Offers Invited:

Hugo van der Laan 

Van Beuningenstraat 53 D

2582 KK Den Haag

the Netherlands 


 Auction Closes Saturday 1st July 2017


Auction of classic jazz 78’s. Bids can be made in any currency. Postage is extra, strictly at cost,  Packing free. Easy payments can be made by Euro Bank transfer and Paypal.

Grading is aural: how they play, with a ‘0028 conical stylus. The N and N- grades are not used; E+ is the highest grade. E-E and V+E- are borderline grades.

Restorations are stable and guaranteed, done in my own practice.



100 Arkansas Travellers, Those Panama Mama’s/ Copenhagen  OK 40236 E-/E-E

101      I’ll See You in My Dreams/ How I Love That Girl  OK 40277 E-

102 Louis Armstrong, Sugar Foot Strut/ A Monday Date, OK 8609 E/E-

103      Beau Koo Jack/ Mahogany Hall Stomp, OK 8680 E-E/E-  (scratch in title on label sB)

104      No One Else but You/ I can’t Give you Anything but Love  OK 41204 E/E-E  (first 3 lead-in grooves sA noisy, a

            later issue of OK 8669 )

105 Jimmie Bertrand, Idle Hour Special/ 47th Street Stomp, Vo 1060 E-  (looks V+E-, large labels E)

106 Coon-Sanders     Hong Kong Dream Girl/Who Wouldn’t Love You  Vi 19754 E- (tiny pdig sB, 4 ticks)

107      I Need Lovin’/  Ben Pollack and his Californians, ‘Deed I Do, Vi 20408 E–E/E-

108      Mine-All Mine/ Is She My Girl-Friend? Vi 21148 E-E

109      Hallucinations/ Red and Miff’s Stompers, Slippin’Around   Vi 21397 E-

110      Got a Greet Big Date.../Jean Goldkette, An Old Italian Love Song, Vi 22123 E

111 Carroll Dickerson’s Savoy Orchestra, Missouri Squabble/ Black Maria  Br 3990 E+

112 Dixie Stompers, Spanish Shawl/ Clap Hands! Here Comes Charly!  Harmony 70 E

113      Black Horse Stomp/ Nervous Charlie Stomp, Ha 153 E-

114      Jackass Blues/ Tampeekoe, Ha 166 E-   (light small scratches cause 2 + 5 ticks, sB)

115      Alabama Stomp/ W M C A Broadcasters, All Alone  Monday, Ha 283 E (light scuff sA not audible)

116      Variety Stomp/ The St Louis Blues, Ha 451 V+E-

117      Baltimore/ Black Maria, Ha 526 E-

118      Goose Pimples/ Cornfed! Ha 545 E

119      Feelin’Good/ Oh Baby, Velvet Tone 1636 E-

120      The Jazz Me Blues/ I’m Feelin’Develish,  VT 1974 E-

121 Johnny Dodds After You’ve Gone/ Come on and Stomp Stomp Stomp   Br 3568 E-E/E

122      San/ Clarinet Wobble, Brunswick 3574 E/ E-E

123 Tommy Christian, Swamp Blues/Ross Gorman,  Phantom Blues  laminated  Harmony  427 E-E/E

124 Dixieland Jug Blowers, Hen Party Blues/ Carpet Alley-Breakdown  HMV 10727 E+ (different takes)

125 Duke Ellington, The Blues with a Feeling/ Misty Morning, OK 8662 E+

            (a tiny scuff sA which gives 5 soft ticks)

126      Jubilee Stomp/ Take it Easy (after OK 41013)

            Small Purple laminated Parlophone R144 E+

127 The Washingtonians, Take it Easy/ Black Beauty, Br 4009 E

128 The Hotsy Totsy Gang, Digga Digga Doo/ Doin’the New Low-Down  Brunswick 4014 E

129 The Jungle Band, Tiger Rag  part I and II, Br 4238 E+

130 Fowler’s Washboard Wonders, Washboard Stomp/ Chitterlin’Strut  Co 14084 V+E-/V+

131 Benny Goodman, Clarinetitis/ That’s a Plenty, Panachord 25017 E  (excellent  pressing after Vo 15705)

132 Halfway House, Maple Leaf Rag/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart,  Columbia 476 E-

133      I’m in Love/ Since You’re Gone, Co 681 E-   (label printing sB somewhat greyed)

134      When I’m Blue/ I want Somebody to Love, Co 1263 E-

135      Love Dreams/ Tell Me Who, Co 1542 E-

136 Monk Hazel   Sizzling the Blues/ High Society  Canadian Br 4181 E-E (fine internal lam sA not audible)

137 Fletcher Henderson, Livery Stable Blues/ P.D.Q. Blues, Co 1002 V+E-   (label printing rubbed, sA)

138      Whiteman Stomp/ I’m Coming Virginia Co 1059 E-E   (top label printing a bit rubbed, sA)

139      The Wang Wang Blues/ Blazin’ Co 1913 EE+   (small initial scratched in label, not offensive, very fine  scratch sA not audible)

140      Hot Mustard/ Clarinet Marmalade, BrF 500.388 E+   (brilliant French pressing after Vo 1065;  small

            Amsterdam record shop sticker sB; original sleeve)

141      Baby Won’t You Please Come Home/ Some of These Days   Vo 1079 plays E-, looks V+E-, labels E

             (78Q estimates 'less than twenty')

142      Fidgety Feet/ Sensation, German Brunswick A 414 E-  (light scuff start sB sounds lightly 20)

143 Charles Johnson’s, Hot-Tempered Blues/ You Ain’t the One   Victor 21247 V+E- (tiny pdig sA 5, light label damage)

144      The Boy in The Boat/ Walk That Thing, BB 10248 EE+

145 Abe Lyman’s      Mandalay/ Sweet Little You, Br 2631 E-

146      After I Say I’m Sorry/ Shake That Thing, Br 3069 E-

147       Cryin’for the Moon/ Looking at the World Thru Colored Glasses, Br 3268 E/EE+

148      A Jazz Holiday/ Some Rainy Day, Br 4155 E/E-E

149 Sara Martin (with CW Harmonizers sA), He’s Never Gonna Throw Me Down/ Too Late Now to Get Your Baby Back

            OK 8154 E- (12 groove edge bite restored, passes with moderate noise)

150 McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, Milenberg Joys/ Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble  Vi 21611 EE+/E+

151      Cherry(-3)/ Some Sweet Day, Vi 21730 E  (very light sticker remains, upper half sA)

152      It’s Tight Like That/ There’s a Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder, Vi 38013E-/E-E

153 Vic Meyers         Tell Me What to Do/ Mean Looks, Br 2733 E-E (better, tiny scuff, 10 muffled ticks sA, tiny blister

            8 light ticks sB)

154      ( Atlanta Melody Artists)  Blue-Eyed Sally/ If You Don’t  Want Me, Stop Doggin’Me Around, OK 40281 E-

155 Memphis Stompers, Kansas City Blues/ Hold it Still, Vi 21270 E-

156      Washington and Lee Swing/ Yea Alabama  Vi 21709 EE+ (small stickers, both sides)

157 Miff Mole’s Little Molers, Original Dixieland one Step/ My Gal Sal  Small Purple Parlophone R 3530 E

158      One Step to Heaven (first issue)/ Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble   Columbia 35953 E-E

159 Jelly Roll Morton, Black Bottom Stomp/ The Chant, Vi 20221 E-/E-E   (small label tear each side)

160      Grandpa’s Spells/ Cannon Ball Blues, Vi 20431 E-

161      Shreveport/ Shoe Shiner’s Drag, Vi 21658 E

162 Mound City Blue Blowers, Arkansaw Blues/ Blue Blues, Br 2581 E-

163      San/ Red Hot!, Brunswick 2602 E/E-E

164      Barb Wire Blues/ You Ain’t Got Nothing I Want  Brunswick 2648 E-

165      Tiger Rag/ Deep Second Street Blues, Br 2804 EE+/E-E

166      Blues in F/ Wigwam Blues, Brunswick 2908 E

167 Phil Napoleon      Take Your Finger Out of Your Mouth/ Go, Joe, Go  Victor 20605 EE+/E

168 Oliver Naylor     Sweet Georgia Brown/ Benson, Riverboat Shuffle  Victor 19688 E-E (tiny pdig sB, 3 soft ticks(

169 New Orleans Bootblacks, Mixed Salad/ I Can’t Say, Co 14465 E- to E/E   (restored edge bite, not in grooves)

170 New Orleans Rhytm Kings, She’s Crying for Me/ Everybody Loves  Somebody Blues, Bluebird 10956 E+

171 Tony Parenti     Gumbo/ You Made Me Like it Baby, Br 4184 E-/E-E   (wrinkled: rumble first 1/2 sA, easily eliminated)


The Caribbean corner…


172 Sexteto Nacional, Siboney, mx 96639-1, 10”styrene masterpressing E+   (issued on Co 3202-X)

173      Mujeres Enamórenme, mx 96646-2   10”styrene masterpressing E+, issued on Co 3987-X

174 Alfredo Brito      Siboney/ Maria My Own, Vi 22685 E (Cuba, 1931)

175 Orquesta Romeu, Como Canta el Rusenor/ Ahora, que quieres, no quiero   Vi 30223 E-E (La Havana 1930)

176 Sonora Matancera, A Mi Cuba/ No te Equivoques Conmigo   Vi 80658 E/E-E small light scuff sA, not audible, light

            label damage, sB. 1928 La Havana, their first recording

177 L’Orchestre Antillais, En Sens Unique S.V.P./ Ah! Gade Chabine-La  French Odeon 165.792 E-/V+E- The first recording of

            Stellio; original sleeve

178 L’Orchestre Typique Martiniquais Charlery-Delouche, Edouarlise/ Cé Resquilleurs La, Odeon 250.153 E (looks E-E)

            (Paris 1932, their first. Original sleeve)

179 Rico’s Creole Band de La Coupole, Les Trois Coups/ A Una Rosa  French Disque Gramophone K-6362 E-E

            (light scuff start sB, 14 light ticks, Paris 1931, Rico’s first recording, with sleeve)

180      Canto Caribe/ Shanghai, Disque Gramophone K-7082 E-E  (Paris 1933 original; with sleeve)

181 Don Juan   Ojos Verdas/ Perla, French Brunswick A 500210 E-E/E  (New York 1932, issued in USA as Br 41530, probably

            Rafael Hernandez)

182 Rafael Hernandez y su Orquesta del Grillon, Calentito/ Conga Conguita, Vi 75246 E-E (30 resp 45' very light swish)


183 Red Nichols and His Five Pennies, Washboard Blues/ That’s No Bargain Brunswick 3407 E/EE+ (very light scratches not 


184      Buddy’s Habits/ Boneyard Shuffle, Br 3477 E- to E-E  (light diminishing swish, sA)

185      Mean Dog Blues/ Cornfed, Br 3597 E-E   (tiny pdigs, 3+3+3 soft ticks sA, 5 on sB)           

186      Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider/ Feelin’No Pain, Br 3626 E

187      Riverboat Shuffle/ Eccentric, Br 3627 E

188      The Japanese Sandman/ Five Pennies, Br 3855 E-

189      Panama/ Margie, Br 3961 E-E

190      Roses of Picardie/ Allah’s Holiday, Br 4286 E-

191 Jimmie Noone    Sweet Lorraine/ Apex Blues, Vo 1207 V+  (small edge bite not to grooves, restored)

192      Let’s Sow a Wild Oat/ It’s Tight Like That   Vo 1238 VV+ (noisy lead-in groove, sB)

193      Love Me or Leave Me/ Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up!  Vo 1272 V+

194      Satisfied/ Through, Vo 1416 V+ to E-

195      Have a Little Faith in Me/ Crying for the Carolines  Vo 1466 V+

196 Original Memphis Five, Pickles/ Yes! We Have No Bananas, Co 3924 E-   (tiny pdig sA, 3 ticks)

197      Who’s Sorry Now/ Snakes Hips,        Vi 19052 E-E/E

198      I’ve Got a Song for Sale/ Tin Roof Blues   Victor 19170 E+ (3 soft ticks end sA, 6 soft ticks sB)

199      How Come You Do Me Like You Do/ Meanest Blues  Victor 19480 E-E/E

200      Military Mike/ Bass Ale Blues,Vi 19805 E-

201      Static Strut/ Tampeekoe, Victor 20039 E-/E  (sA better but some label damage)

202 Ma Rainey          Army Camp Harmony Blues (-1)/ Explaining the Blues (-2) Pm 12284 V+

203      Chain Gang Blues/ Wringing and Twisting Blues  Pm 12338 V (crack restored, ticks moderately)

204      ‘Ma’ Raineys Black Bottom/ Georgia Cake Walk  Pm 12590 V+ (restored crack sounds softly first 60’)

205 Clara Smith        Alley Rat Blues/ When My Sugar Walks Down the Street  Columbia 14104 E-E/E-

206      Black Woman’s Blues/ That’s Why the Undertakers are Busy Today, Co 14223 V+ 

207      Troublesome Blues/ You Can’t Get it Now, Co 14256 V+

208      Jelly Bean Blues/ Race Track Blues, Co 14294 E-  ( 3 pdigs sA cause 6 + 5 + 4 moderate ticks)

209      Sobbin’Sister Blues/ Steamboat Man Blues, Co 14344 E-E

210      It’s Tight Like That/ Daddy Don’t Put that Thing on Me   Co 14398 V+

 211 State Street Ramblers, Tack it Down/ My Baby, 10’ vinylpressings made for John R T Davies, as on Ch 15528,  E+

212      Some Do and Some Don’t/ Pleasure Mad, 10”vinylpressings made for John RT, as on Ch 15551 E+

213      (as Blythe’s Blue Boys) Oriental Man/ Brown Skin Mama  Ch 40023 E/E- (later issue of Ch 15676; 2 very small

            label tears each side)

214      Barrel House Stomp/ Kentucky Blues, Ch 40007 E-  (after Ch 16320; crack, restored,  sounds very softly and

            only incidentally)

215 Frankie Trumbauer, Ostrich Walk/ Riverboat Shuffle, Small Purple Parlophone R 3349 EE+ (fine label crease sA)

216      Krazy Kat/ Three Blind Mice, Small  Purple Parlophone R 105 E- to E (after OK 40903)

217      Bless You Sister/ Dusky Stevedore Okeh 41100 V+E-/E-

218      Turn on the Heat/ Sunnyside Up, OK 41313 E-E/E

219 Joe Venuti           Kickin’the Cat/ Beatin’the Dog, Parlo R 3367 E-E   (after OK 40853)

220      (with Ed Lang), Wild Cat/ Sunshine, Small Purple  Parlophone R 3330 E- to E (after OK 40762)

221      Doin’Things/ Goin’Places, OK 40825 E-E/E-  (lam + 2 scratches cause light ticks first 60’sB)

222      A Mug of Ale/ Cheese and Crackers, Parlo R 3442 E-E (after OK 40897)

223      (Blue Four) Penn Beach Blues/ Four String Joe  Small Purple Parlophone R 109 E+/E (after OK 40947)

224 Joe Venuti – Eddie Lang, Doing Things/ Wild Cat, Vi 21561 E

225 Warner’s Seven Aces, Bessie Couldn’t Help It/ Longing for You  Okeh 40198 E- (small pdig sA, 2 muffled ticks, looks V+)

226 Ethel Waters      One Sweet Letter from You, mx 144863-1, unissued, 10”styrene masterpressing E+

227 Paul Whiteman, That’s My Weakness Now/ ’t Ain’t so, Honey, ‘t Ain’t So, Co 1444 (PW label) EE+/E (lead-in gr sA a bit noisy)

228      I’m on the Crest of a Wave/ What d’Ya Say? Co 1465 (PW label) E/E-

229      Out o’Town Gal/ Just a Little Bit of Driftwood  Co 1505 (PW label) EE+

230 Clarence Williams, Have You Ever Felt That Way, mx 147928-3  10” styrene masterpressing, E+

231      If You Like Me Like I Like You, mx 147726-4  10” styrene masterpressing E+

            (the above two titles became issued as Columbia 1735-D)

232      Dreaming the Hours Away, mx 145521-1  10”styrene masterpressing E+

233      Close Fit Blues, mx 145522-3,  10”styrene masterpressing E+  (the above two titles became issued as Columbia 14287-D)

234      Sweet Emmaline, mx 145992-1  10” styrene masterpressing E+

235      Anytime, mx 145993-1, 10”styrene masterpressing E+  (the above two titles became issued as Columbia 14314-D)

236 Austin Wylie       Wait ‘Till the Morning After/ Moonlight and Roses  Vo 14993 E/EE+


and some twenty years later...


237 Sidney Bechet     On the Sunny Side of the Street/ I Can’t Believe that You’re in Love with Me, Blue Star 129 E

            (Paris 1949, original sleeve)

238 Celestin               Hey La Ba/ My Josephine, De Luxe 1123 EE+  ( light scratch sA not audible)

239 Eclipse Alley Five, The Girls All Love the Way I Drive/ Bucket Got a Hole in It, Circle J-2012 E-E (Jim Robinson drives  

            more of Sam Morgan’s. Just a little surface noise. Small signature in green ink of James Mc Kune. He was a

            mentor to Bernard Klatzko. I bought this record from Bernie. A long time ago. Some pedigree)

240 Lizzie Miles        Salty Dog/ A Good Man is Hard to Find Capitol (DJ) 2341 EE+ (recorded in the Vieux Carré)

241 Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band, Creole Song/ South, JazzMan (USA) 21 E+  (Ory sings!-)

242      Blanche Touquatoux/ The Girls Go Crazy about the Way I Walk, Vo (Dutch) V. 1001 E+ (2 fine scr sB not audible)

243 Johnny Wiggs      Ultra Canal/ Two Wing Temple in the Sky  New Orleans 1/2 EE+

244      Congo Square/ Bourbon St. Bounce, NO 3/4 E