Hugo van der Laan 

Van Beuningenstraat 53 D

2582 KK Den Haag

the Netherlands 



This is not an auction but a set price list of classic 78s.  First come, first served, one copy available.  

Postage costs within Europe 13 Euro for a parcel up to 2 kilo (up to 4 records) and 19,50 for a parcel up to 5 kg (from 5 up to 12 records) . Postage for the USA, Japan, and Australia is 24,30 Euro (up to 4 records) and 34,30 (from 5 up to 12 records). You can reduce the postage per record by ordering (close to) four or (close to) twelve records.  I will pay insurance myself and packing is free.

Payments can be made by Eurotransfer and Paypal.

The records are play-graded, done with a ‘0028 conical stylus.

Grades like E-E and V+E- are borderline grades. 3' means three revolutions.


The following records are offered at 15 Euros each


100      All Star Orchestra, Chloe/ Tin Pan Parade, Vi 21149 E-

                                    (1927, with Mole; label printing lightly faded)

101      Arkansas Travellers, That's No Bargain/ The Emperors, Go, Joe, Go

                                    Harmony 353 V to V+ (label printing rubbed, needle runs on both labels)

102      Louis Armstrong Hot Five, Oriental Strut/ You're Next

                                    Co 36155 (master pressings after OK 8299) E-

103      Bailey's Lucky Seven, Carolina in the Morning/ Homesick, Ge 4979 V+

104                              My Mammy Knows/ On the 'Gin  'Gin 'Ginny Shore

                                    Gennett 4831 V+ (better but long scratch sB sounds

                                    incidentally, softly; Chicago record shop sticker)

105                              Marcellonnie/ Wet Yo' Thumb, Ge 5076 V+ to E-

106      Eubie Blake and his Shuffle Along Orchestra, Baltimore Buzz/

                                    Bandana Days, Vi 18791 V+/E-

107      Blue Grass Foot Warmers, Charleston Hound/ Old Folks’ Shuffle Harmony 213 V

108      The Buffalodians, Baby Face/ Missouri Jazz Band, My Pal Jerry Banner 1776 V

109                               Would Ja?/ She's Still My Baby, Co 723 V+

110      Charleston Chasers, Davenport Blues/ Wabash Blues, Co 909 V+

111      Coon-Sanders Orchestra, Some Little Bird/ Yerkes, Mon Homme

                                    Co A 3403 V (restored edge bite 2'sA - their first, 1921)

112                              Hallucinations/ Red and Miff Stompers, Slippin'Around

                                    Vi 21397 E- (label a bit scuffed sA)

113      Cotton Pickers, Loose Feet/ Runnin' Wild, Br 2382 V+ (a little label damage)

114                              My Sweetie Went Away/ Duck’s Quack Quack Br 2461 E-

115                              Blue Rose/ Do Yo' Dooty Daddy, Br 2532 E-/V+

                                    (label damage from sticker remains)

116                              Prince of Wails/ Jimtown Blues, Br 2766 E-

117                              Jacksonville Gal/ Mishawaka Blues, Br 2818 V+

                                    ( 4 cm crack, restored, not audible)

118      Dixie Stompers, Alabama Stomp/ W.M.C. Broadcasters, All Alone Monday, 

                                      Harmony 283 V+

119                              Baltimore/ Black Maria, Harmony 526 V-/V

120      Johnny Dunn   Bugle Blues/ Birmingham Blues, Co A 3541 V to V+

121                              Moanful Blues/ Put and Take, Co A 3579 V

122                              Spanish Dreams/ Hallelujah Blues, Co A 3839 V

123                              Dunn's Cornet Blues/ You’ve Never Heard the Blues  Co 124 V+E-

124      Earl Fuller      Li'l' Liza Jane/ Coon Band Contest, Vi 18394 E-

125                              Graveyard Blues/ Sweet Emalina, My Gal, Co 2523 V

126      The Georgians, You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night/

                                    You Tell Her - I Stutter, Co A3857 V

127                              Henpecked Blues/ Long Lost Mamma, Co 3907 V+

128                              I've Got a Cross-Eyed Papa/ You Better Keep Babying Baby, Co 40 V+

 129      Arthur Gibbs and his Gang, Louisville Lou/ Beale Street Mamma Vi 19070 V+

130      Husk o'Hare   Clover Blossom Blues/ Night, Ge 4921 V+

131                              Swanee Smiles/ You Gave Me Your Heart, Ge 4983 V+

132      Fletcher Henderson, Mobile Blues/ Tea Pot Dome Blues, Vo 14800 V

133                              Dicty Blues/ Do Doodle Oom, Co A 3995 V+

134                              He's the Hottest Man in Town/ I Never care 'Bout

                                    To-Morrow, Co 209 V+ (needs extra weight)

135                              Bye and Bye/ Play Me Slow, Co 292 V+

136      Rosa Henderson, I'm Broke Fooling with You/ Good Woman's Blues

                                    Vi 19084 V+ (light scuffs and runs on label)

137                              Struttin'Blues/ Low-Down Papa, Vi 19157 V+

138      Charles Johnson Paradise Ten, Hot Tempered Blues/ You Ain't the One

                                    Vi 21247 V (looks V-, label damage around spindle hole)

139      Margaret Johnson, My Man's Done Done Me Dirty/ The Folks in New

                                    York...Vi 20178 V- (label damage around spindle hole sB)

140      Isham Jones    Burning Sands/ Aunt Hagar's Children Blues, Br 2358 V+

141      Richard Jones and his Jazz Wizards, Novelty Blues/ Tickle Britches B

                                    Victor 38040 V/V- (much label damage around sp hole)

142      Ladd's Black Aces, Aunt Hagar's Children Blues/ Shake it and Break It Gennett 4762 V+

143      Guy Lombardo, I'm More than Satisfied/ The Cannon Ball, Co 1451 V

144      Jack Linx and his Society Serenaders, It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'/

                                    Doodle Doo Doo, OK 40188 V-V

145                               as The Seven Notes, Beale St. Blues/ He's the Last Word

                                    Small Purple Parlophone R 3336 V (4' pdig, sB, restored)

146      Little Ramblers, I'm Satisfied Beside that Sweetie o'Mine/

                                    Deep Blue Sea Blues, Co 217 V (needs more weight)

147                              Swamp Blues/ Play it Red, Co 1103 V+

148      Louisiana Five, The Alcoholic Blues/ Wilbur Sweatman, Kansas City

                                    Blues, Co A 2768 V+ (looks E-)

149      McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Cherry (-3)/ Some Sweet Day, Vi 21730 V+

150                              It's Tight Like That/ There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, Vi 38013 V+

151      Jelly Roll Morton, Someday Sweetheart/ Original Jelly Roll Blues

                                    Vi 20405 V- plays V (label damage sB)

152                              Wolverine Blues/ Mr Jelly Lord, Vi 21064 V  (restored small crack)

153      Bennie Moten                   Kansas City Shuffle/ Yazoo Blues, Vi 20485 V-V

154      Mound City Blue Blowers, Arkansaw Blues/ Blue Blues, Br 2581 V+

155                              San/ Red Hot, Br 2602 V+

156                              Barb Wire Blues/ You Ain't Got Nothin', Br 2648 V

157      Napoleon's Emperors, You Can't Cheat a Cheater/ Anything Victor 38067 V-

158      New Orleans Black Birds, Baby/ Honolulu Blues, Vi 38026 V+

                                    (better but some short scratches)

159      New Orleans Owls, Tampeekoe/ West End Romp, Co 688 V-V

160      New Orleans Rhytm Kings, Wolverine Blues/ Weary Blues Gennett 5102 V-

161      Glen Oswald Serenaders, If It Wasn't for You I Wouldn’t Be Crying Vi 19611 V+

162      Original Memphis Five, Pickles/ Yes! We have no Bananas, Co A3924 E-

163                              Walk, Jenny, Walk!/ Last Night on the Back Porch, Co 7 V

164                              She Wouldn't Do/ More, Co 37 V+E-

165                              Shufflin' Mose/ St Louis Gal, Co 50 E-/V+

166                              Red Hot Mamma/ It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo' Co 155 E-/V+

167                              Sioux City Sue/ The Grass is Always Greener Co 186 E-/V+

168                              'Taint Cold/ Jacksonville Gal, Co 502 V

169      Herbert Spencer, Lila/ The Original Indiana Five, Where will I Be? Banner 7057 V+

170      The Midway Dance Orchestra, Lots o' Mamma/ The Black Sheep Blues Co 33 E-

171      New Orleans Owls, Eccentric/ The Nightmare, Co 943 V-

172      Jack Pettis      Candied Sweets/Markel’s  Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella Regal 8463 V

173      Piron's New Orleans Orchestra, Bright Star Blues/ Ghost of the Blues

                                    Co 99 V (internal lams sound 25’sA; scratch at start lightly audible 60'sB)

174      Fred Rich       Bell Hoppin' Blues/ Poor Papa, Ha 119 E-

                                    (looks V+; edge flake nig, restored; 16 bar Mole solo sA)

175      Mamie Smith Lovin' Sam from Alabam, OK 4253 V

176      Frankie Trumbauer, Baltimore/ Humpty Dumpty, OK 40926 V

177                              My Sweeter Than Sweet/ He's so Unusual

                                    OK 41326 V/V+ (light distortion at start )

178                              Manhattan Rag/ What Wouldn't I Do for That Man!

                                    OK 41330 V+ (lam, softly 30' on 'Rag', within grade)

179      Warner's Seven Aces, When My Sugar Walks Down the Street/ Cheatin’ on Me, Co 305 V+

180      Frank Westphal, I've Got a Song for Sale/ All Wrong, Co 17 EE+

181      Clarence Williams' Blue Five, I'm a Little Blackbird.../ Mandy...

                                    OK 40260 V-/V+ (craquelé spot sA causes swish)

182      Clarence Williams and his Novelty Four, What Ya Want Me to Do?/

                                    In the Bottle Blues, OK 8645 V-/G+ (label printing dull)

183      Clarence Williams Washboard Four, Yama Yama Blues/ Church Street

                                    Sobbin'Blues, OK 8525 V-


The following records are offered at 25 Euros each


184      Henry 'Red' Allen, Have You Ever Been in Heaven/ I Owe You Vo 3704 E

185      Arcadia Peacock Orchestra, Let Me Be the First to Kiss You Good

                                    Morning/ Where's My Sweetie Hiding?, OK 40254 V

186      The Arkansas Travellers, Washboard Blues/ Boneyard Shuffle Velvet Tone 1332 E-

187                              I Ain't Got Nobody/ Birmingham Break-Down

                                    Velvet Tone 1505 E-/E- to V+

188                              Red Head Blues/ Stack o'Lee Blues, Harmony 601 E-

                                    (noisy lead-in and first 3' music grooves sA)

189      Louis Armstrong Hot Five, Once in a While/ Struttin' With Some

                                    Barbecue, Co 37535 E (master pressings after OK 8566)

190                              I'm Not Rough/ Got No Blues, Co 37536 E

                                    (master pressings after OK 8551 - from album)

191                              Hot Seven, Twelfth Street Rag/ Knockin' a Jug

                                    Co 35663 E (from album; original issue sA)

192      Bailey's Lucky Seven, No Wonder I'm Lonesome/ Tomorrow Gennett 4975 E-

193      Beale Street Washboard Band, Piggly Wiggly/ Forty and Tight

                                    Br 80076 E/ E+ (first issue sA, light pressing mark sA)

194      The Buffalodians, Here Comes Emaline/ Deep Henderson, Co 665 V+

195                              She's Still My Baby/ Would-Ja?, Co 723 E-

196      Busse's Buzzards, Red Hot Henry Brown/ Milenberg Joys Vi 19782 E-/V+ to E-

197      California Ramblers, That Big Blond Mama/ Louisville, Co A 3979 V+

198                              Sweet Georgia Brown/ Ev’rything is Hotsy Totsy Now Co 380 V+

199                              Tell Me Tonight/ Too Many Kisses in the Summer Co 834 E-

200                              Mine - All Mine/ Changes, Co 1275 V+

201      Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra, Mandy, make up Your Mind/ Steppin'

                                    in Society, Gennett 3058 V+ (small label tears)

202      Doc Cook        Brown Sugar/ High Fever, Co 813 V-V/V

                                    (strong but many scratches cause a crackling noise floor)

203                              Slue Foot/ Willie the Weeper, Co 1070 V+

                                    (label printing faded, hardly legible, small tear sA)

204      Coon-Sanders Orchestra, Yes Sir! That's My Baby/ Jack Shilkret,

                                    Sometime, Vi 19745 E- (starts V+)

205                              Hong Kong Dream Girl/ Who Wouldn't Love You

                                    Vi 19754 E- (looks V+, small pdig sB, 5 ticks)

206                              'Deed I Do/ I Need Lovin', Vi 20408 E-/V+

207                              My Suppressed Desire/ What a Girl! What a Night!  Vi 21803 V+

208                              Who Wouldn' t Be Jealous…/ Here Comes My Ball and Chain, Vi 21812 V+

209                              Mississippi Here I Am/ Rhythm King Vo 21891 V+ (small label tear sB)

210      Ida Cox           My Mean Man Blues/ Worried in Mind Blues

                                    Pm 12237 V-/V (better but small passing digs cause

                                    ticks and pops, especially on sA; label printing rubbed)

211      Cotton Pickers, State Street Blues/ Hot Lips, Br 2292 V+/E-

212                              He May Be Your Man…/ Great White Way Blues Br 2380 E-

213                              You Tell Her, I Stutter/ Way Down Yonder in NO Br 2404 E-

214                              Just Hot/ Shufflin' Mose, Br 2507 E- (name written on labels)

215                              Stomp Off - Let's Go/ Carolina Stomp, Br 2981 E-

216                              Milenberg Joys/ If You Hadn't Gone Away, Br 2917 E-

217      Dixieland Jug Blowers, Louisville Stomp/ Florida Blues, Vi 20403 V/V+

                                    (a Louisville record shop sticker, sA)

218      Dixie Washboard Band, My Own Blues/ You for Me, Me for You Columbia 14141 V+


219      Johnny Dodds (Four ), New There 'll Come a Day/ Young's Creole Jazz

                                    Band, Tin Roof Blues, Paramount 14023 EE+

220                              (Chicago Footwarmers) , Get 'em Again Blues/ Brush

                                    Stomp, Co 35681 E+ (after OK 8599)

221                               (Black Bottom Stompers), Come on and Stomp Stomp

                                    Stomp/ After You've Gone, Br 3568 V+

222                               (Hot Six), Too Tight/ Goober Dance, HMV 10419 E

                                    (first issue of take -4 of Too Tight)

223      Seger Ellis       Exactly Like You/ I Never Dreamt, OK 41424 E-

                                    (good Seger Ellis Picture labels)

224      Fowler's Washboard Wonders Washboard Stomp/ Chitterlin' Strut Co 14084 V+

225      Friar's Society Orchestra, Panama/ Tiger Rag, Ge 4968 V+

                                    (small thin crack, restored, not audible)

226                              San/ Eccentric, Gennett 5009 V+E-/E-

227      Charles Fulcher,  The Georgia Stomp/ Home Sweet Home Blues

                                    Co 316 V+ (some tiny lams nap; scratch sounds 9'sA

                                    and writing - catalogue numbers -on label  both sides)

228                              Atlanta Gal/ I Faw Down and go Boom! Co 1734 V+E-/E-

229      Irene Gibbons & Clarence Williams Jazz Band, That Da-Da Strain/

                                    Last Go Round Blues, Co A 3834 E/E- (a potential edge

                                    bite, restored, sounds quite loud 16'on  sA and 24' on sB)

230                              I'm Busy and You Can't Come In/ ....I Dream of Lilac

                                    Time, Co 14362 V-  ( label rubbed around spindle hole)

231      Benny Goodman's Boys, Jungle Blues/ Room 1411, Br 4013 V+ (ends V on 'Jungle')

232      Goofus Five    The Wang Wang Blues/ Arkansas Blues, OK 40817 V+

233      The Halfway House Dance Orchestra, Snookum/ It Belongs to You

                                    Co 1041 E-/30'  V-V with some partly damaged grooves,  then to V+

234      'Husk' O'Hare's Super Orch.,Swanee Smiles/ You Gave Me Your Heart

                                    Gennett 4983 E- (2 light scratches sA, 2 + 4 light ticks)

235      Marion Harris, Runnin'Wild/ You've Got to See Mamma Every Night

                                    Br 2410 E- ( scratch not audible on 'Runnin')

236      Henderson as Connie's Inn Orchestra, Twelfth Street Rag (C 1503-2)                                                     Milenberg Joys (C-1506 3) Varsity 8042 E- (Rust: dubs)

237      Fletcher Henderson, You've Got to Get Hot/ Charleston Crazy  Vo 14726 V+

238                              Strutter's Drag/ I Don't Know and I Don't care, Vo14828 E-

239                              Forsaken Blues/ Cold Mamma's, Vo 14892 V+

                                    (scratch spot sA, sounds 20')

240                              Stockholm Stomp/ Have it Ready, Br 3460 V+ (looks V)

241      Rosa Henderson with Fletcher Henderson's Jazz Five, I'm a Good Gal/

                                    Papa Will be Gone, Br 2589 E-/V+ ( sB better but an edge

                                    flake in 4 lead-in grooves, restored, passes)

242                              (piano) In Thast Apartment Upstairs/ He's My Man

                                    Columbia 14152 V+ (moonlam sB not audible)

243      Edna Hicks      I'm Goin' Away (-3) / Lizzie Miles, You're always Messin'

                                    'Round with My Man, Vi 19083 E-

244      Frisky Foot Jackson and his Thumpers, Maxwell Street Stomp/

                                    Good Time Mama, Vo V. 1035 E+ (excellent dubs)

245      James P. Johnson, Bleeding Hearted Blues/ You Can't Do What My

                                    Last Man Did, Vi 19123 E- (scr at start sA, 5 ticks)

246      Isham Jones    Burning Sands/ Aunt Hagar's Children Blues Br 2358 E-

247      Maggie Jones (Henderson's Hot Six) Mamma.../ Cheatin' on Me Co 14074 V+ to E-

248                              (Charlie Green)  North Bound Blues/ Undertaker's Blues

                                    Co 14092 V+E-/V+

249                              ( Fuller, Metcalf) South Street Blues/ Dallas Blues

                                    Co 14114 V+E-/E- (scuff sounds very lightly 30' sA)

250      Ladd's Black Aces, You've Got to See Your Mamma Every Night/

                                    Runnin' Wild, Gennett 5035 E- (pdig 4 ticks sA; scratch 8 ticks, pdig 3 ticks sB)

251      Art Landry     Rip Saw Blues/ Vincent Rose, Helen Gone, Vi 19398 V+

252                              Lazy Blues/ I'll Get You, Vi 19488 E-

253      Jack Linx        It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'/ Doodle Doo Doo  OK 40188 E- (looks V+)

254                              He's the Last Word/ Beale Street Blues, OK 40803 V+

                                    (dig, sA, 10', restored and passes; label printing rubbed)

255      The Little Ramblers, Deep Blue Sea Blues/ I'm satisfied Beside that

                                    Sweetie o' Mine, Co 217 V+E-

256                              Those Panama Mamas/ Prince of Wales, Co 248 V to V-

                                    (moderate label damage both sides)

257                              Hard Hearted Hannah/ Tessie, Co 203 V

258      Louisiana Five, Lead Me to It/ Virginia Blues, Emerson 1076 E- to E

                                    (looks E; starts hissy for 30' sB)

259      Louisiana Sugar Babes, Persian Rug/ Thou Swell, Vi 21346 E-

260      Ma Rainey      South Bound Blues/ Lawd Send Me a Man Blues

                                    Pm 12227 V- (clear, scratchy, moderate swish sB

                                    label printing lightly rubbed sB)

261                               Louisiana Hoodoo Blues/ Goodbye Daddy Blues  Paramount 12290  V-

262                              Chain Gang Blues/ Wringing and Twisting Blues

                                    Pm 12338 V (restored crack from rim into and through the

                                    label ticks moderately)

263      Sara Martin with CW Blue Five, Atlanta Blues/ Blind Man Blues

                                    OK 8090 V- to V/V to V+  (2' + 2' moderately stripped in the vocal, sA)

264      Ray Miller      Bagdad/ Red Hot Mama, Br 2681 V+ (3 cm label tear sB)

265      Red McKenzie and the Mound City Blue Blowers, Hello Lola,

                                    If I Could Be... BB 10037 E (after Vi 38100)

266      McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans,  Nobody's Sweetheart/ Liza,

                                    Co 35952 E+ (after OK 40971)

267                              Sugar/ China Boy, Co 35951 E (after OK 41011)

268      McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Four or Five Times/ Clifford Hayes'

                                    Louisville Stompers, Vi 21583 V+ (second hole in label)

269                              Milenberg Joys/ Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble, Vi 21611 E-

270                              Hullabaloo/ Baby Won't You Please Come Home

                                    Vi 22511 E- (long scratch sB, barely audible)

271                              Never Swat a Fly/ Laughing at Life, Vi 23020 E-

272                              Save It, Pretty Mama/ I Found a New Baby   Vi 38061 V+

273                              If I Could be With You../ Zonky, Vi 38118 E-/E

                                    (much label damage around spindle, sA)

274      Vic Meyers    Tell Me What to Do/ Mean Looks, Br 2733 E-

275      Johnny Miller's New Orleans Frolickers, Dipper Mouth Blues/

                                    Panama, Co 1546 V+/V (better but scratched sB)

276      Miff Mole and his Little Molers, Some Sweet Day/ Alexander's

                                    Ragtime Band, OK 40758 V+ (A-1)

277                              Davenport Blues/ Hurricane, OK 40848 V+

278                              Imagination/ Feelin'No Pain, Co 35687 E+ (after OK )

279                              One Step to Heaven/ Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble

                                    Co 35953 E-E/E-  (first issue sA, from album)

280      Thomas Morris, Jackass Blues/ Ham Gravy, Vi 20179 E- looks V+

281      Jelly Roll Morton, Black Bottom Stomp/ The Chant, Vi 20221 V+

282                              Sidewalk Blues/ Dead Man Blues, Vi 20252 V+  (some label damage)

283                              Smoke House Blues/ Steamboat Stomp, Vi 20296 V+

284                              Doctor Jazz/ Dixieland Jug Blowers, Memphis Shake  Vi 20415 V+

285                              Jungle Blues/ Richard M Jones' Jazz Wizards, African  Hunch, Vi 21345 V

286                              Red Hot Pepper/ Deep Creek, Vi 38055 V+

287                              New Orleans Bump/ Pretty Lil, Vi 38078 V+

288                              Sweet Anita Mine/ Courthouse Bump, Vi 38093 V+

289      Bennie Moten                   Harmony Blues/ Thick Lip Stomp, Vi 20406 V+E-

290                              Kansas City Shuffle/ Yazoo Blues, Vi 20480 V+E-

291                              Muscle Shoals Blues/ White Lightnin'Blues

                                    Vi 20811 V+/ E- (small pdig sA, 7 ticks; tiny crack

                                    and edge flake restored sA, sounds lightly 5' on sA)

292                              Moten Stomp/ Clifford Hayes Louisville Stompers,

                                    Blue Guitar Stomp, Vi 20955 V+

293                              Slow Motion/ Hot Water Blues, Vi 38012 V+/V to V+

294                              South/ She's No trouble, Vi 38021 E-

295                              It's hard to Laugh or Smile/ Tough Breaks, Vi 38037 V+

296      New Orleans Owls, Tampeekoe/ West End Romp, Co 688 V

                                    (some lams nap; label printing faded but legible)

297      New Orleans Rhytm Kings, Sweet Lovin' Man/ Maple Leaf Rag

                                    Gennett 5104 V (strong and clear but a bit swishy sA and

                                    some audible scratches on sB)

298      Red Nichols    Buddy's Habits/ Boneyard Shuffle, Br 3477 E-/E

299                              Riverboat Shuffle/ Eccentric, Br 3627 E-

300      Jimmy Noone                   Let's Sow a Wild Oat/ It's Tight Like That, Vo 1238  V+/V

                                    (label a bit soiled and lightly damaged around spindle hole)

301      Original Indiana Five, Everybody Stomp/ I'm 'Gonna' Hang Around

                                    My Sugar, Harmony 47 E-/V+

302                              The Chant/ Stockholm Stomp, Ha 387 E-/V+

303                              Play it Red/ One Sweet Letter from You, Ha 432 V+/V

                                    Despite being marketed a 25 cents label, Harmony's were

                                    pressed on laminates.  Therefore they are technically

                                    among the  highest quality 78's in the business.

                                    Frequently they play better than  they look. Whether we                                                                     

                                     like their acoustic sound is a different matter.

304      Original Memphis Five, St. Louis Gal/ Shufflin'Mose, Co 50 E-E

305                              Who's Sorry Now?/ Snakes Hips, Vi 19052 E-

306                              I've Got a Song for Sale/ Tin Roof Blues, Vi 19170 E-

307      King Oliver     Farewell Blues/ Sobbin'Blues, Br 3711 E-

308                              Got Everything/ Four or Five Times, Br 4028 E-

                                    (looks lightly scuffed V+, labels E)

309                              Stop Crying/ Papa De-Da-Da, Br 6053 V+

                                    (some label damage, printing lightly faded)

310                              St James Infirmary/ When You're Smiling, Vi 22298 E-

311      Parenti's Liberty Syncopators, Weary Blues/ African Echoes

                                    Columbia 1264 V+E-/E- (tiny lam nap, sB)

312      Piron's New Orleans Orchestra, Do Just as I Say/ Red Man Blues

                                    Vi 19646 V+ (scratches lightly audible 22' at start sB)

313      Bessie Smith   (Charlie Green) House Rent Blues/ Work House Blues

                                    Co 14032 VV+/V  (scratch sounds 5' sB)

314                              (Charlie Green) Rainy Weather Blues/ Salt Water Blues

                                    Co 14037 V+ (sA better but 3 tiny ndrops cause a tick)

315                              (Buster Bailey & Don Redman), Love Me Daddy Blues/

                                    Woman's Trouble Blues, Co 14060 V+/V

                                    (sB better but scratchy in 2 spots: 7'ticks and 18' crackling)

316                              J C Holmes Blues/ I Ain't Got Nobody, Co 14095 V+

                                    (label printing somewhat faded but legible)

317      Six Brown Brothers, Chin Chin/ H. Benne Henton, Laverne

                                    Vi 18149 E (looks E-, light scr, 2 fine ticks near end sA)

318      Mamie Smith Crazy Blues/ I'm Right Here for You, OK 4169 E-

319                              The Road is Rocky/ Fare Thee Honey Blues, OK 4194 V+

320                              Mamma Whip!/ Mamma Spank!/ I'm Free, Single...

                                    OK 4427 V+ to V/V+ (small edge flake sA, nig)

321                              Down Home Blues/ Arkansas Blues, OK 4446 V+

322      Philip Spitalny, Jackass Blues/ Up and At 'Em, Vi 20108 E-

323      Frank Teschmaker's Chicagoans, Jazz Me Blues/ The Cellar Boys,

                                    Barrel House Stomp, UHCA 61/62 E- (first issues)

324      Charlie Troutt's Melody Artists, Transportation Blues part 1 and 2 Co 1030 E-E

325                              Transportation Blues part 3 and 4, Co 1265 E ( 2 light scratches, not audible)

326      Frank Trumbauer, Get Happy/ Deep Harlem, OK 41431 V+

327                              Hittin' the Bottle/What's the Use, OK 41437 V+ (three initials in label sB)

328                              Crying All day/ A Good Man is Hard to Find Co 35956 E (after OK 40966)

329      University Six, St Louis Hop/ I'd Leave...Harmony 245 E-

330      Fats Waller and His Buddies, The Minor Drag/ Harlem Fuss Victor 38050 V+/V+E-

331      Warner's  7 Aces, Bessie Couldn't Help It/ Longing for You

                                    OK 40198 V+ (small pdig sA, two muffled ticks)

332                              Mean Eyes/ Lonesome Lovesick...OK 4921 V

                                    (better but quite frequently ticks and pops from small

                                    passing digs and scratches; very noisy lead-ingroove  sB)

333                              When My Sugar Walks Down the Street/ Cheatin' on Me

                                    Co 305 E-  (2 small pdigs on 'Cheatin' cause 2 soft ticks)

334                              So is Your Old Lady/ ...'Wanna Go Back Again' Blues Co 656 E-/V+

335      Ethel Waters and her Ebony Four, No Man's Mama/Shake That Thing   Co 14116 E-

336      Clarence Williams & his Jazz Kings, Candy Lips/ Gravier Street Blues

                                    Columbia 14193 V+/V (label printing rubbed)

337                              You've Got to be Modernistic/ Zonky

                                    Co 14488 V+E- (edge bite not in grooves, restored)

338      Clarence Williams Blue Five, Close Fit Blues/ Baby Won't You Please

                                    Come Home, OKeh 8510 V

339      Clarence Williams, Wildflower Rag/ Organ Grinder Blues

                                    OKeh 8604 V (starts V-; pdig sA, 10 ticks)

340      Paul Whiteman, Whiteman Stomp/ Sensation Stomp, Vi 21119 E


The following records are offered at 35 Euros each


341      The Arkansas Travellers, I'll See You in My Dreams/ How I Love That

                                    Girl, OK 40277 E- (scratch barely aud sA; tiny pdig 2'sB)

342      Louis Armstrong Hot Five, Heebie Jeebies/ Muskrat Ramble Truetone Okeh 8300 V

343                              Georgia Grind/ Come Back Sweet Papa Truetone Okeh 8318 V

344                              Hot Seven, The Last Time/ Ory's Creole Trombone

                                    Columbia 35838 E/EE+ (both previously unissued)

345                              Chicago Breakdown/ Don't Jive Me, Columbia 36376 E

                                    (also first issue both sides)

346      Ben's Bad Boys, Yellow Dog Blues/ Wang-Wang Blues, Vi 21971  E

347      Blue Grass Foot Warmers, How Could I Be Blue?/ Seniorita Mine

                                    Harmony 206 E- (several scratches, only one of which

                                    sounds lightly 30' on 'Senorita)

348                              Old Folks Shuffle/ Charleston Hound Harmony 248 E-

349      Blythe's Blue Boys, Oriental Man/ Brown Skin Mama

                                    Champion 40023 V+/V (label a bit scuffed)

350      Coon-Sanders Orchestra, Mine - All Mine/ Is She My Girl Friend? Vi 21148 E-

351                              Got a Great Big Date.../ An Old Italian Love Song Vi 22123 E

352      Ida Cox and her Blues Serenaders, Chicago Monkey Man Blues/

                                    Worried Any How Blues, Pm 12202 V  (better, but several small pdigs sound)

353      Five Harmaniacs, What Makes My Baby Cry/ It Takes a Good Woman   Vi 20507 E-E

354      Georgia Strutters, Everybody Mess Aroun'/ Georgia Grind, Ha 231 E-

355                              Original Black Bottom Dance/ Wasn't it Nice? Ha 311 E-

356      The Goofus Five, Alabamy Bound/ Deep Blue Sea Blues

                                    OK 40292 V+ starts V/ V+ (tiny pdig, 3'sB)

357                              Clap Hands! here Comes Charly!/ I Wonder Where My

                                    Baby is Tonight, OK 40500 V+

358                              That Certain Party/ Then I'll Be Happy, OK 40534 V+

359      The Halfway House Dance Orchestra, New Orleans Shuffle/ Squeeze

                                    Me, Co 541 V+/E- (sA better but ticks from a scratch and

                                    a small pdig; label printing somewhat faded)

360                              Tell Me Who/ Love Dreams, Co 1542 V+E-/V+

361      Lucille Hegamin with Clarence Williams'Band, Nobody But My Baby

                                    is Gettin' My Love/ Senorita Mine, Co 14164 V+

362      Fletcher Henderson's Club Alabam Orchestra, Sud Bustin'Blues/

                                    War Horse Mama, Br 2592 E-

363      Viola McCoy with Fletcher Henderson's Jazz Five, I ain't Gonna

                                    Marry.../ If Your Good Man Quits You...Br 2591 E-

364      Rosa Henderson with Fletcher Henderson's, Clearing House Blues/

                                    West Indies Blues, Br 2612 E-/E

365      Bertha 'Chippie' Hill, Trouble in Mind/ Georgia Man  OK Truetone 8312 V/V+

366      Jelly Roll Morton, Black Bottom Stomp/ The Chant, Vi 20221 E-/E-E

                                    (sA subtitled as  'Danza de los Negros Ogeechees')

367      New Orleans Rhytm Kings, Milenberg Joys/ Marguerite, Ge 5217 V+/E-

                                    (lead-in groove on sA noisy; 10' crackle start sB)

368      ' Husk' O'Hare's Super Orch., Clover Blossom Blues/ Night  Gennett 4921 E-

369      King Oliver     Passing Time with Me/ What's the Use of Living Without

                                    You, Vi 23011 E- (tiny needle drop sA causes 4 ticks)

370      Parenti's Liberty Syncopators, Cabaret Echoes/ Midnight Papa

                                    Co 545 V+ (starts V, some label damage around the

                                    spindle hole and some label printing fade)

371      Ma Rainey with Lovie Austin's Blue Serenaders, Walking Blues/

                                    Barrelhouse Blues, Pm 12082 V to V+ (4 ticks at start

                                    of 'Walking ; label printing rubbed


The following records are offered at 45 Euros each


372      Louis Armstrong Hot 5, Columbia records C-57, cover V+ (partly split,

                                    2 cm of spine missing)

                                    Gut Bucket Blues/ Yes! I'm in the Barrel Co 36152 E-

                                    Muskrat Ramble/ Skid-Dat-De-Dat, Co 36153 E/E-

                                    Cornet Chop Suey/ My Heart, Co 36154 E-/E

                                    You're Next/ Oriental Strut, Co 36155 E

373      Blythe's Blue Boys, Oriental Man/ Brown Skin Mama

                                    Champion 40023 E- (small label tear sA)

374      Chas.  Creath's Jazz-o-Maniacs, I Woke up Cold in Hand/ My Daddy

                                    Rocks Me, OK 8217 V+/E- (a few spots of light

                                    distortion sA, otherwise better)

375      Dixieland Jug Blowers, House Rent Rag/ Don't Give All the Lard Away  Vi 20420 V+

376      Johnny Dodds San/ Clarinet Wobble, Br 3574 E/E-E

377      The Halfway House Dance Orchestra, Maple Leaf Rrag/ Let Me Call

                                    You  Sweetheart, Co 476 E-

378                              I'm in Love/ Since You're Gone, Co 681 E- (scratch sA

                                    causes 5 moderate ticks, label printing faded sB)

379      Bertha 'Chippie' Hill, Trouble in Mind/ Georgia Man

                                    OK 8312 V+/V+E- (20' somewhat scratchy spot, sA)

380      Alberta Hunter with Henderson (Orch sB), You can Have My Man...

                                    Bring it With You When You Come,  Pm 12018 E-/V+E-

381      Maggie Jones (Armstrong), You May Go..../ Anybody Here Want to Try

                                    My Cabbage, Co 14063 E ( 3 light ticks at both starts ;

                                    light rumble easily eliminated; flag label a bit soiled)

382      Miff Mole and his Little Molers, Davenport Blues/ Hurricane

                                    OK 40848 E (small potential moonlam, restored, sounds   6' at start sB)

383                              My Gal Sal/ Original Dixieland One Step, OK 40932 E

                                    (very fine crack, restored, sounds very lightly 60' sA;

                                    3 very fine and small scratches cause some light ticks, sB)

384                              Moanin' Low/ Birmingham Bertha OK 41273 E-E (scr end

                                    of 'Low' causes some very soft ticks; strong A-1 both sides)

385      Thomas Morris, Jackass Blues/ Ham Gravy, Vi 20179 E-

                                    plays E- looks V+, good labels

386                              P.D.Q  Blues/ Blues from the Everglades, Vi 20330 E-

387      Bennie Moten's  Kansas City Orchestra, Moten Stomp/ Clifford Hayes'

                                    Louisville Stompers, Blue Guitar Stomp, Vi 20955 E-

                                    (tiny pdig sA, 2 ticks)

388                              The New Tulsa Blues/                  Clifford Hayes'  Louisville

                                    Stompers, The Petter's Stomp, Victor 21584 E-

389      New Orleans Rhytm Kings, She's Crying for Me/ Everybody Loves

                                    Somebody Blues, Vi 19645 V+

390      King Oliver     Snag It/ Sugar Foot Stomp, Br (E) 3361 E-E/E

391      Anthony Parenti, Creole Blues/ 12th Street Blues, Vi 19647 V+

392      Jack Pettis      Doin'  the New Low-Down/ Spanish Dream, Vi 21559 E

393                              Freshman Hop/ A Bag of Blues, Vi 21793 E-

394      Frankie Trumbauer, Sunnyside Up/ Turn on the Heat, OK 41313 E-

                                    (Louisville record shop sticker, A1/B1)

395      Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang, Goin' Places/ Doin' Things, OK 40825 E-

                                    (lam + 2 scratches cause some light ticks first 60' sA)

396      Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings, Red River Blues/ I Need You

                                    Co 14326 V+/V+ to E- (lamination cracks  to label sA and  first half sB sound              

                                     lightly to zero; partly damaged record shop sticker sA. A1/B2 stampers)

397                              Mountain City Blues/ Breeze, Co 14422 E-/V+

                                    (small label tear at spindle hole sB, lbl printing a bit faded)

398                              I'm not Worrying/ Whoop it Up, Co 14447 V+

                                    ( 2 edge flakes not in grooves, restored)

399                              Freeze Out/ A Pane in the Glass, Co 14460 V+

                                    (broad scratch in label through the title sB)

400      Clarence Williams'Blue Five Orchestra, Carolina Bound/ Baltimore

                                    Vocalion 1130 V+/E-

401      Fess Williams Royal Flush Orchestra, Friction/ Here 't Is  Vi 38056 V+ to E-


The following records are offered at 65 Euros each


402      Louis Armstrong Hot Seven Columbia Album C-28, cover intact V+

                                    Potato Head Blues/ Heebie Jeebies Co 35660 E-

                                    S.O.L. Blues/ Squeeze Me, Co 35661 EE+/E

                                    (original first issue of sA, light scratch nap sB)

                                    Save it Pretty Mama/ No One Else but You, Co 35662 E

                                    Knockin' a Jug/ Twelfth Street Rag, Co 35663 E+/E

                                    (first issue of sB)

403      Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra, Tiger Rag/ Dinah,  Conq  9554 E+

404                              Ain't Misbehavin'/ Black and Blue, OK 8714 E-

405      Dixie Washboard Band, Cushion Foot Stomp/ Anywhere Sweetie Goes

                                    Columbia 14239 V+ to E-  (pdig, 4' sB, sounds very softly)

406      The Halfway House Dance Orchestra, When I'm Blue/ I Want

                                    Somebody to Love, Co 1268 E-

407      Lucille Hegamin Blue Flame Syncopators, Arkansas Blues/

                                    (with Harris Blues and Jazz Seven) Everybody's Blues Paramount 20053 E-

408      Alberta Hunter (with Henderson's Novelty Orchestra), Come on Home/

                                    Aggravatin' Papa, Pm 12013 E (light rumble start sA,  light swish start sB)

409      Miff Mole & his Little Molers, Lucky Little Devil/ Navy Blues

                                    OK 41371 E-/E  (very light label damage sA, strong A-1)

410      Thomas Morris, Who's Dis Heah Stranger/ New Orleans Blue Five,

                                    The King of the Zulus, Vi 20316 E-/E

411      Trixie Smith and her Down Home Syncopators, Freight Train Blues/

                                    Don't Shake it No More, Pm 12211 E-