Hugo van der Laan 

Van Beuningenstraat 53 D

2582 KK Den Haag

the Netherlands 



This is an auction of 78's which are not in E or not in E at all.  Some needed  restaurations. They play as graded with a  '0028 conical stylus and 2,5 grams stylus pressure. Their issues are described for explanation. 3'  means 3 revolutions.

Postage is strictly at cost. Payment can be made with Paypal or Eurotransfer.


100      Alabama Rascals, Jockey Stomp/ Stomp That Thing, Pe 0240 V-/V

                                    (crack, restored, sounds moderately sA, softly sB)

101      Rampart Street Washboard Band, Piggly Wiggly/ Forty and Tight

                                    Pe 196 V/V- (restored pdig 4'; small label tears sA)

102      Lovie Austin and her Blues Serenaders, Charleston South Carolina/

                                    Charleston Mad, Pm 12278 V-

103      Hattie Burleson Jim Nappy/ Bye Bye Baby, Br 7054 V-

                                    (clear, crack restored, sounds moderately,

                                    small edge flake 2' restored, on sA, light label damage sA)

104      Benny Carter & His Harlemites, Tell All Your Day Dreams to Me/

                                    Billy James, The Song Doctor, Crown 3321 basically E

                                    but a moon crack, newly restored, sounds moderately 60'.

                                    (Benny Carter's first)

105      The Chicago Footwarmers, Oriental Man/ My Baby, OK 8548 V+

                                    (looks V, plays better, labels E-)

106      Clifford's Louisville Jug Band, Dancing Blues/ I Don't Want You Blues

                                    OK 8221 G/V- (rumble and noise from scuffs and

                                    scratches sA, noise from scratches on sB

                                    labels V, printing a bit rubbed, a long needle run on sB)

107      Ida Cox with Lovie Austin's Serenaders, One Time Woman Blues/How

                                    Long Daddy (with Charlie Jackson) Paramount 12325 E- 

                                    (restored edge bite 5' sA and 4 'sB)

108      Wilton Crawley, Geechie River Blues/ She's Forty With Me

                                    OK 8492 looks V+ plays better (pdig 9' sA, restored)

109      Charles Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs, I woke up Cold in Hand/ My Daddy

                                    Rocks Me, OK 8217 V+/E-

                                    (a few spots of light distortion sA, otherwise better)

110                              Market Street Stomp/ Won't Don't Blues

                                    OK 8280 V- to V/V- (scratches on labels)

111      Jasper Davis   It Feels so Good/ Georgia Gigolo, Ha 944 V-

                                    ( scratched with moderate effect on the noise; moonlam

                                    audible 15' at start of 'Gigolo'; strong A1 both, labels ok)

112      Julia Davis with Lovie Austin and her Blues Serenaders, Black Hand

                                    Blues/ Ske Da De, Pm 12248 V- (labels V+E-)

                                    (restored cracks sound moderately to softly, mostly

                                    rumble). After restauration a crack has become sort of a

                                    scratch. A crack is frequently caused by tensions in the

                                    material. What remains produces  <120 Hz rumble.

                                    Therefore,  the audible effect of  a restored crack - and of  

                                    lamination  cracks too - can often be diminished with the

                                    rumble filter.


113      Dixieland Jug Blowers,  National Blues/ Southern Shout

                                    Vi 20954 E-/ V+ to E- (restored edge bite,

                                    does not sound sA, sounds moderately first 22' on sB)

114      Johnny Dunn   Sergeant Dunn's Bugle Call Blues/ Buffalo Blues

                                    Columbia 14306 V

115      Troy Floyd and his Shadowland Orchestra, Dreamland Blues I and II

                                    OK 8719 G+ (many lams and scratches cause

                                    crackling and rumble; needle run on label sB)

116      Fletcher Henderson, Beale Street Mama/ Don't Think You'll be Missed

                                    Paramount 20226 V/V- (sA is ok, but sB starts  60' G- to

                                    V-, very noisy and swishy, from grooves visibly damaged.

                                    label sB rubbed around the spindle hole and small lbl tears)

117      Rosa Henderson with Fletcher Henderson's, I'm a Good Gal/ Papa Will

                                    be Gone, Br 2589 E-/V+ (restored ef sB, 4', not in music)

118      Bertha 'Chippie' Hill with Louis A etc, Pratt's City Blues/ Pleadin' for the

                                    Blues, OK 8420 V- (low rumble and a lam on sB which

                                    sounds softly and incidentally)

119                              Do Dirty Blues/ Sport Model Mama, OK 8473 V+/E-

                                    (better on sA, but a long moonlam sounds 120' )

120      Bertha Hill      Kid Man Blues/ Low Land Blues, OK 8273 V/V-

                                    (small 2' edge flake sA restored; pass quietly, labels V+/E-)

121      James P. Johnson's Harmony Eight, Dear Old Southland/ Bandana Days

                                    OK 4504 V+/E- (long scratch sA almost inaudible)

122      Jones' Paramount Charleston Four, Homeward Bound Blues/

                                    Old Steady Roll, Paramount 12279 looks V+, plays E-

                                    (edge bite, restored, sounds moderately 9'sA, 6'sB)

123      Sara Martin with Sara Martin's Jug Band, Don't You Quit Me Daddy/

                                    Jug Band Blues, OK 8166 V- (internal crack sounds very

                                    moderately 45' near the end)

124      Sara Martin's Jug Band, Blue Devil Blues/ Jug Band Blues

                                    OK 8188 V+E- (better and looks E-, but a small needle

                                    drop sA with a connected fine scratch sounds 42' of which

                                    37' very soft and 5' somewhat louder)

                                    - sA is the first recording of a Louisville Jug Band

125      Memphis Jug Band, Sometimes I Think I Love You/ Memphis Boy

                                    Vi 20809 V

126      Jelly-Roll Morton, Seattle Hunch/ Freakish, Vi 38527 V to V+

127      Thomas Morris, Beaucoupe de Jazz/ Those Blues, OK 4940 V-

                                    (some label tear around the spindle holes)

128                              Original Charleston Strut/ E Flat Blues No. 2

                                    OK 8055 V+E- (light to moderate                 swish last 30' sA;

                                    labels scuffed at the rim)

129      Mary H. Bradford (with Benny Moten's Kansas City Orchestra)

                                    Chattanooga Blues/ Selma Bama Blues, OK 8102 E-

130      Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, Tulsa Blues/ Goofy Dust

                                    Okeh 8181 V+

131                              18th Street Strut/ Things Seem so Blue to Me

                                    OK 8242 V+ (label printing rubbed around spindle sB)

132                              South Street Blues/ She's Sweeter than Sugar

                                    Okeh 8255 V+/V+E-

133                              Kater Street Rag/ Sister Honky Tonk, OK 8277 V+

                                    (2 cm crack, restored, not audible)

134      O'Bryant's Washboard Band, Skoodlum Blues/ Midnight Strutters

                                    Paramount 12260 V+ (plays better; 3 cm fine crack,

                                    restored, not audible, 2 pdigs, restored, sound softly

                                    4' and 5' on sB)

135                              Washboard/ Brand New Charleston, Pm 12265 V-/G+

                                    (2 cm crack sB, restored, not audible)

136      King Oliver's Jazz Band, Sobbin'Blues/ Sweet Lovin'Man, OK 4906 V+

                                    (sA starts 20' V; sB starts a bit swishy first 15')

137                              High Society Rag/Snake Rag, OK 4933 V- to V on sA/

                                    the first 30' of sB are visibly damaged and pass with very

                                    much noise, then V, to end V- in the final 45'.

                                    A small fine crack is restored and not audible.

                                    Labels V+E- with an initial scratched in the label on sA.

138                              Room Rent Blues/ I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody

                                    OKeh 8148 edge bite 14' sA/ 8' sB restored, passes quite

                                    loud. Then V. Scratches sound moderately 10', 12' and 45'

                                    on sA,  30' 19' and 20' on sB.

                                    Labels E-/V+ with a scuff on sB)

139      Benny Washington's  Six  Aces, Compton Ave. Blues/ Clifford's

                                    Louisville Jug Band, Get it Fixed Blues, OK 8269 G+V-

                                    (scratches and scuffs cause irregular noise and  < 120 Hz

                                    rumble; 4 cm fine crack, restored, not audible)

                                    Label printing very faded, legible but with difficulty)

140      Original New Orleans Rhytm Kings, She's Crying for Me/ Golden Leaf

                                    Strut, OK 40327 V+ (looks V but plays surprisingly

                                    much better, label printing rubbed around spindle hole sA,

                                    more extensive rubs on sB)

141      Ma Rainey      These Dogs of Mine/ Lady Rock Blues, Pm  12215 V+

                                    (labels E-)

142                              Army Camp Harmony Blues/ Explaining the Blues

                                    Paramount 12284 V+ (labels E-)

143                              Louisiana Hoo Doo Blues/ Goodbye Daddy Blues

                                    Paramount 12290 V+

144      Clarence Williams Blue 5, Mean Blues/ Shreveport, OK 40006 V

                                    (label printing rubbed around the spindle hole)