM JUG BAND – Cane Brake Blues/KICKING MULE BLUES min $250  plays better

21. Gennett 5459 E-  Daddy Stove Pipe SUNDOWN BLUES / Stove Pipe Blues (tiny rc nap B) $125 Min

22.  Okeh 8922  E  ( 15 groove flake ) Mississippi Sheiks  THINGS ‘BOUT COMING MY WAY / Please Baby

23.  Pmt 12880 G Blind Lemon Jefferson CRAWLING BABY / Pnemonia Blues RARE

24. Columbia 14416D EE+  Alec Johnson NEXT WEEK SOMETIME /Toodle DOO

25. Mel 12048  V+  Easy Papa Johnson PAPA SWEETBACK BLUES / Drinkin’ Woman

26. Victor 20579 E-  ANN COOK ( with Louis Dumaine Jazz-ola 8) MAMMA COOKIE/He’s The Sweetest Black Man In Town $250 min

27.  Vocalion 03081 E  Memphis Jug Band SHE DONE SOLD IT OUT/My Love Is Cold

        an internal crack near label no sound or problem $250 min

28.  Bruns 7080 VV+ to V+ Charlie McCoy & Bo Chatman CORINA CORINA/In The Gutter ( John Oscar)  tiny rim chip not near grooves

29. Decca 7267 EE+ Kokomo Arnold SALTY DOG/Cold Winter Blues ( 1 needle run A )

30.  Champion 15834 V- Smokehouse Charley EAGLE RIDIN’ PAPA/Broke Man Bls

31. Decca 7178  E-/E  tiny hair crack on A not through to B    - - Walter Vincent THE WRONG MAN/Ain’t Gonna Have It

32. Okeh 8206 V- Sippi Wallace ( w KING OLIVER A)  DEVIL DANCE BLS/Walkin Talkin Blues

33. Vocalion 1440 G+ to V- to G+ Jed Davenport HOW LONG HOW LONG/Cow Cow Bls

34. Romeo 5197 GG+/V- rim chip into first groove music A  and firt ½” B vBIG BILL & HIS JUG BAND – Rukus Juice Blues /Shelby Conty Blues ( just Bill ) rare

35. Mel 13399  V  Buddy Moss JINX MAN BLUES/Dough Rollin’ Papa

36. Oriole 60456 G+/V- -  BUDDY MOSS  Oh Lordy Mama #2/UNDERTAKER BLUES

37. Okeh 8961 G+ CARL MARTIN Badly Mistreated Man/FAREWELL TO YOU BABY

38. Okeh 8676 G  Macon Ed  WORRYING BLUES/Wringing That Thing -Guitar & Fiddle

39. Varsity 6044 E+  JIM JAM Thirty Eight (Tommy Bradley)/DIAMOND RING BLUES  (Walter Taylor) rare Gennett sides!

40. Okeh 8847  E+/EE+ lite sc b David Pearson FRIENDLESS BLUES/Lonesome Grave

41. Per 0229 V- Buddy Moss COLD COUNTRY BLUES/Poor Stranger (Curly  Weaver & Fred McMullen)

42 Vocalion 03002 EE- State Street Boys DON’T TEAR MY CLOTHES/She Caught Train

43. Voclaion 03155 E+/EE+ Peetie Wheatstraw JOHNNIE BLUES/Midnight Blues

44.  Vocalion 03035 Peetie Wheatstraw UP THE ROAD BLUES/Hi-De-Ho Woamn

45. Vocalion 03066 E/EE+ Peetie Wheatstraw KING OF SPADES / Rising Sun Blues

46. Voalion 05247 E+ James DeBerry Memphis Playboys ZUGITY ZOMP/Insane Jealous Blues

47. Victor 38507 VV+/V  Elder Richard Bryant & Orch ( Sanctified jug ) HE SHUT THE LION’S MOUTH / Everybody Was There GREAT!!! $125 Min

48. Bluebird 7693 E+ Walter Davis 13 HIGHWAY/Angel Child Pr 2

49. Bluebird 6458 ( buff) E  Walter Davis JACKSONVILLE/Part 2


Columbia 14118D LOUISE ROSS


Columbia 14637D GRANT & WILSON