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 Auction Closes Sunday 29th July 2018


This is an auction of  classic jazz 78’s, as issued in France. Disques 'Gramophone', Pathé's, Odéons and Swings are all laminated. The issues are master pressings and are in the original American coupling of sides.

Bids can be made in any currency. Postage is extra, strictly at cost. Easy payments can be made by Eurotransfer, Bank transfer and Paypal.

Grading is aural: how they play, with a “0028 conical stylus. E+ is the highest grade. E-E and V+E- are borderline grades. 3' means three revolutions.

France in the Thirties was, after the USA, the second most industrialized country

in the world. It suffered likewise from the depression, but recovery, labour unions

and strikes led in the second half to 30% higher wages. The working week was

formally reduced from 48  hours to 40 after Léon Blum took office in 1936.

Paris was at the heart of excellent rail and road connections and drew many

visitors, like today, also for dating and for its cultural and nightlife sector. 

So, the demand for more and for new music rose in the City of Light. Caribbean 

styles had already been introduced and American jazzrecords became issued.


The French industry produced these in superior quality. Lamination technology

was and remained the standard of quality. When EMI closed the Wandsworth

factory, its French unit continued to make laminated pressings on labels like

Disque Gramophone and Odéon.  Even Victor recordings were issued as

laminates. To compete, I suppose, Brunswicks were pressed here on richer wax.

And then some of the jazzmen themselves came over.


100      Henry Allen    It Should Be You/ Biff'ly Blues, laminated

                                    Disque 'Gramophone' K-6949 EE+/E+ (after Vi 38073)

101      Louis Armstrong, Georgia Bo Bo/ Drop That Sack, Br 500319 E-E

                                    (after Vocalion 1037)

102                              Skip the Gutter/ Knee Drops, Odeon 165.578 EE+/E+

                                    (after OK 8631)

103                              Tight Like This/ Heah Me Talkin' To Ya?

                                    Odeon 279.208 EE+/E+ (after OK 8649, fine scratches

                                    at the start of sA, not audible)

104                              Muggles/ Knocking a Jug, Odéon 165.913 E (OK 8703)

105                              Ain't Misbehavin'/ Black and Blue, Odeon 165.814 E+

                                    (after OK 8714)

106                              Bessie Couldn't Hep It/ Dallas Blues, Odeon 279.485 E+

                                    (after OK 8774)

107                              Saint Louis Blues/After You've Gone

                                     Odeon 165.975 E/E- (after OK 41350, looks E-)

108                              My Sweet/ I can't Believe that You're in Love With Me

                                    Odeon 238.287 E/EE+

                                    (after OK 41415; light superficial scuff sA, not audible)

109                              Just a Gigolo/ Shine, Odeon 238.941 E+ (after OK 41486)

110                              On the Sunny Side of the Street, Part 1 and 2

                                    Polydor 580.010 E-/V+ (Paris 1934, original sleeve)

111                              I've Got the World on a String/ Sittin'in The Dark

                                    Disque 'Gramophone' K-6941 E+ (after Vi 24245)

112      Buster Bailey and his Seven Chocolate Dandies, Shanghaï Shuffle/

                                    Call of the Delta, Br A 500.525 E (after Vo 2887)

                                    (2 tiny needle drops cause 3 + 3 moderate ticks, sA)

113      Les Boswell Sisters, Down on the Delta/ Sentimental Gentleman from

                                    Georgia, Br A. 9329 E- (fine crack, restored, sounds very

                                    lightly first 30'/15'; pdig sB, 5 light ticks.  After Br 6395)

114      Bennie Carter                  Swing It/ Six Bells Stampede, Co DF 1304 E+/E

                                    (laminated, unlike the CB issue )

115                              I'm Coming Virginia/ Playin'the Blues, Swing 20 V+

                                    (24/12 bar Django solo's; plays better, as laminates do)

116      Bill Coleman   After You've Gone/ I'm in the Mood for Love

                                    Disque Gramophone K-7764 EE+/E

117      Putney Dandridge Orch, Chasing Shadows/ When I Grow Too Old to

                                     Dream, Br A 86033 E (after Vo 2982)

118      Johnny Dodds as Louis Armstrong and his Dallas Dandies, Wild Man

                                    Blues (-25)/ Melancholy(-27) Polydor 580.003 E

                                    (after Br 3567)

119      Duke Ellington, Yellow Dog Blues/ Tishomingo Blues, Br 500245 E+

                                    (after Br 3987)

120                              Soliloquy/ Black and Tan Fantasy, Br 81254 E+

                                    (after Br 3526)

121                              Rent Party Blues/ Doin' the Voom Voom

                                    Br 500.249 E+ (after Br 4345)

122                              It don't Mean a Thing/ Rose Room, Br 9230 E+

                                    (after Br 6265)

123                              Echoes of the Jungle/ Limehouse Blues, Disque

                                    Gramophone K- 6429 E (after Vi 22547 but laminated;

                                    a little damage around the spindle hole, sA)

124                              Misty Mornin/ Saratoga Swing, Disque Gramophone

                                    K-8251 E/E+ (after Vi 38058 but laminated; sA also E+

                                    but two ticks from a tiny needle drop)

125                              Chloë/ Across the Tracks Blues, laminated Green label

                                    Disque Gramophone S.G 32 E+ (after Vi 27235)

126      Benny Goodman's Boys, After a While/ Muscrat Scramble

                                    Br 500318 EE+ (after Br 4968)

127      Lionel Hampton, Buzzin'Around with the Bee/ WhoaBabe, Disque

                                    Gramophone K-8040 E+ (after Vi 25575 but laminated)

128                              It don't Mean a Thing/ Shufflin' at the Hollywood

                                    Disque Gramophone K-8388 E

129                              Central Avenue Breakdown/ Jack the Bellboy

                                    HMV (Fr) K-8646 E+ (small very fine scratch does not

                                     sound sA; after Vi 26652 but laminated)

130      Coleman Hawkins avec l'Orchestre Michel Warlop et Arthur Briggs

                                    Blue Moon/ What a Difference a Day Made

                                    Disque 'Gramophone' K-7455 E

131      Fletcher Henderson, Clarinet Marmalade/ Hot Mustard, Br 500.388 E+

                                    (after Vocalion 1065)

132                              Fidgety Feet/Sensation, Br 500 321 E-E

                                    (after Vocalion 1092)

133                              Yeah Man/ King Porter Stomp, Br 500.377 V+E-

                                    (after Vocalion 2527)

134                              What Will I Tell My Heart?/ Slumming on Park Avenue

                                    Br A 81157 E-E (after Vo 3485; light scr audible 5' sB)

135      Alex Hill          Ain't it Nice/ Functionizin', Br 500.495 EE+

                                    (after Vo 2648)

136      Earl Hines and his Orchestra, Oh You Sweet Thing/ Blue Drag

                                    Br A 500186 E/E-E  (small label tear sA; after Br 6345)

137                              Pianology/ Flany Doodle Swing

                                    Br A 500.708 E- (after Vo 3501)

138      Freddie Johnson, I've Got Rhytm/ Tiger Rag, Br 500.341 EE+/E

                                    (2 very soft ticks from needle drop, sA)

139                              Frenchie's Blues/ The Blue Room, Swing 66 E+

                                    (three very soft ticks at start of sA)

140                              Ain't Misbehavin'/ Hi Diddle Diddle, Swing 218 E/E+

141      Andy Kirk       Mess-A-Stomp/ Blue Clarinet Stomp, Br 500162 V+

                                    (after Br 4694)

142      Wingy Manone, Walkin'the Streets/ Send Me, Br 500.463 E

                                    (after Br 6940)

143      Willie Lewis with Bennie Carter et al, All of Me/ Star Dust

                                    Pathé PA 817 EE+

144      Mills Blue Rhytm Boys, Savage Rhytm/ I'm Sorry I made You Blue,

                                    Br 500152 E (light label damage sB, small scratch sB,

                                    not audible; after Br 6229)

145                              Feeling Gay/ Jazz Martini, Br 500.376 E/EE+

                                    (after Me 12793; 2 ticks from small pdig, sA)

146      Le petit MIRSHA, Papa n'a pas voulu/ Petit homme, c'est l'heure...

                                    Disque 'Gramophone' K-7437 E (2 ticks sA from tiny

                                    needle drop; with Django, Hawkins, Arthur Briggs on sB)

147      King Oliver     Someday Sweetheart/ Dead Man Blues, Br  81002 E/EE+

                                    ( after Vo 1059; small pdig at start sA, audible for  3')

148      The Original Wolverines, Royal Garden Blues/ A Good Man is Hard

                                    to Find, Br A 81001 E+ (after Br 3708)

149      Danny Polo     Blue Murder/ That's a Plenty, De F. 6550 E

                                    (tiny needle drop, 4 light ticks)   

150                               Doin'the Gorgonzola/ Montparnasse Jump, De 6989 E

151                              You Made Me Love You/ Montmartre Moan, De 7039 E

152                              China Boy/ Polo-Naise, De 7126 E

                                    (the last three were recorded in Paris in 1939)

153      Russell's Hot Six, 29th and Dearborn/ Sweet Mumtaz, Br A 81003 E-

                                    (after Vo 1010; looks V+ because of not audible stain)

154      Artie Shaw     Adios, Marquita Linda/ Frenesie,                  La Voix de Son Maitre

                                    K-8668 E/E+ (after Vi 26542, but laminated)

155      Frankie Trumbauer, I'm Coming Virginia/ Way Down Yonder in New

                                    Orleans, Odeon 165.134 E+ (after OK 40843)

156                              There'll Come a Day/ Mississippi Mud

                                    Odeon 165.330 E+ (after OK

157                              Take Your To-Morrow/ Love Affairs

                                    Odeon 165.526 E- (after OK 41145

158                              Baby, Won't You Please Come Home/ I Like That

                                    Odeon 165.843 E  (after OK  41286)

159      Sophie Tucker with Miff Mole's Molers, Fifty Million Frenchmen

                                    Can't Be Wrong/ One Sweet Letter from You

                                    Odéon 165.137 E+  (after OK 40813)

160      Fats Waller and His Buddies, The Minor Drag/ Harlem Fuss

                                     laminated 'Disque 'Gramophone'  K-8196 EE+

161      Paul Whiteman, The Rhytm Rag (33331-5)/The Farmer Took Another

                                    Load Away (33333-6), Gramophone K 3185 E- to E/E

                                    (different takes?!)

162      Clarence Williams, Organ Grinder Blues/ Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do

                                    Br A 86009 EE+/E (after Vo 2871; tiny pdig aud 3' sA)

163      Garland Wilson, Blues en Si BéMol/ Get Up Bessie, Br 500220 E/EE+

                                    (pdig, 3 ticks sA; remains of record shop sticker sB)

164                              The Way I Feel/ You Rascal You, Br 500.359 E-

165                              Blue Morning/ Blues I Love to Play, Swing 46 EE+/E


                                    Musette was well developed.  In the Romani and Sinti

                                    cultures the reception of jazz gave new titles for the

                                    violin and guitars. It led to the only jazz style that

                                    originated in Europe. It is well alive today.

166      Gus Viseur      Whispering/ Honeysuckle Rose, Co DF 2662 EE+

167                              Flambée Montalbanaise/ Swing Walse, Co DF 2770 E+/E

                                    (label sB E-, a bit rubbed around the spindle hole)

168                              Je n'en Connais pas La Fin/ L'Orgue Chante Toujours

                                    Co DF 2789 E-/ E (needle run on label, sA, 2 small scuffs

                                    sound 4'+ 9' sA; 3 soft ticks start sB)

169                              Confession/ Tam-Tam, Co DF 2875 V+

                                    (potential edge flake, restored, not in grooves)

170                              A Saute Mouton/ Nuages, Co DF 2915 E

                                    (ex-record owner's name written and stamped, sA)

171                              Une Valse d'un Sou/ J'ai qu'a l'regarder, Co DF 2955 E

172                              Différente/ Odette, Co DF 2983 E-

                                    (small potential edge bite not in grooves, restored, stable)

173                              Docteur Swing/ Fading, Co DF 3021 EE+

                                    (faint internal lamination crack sA, not audible)

174                              (with Sarane et Jean Ferret) Swing 39/ Dayde Crazy Blues

                                    Swing 116 E-

175      Sarane Ferret et le Swing Quintette de Paris, Septembre/ Blue Guitare

                                    Odeon 281.484 E-E

176                              Tiger Rag/ Deux Guitares, Odeon 281.494 E-

                                    (small needle drop s B causes 3 ticks)

177      Djungo Reinhardt et le quintette du Hot Club de France avec Stéphan

                                    Grapelly, Lady Be Good/ Dinah (their first)

                                    Ultraphone AP 1422 E/EE+

178                              I Saw Stars/ Tiger Rag, Ultraphone AP 1423 E


                                    New styles begin in creativity and surprises. In 1937,

                                    Delauney started the art-déco Swing label. He had the

                                    records  pressed by the Compagnie Francaise du

                                    Gramophone and therefore they are all laminated.

179      Coleman Hawkins, Honeysuckle Rose/ Crazy Rhytm, Swing 1 EE+

                                    (in superbe Benny Carter arrangements)

180      Quintette du Hot Club de France, Chicago/ Charleston, Swing 2 E

                                    (first label type)

181      Dicky Wells Orchestra, I've Found a New Baby/ Hot Club Blues

                                    Swing 3 EE+/E

182      André Ekyan acc Django Reinhardt, Pennies from Heaven/Tiger Rag

                                     Swing 4 E-E (first label type, nice record shop sticker)

183      Teddy Weatherford, Tea for Two/ Weather Beaten Blues, Sw 5 V+

                                    (2 small pdigs sA, 3 soft and 6 moderate ticks; partly

                                    torn record shop sticker sB)

184      Dicky Wells    Bugle Call Rag/ Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

                                    Swing 6 E+/EE+ (6 very light ticks from a tiny pressing

                                    bubble  and a partially damaged small shop sticker, sB)

185      Django Reinhardt, Saint-Louis Blues/ Bouncin' Around, Sw 7 EE+/E+

186      Eddie South with Django Reinhardt, Eddie's Blues/ Sweet Georgia

                                    Brown, Swing 8 E/E-E

187      Bill Coleman   Rose Room/ The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down

                                    Swing 9 E+/EE+

188      Dicky Wells    Dicky Wells Blues/ Lady Be Good, Sw 10 E/E+

                                    (long fine scratch sA, not audible)

189      Alix Combelle, Hang Over Blues/ Alexander's Ragtime Band, Sw 11 V+

                                    (label printing a bit weathered)

190      Eddie South and Stéphane Grapelly avec Django Reinhardt et al

                                    Dinah/ Daphne, Swing 12 E+

                                    (small record shop sticker sA; long Reinhardt solo)

191      Bill Coleman   I Ain't Got Nobody/Baby Won't You Please Come Home?

                                    Swing 14 E+ (Django solo sB)

                                    Bill Street Blues/ After You've Gone, Swing 22 E+

192                              Way Down in New Orleans/ Sister Kate, Swing 214 E+

193      Arthur Briggs Scatter Brain/ My Melancholy Baby, Swing 72 E- to E/E

                                    (faint traces of writing, not audible, sB)

194                              Braggin' the Briggs part 1 and 2, Swing 205 E-

                                    (lamination crack s1 not audible)

195      Big Boy Goodie, You and I Babe/ You in My Arms and Sweet Music

                                    Swing 62 EE+/E

196                              Who's Sorry Now/ Louis Bacon, Rhytm is Our Business

                                    Swing 222 EE+ (light label damage sB, small sticker sB,

                                    damaged record shop sticker sB)

197                              Big Boy Boogie/ Dizzy Boogie, Swing 240 E (looks E-)

198                              Blue Drag/ What is This Thing Called Love, Swing 252 E+ (nice record shop sticker)

199      Dicky Wells    Sweet Sue/ Hangin'Around Boudon, Swing 16 E+/EE+

                                    (long Django solo sB)

200                              Japanese Sandman/ Trio de Trompettes, I Got Rhytm

                                    Swing 27 E+ (long Django solo sA)

201                              Dinah!/ Nobody's Blues but My Own, Swing 39 E

                                    (beautiful record shop sticker)

202      Django's Music, Tears/ At the Jimmy's Bar, Swing 79 E-

                                    (record shop sticker top sB)

203                              I can't Give You Anything but Love/ Blues Clair

                                    Swing 254 E+

204      Django Reinhardt, Naguine/ Echoes of Spain, Swing 65 E

                                    ( 3 light ticks from a very small scratch, sB. sA was

                                    recorded at a lower volume)

205      Quintette du Hot Club de France, Minor's Swing/ Viper's Dream

                                    Swing 23 E

206                              Nuages/ Les Yeux Noirs, laminated Pathé PG 532 E+

                                    (after Swing 88; original sleeve)

207                              Oui/ Manoir de Mes Rêves, Swing 158 E-/V+

                                    (white label, lightly damaged sA)

208                              How High the Moon/ Lover Man, Swing 253 E-/E

209                              Mike/ Lady Be Good, Swing 287 E

                                    (record shop sticker on top sB)

210      Oscar Aleman                  Trio, Dear Old Southland/ Just a Little Swing

                                    Swing 213 looks E- (plays better)


But let's not forget: The Caribbean Corner


211      Cuarteto Caney, Cruel Tormento/ Bruca Manigua, Co 5641-X  E

                                    (very fine scratches and lamination cracks, not audible)

212      Los Jardineros, Por Ti Dirota Es

                                    styrene masterpressing of Mx 402568A E+

213                              El Cuatro del Cuarteto

                                    styrene masterpressing of Mx 402588B E+

214                              Mercedes, styrene masterpressing of Mx 402589C E+

215                              Antiquo Seis Boriquen

                                    styrene masterpressing of Mx 402 587 B E+

                                    (the above issued on OK 16392 and OK 16393)

216      Manolo Castro et son Orchestre, Marta/ St-Louis Blues

                                    Disque 'Gramophone' K-6524 E- (looks V+, labels E-)

217      Don Marino Barreto, Tumbando Cana/ Chiu Chiu

                                    La Voix de Son Maître B.D. 5870 E+/E

218      Tomas et ses Merry Boys, Sol de Cuba/ Que Toi, Odeon Fr 163.628 E

                                    (1939; orchestre from Nice. In déco Odeon sleeve E-)

219      Miss Joséphine Baker, Madiana (Mélodie Antillaise)/ Mon Rêve c' etait

                                    vous!, Co DF 711 V+ (in original sleeve with pictures of

                                    Lucienne Boyer and Miss Baker with  their issued records)

220      Carmen Miranda, Quem Canta, Seus Males Espanta!.../ Voce Nao Tem

                                    Pena, Odeon (Brasil) 11341 E

                                    (cheerful 1936 original; a little label damage sA)