Helge Thygesen

Egemosevej 26A

5882 Vejstrup





Auction of Classic Blues

Closing Date Saturday 1st July 2017

Payment can be made by bank transfer, Paypal, and cash. Postage is strictly at cost.

Visual grading with additional comments

You can download a pdf of this listing HERE


Prewar BLUES


001 Bluebird 5077 Walter Davis: Howling Wind Blues/Lonesome Hill Blues E+

002 Bluebird 5128 Bessie Tucker: Key To The Bushes/Bogy Man Blues E

003 Bluebird 5723 Tampa Red: Christmas And New Year's Blues/Witchin' Hour Blues E-

003 Bluebird 5779 Tampa Red: Happy Jack/I'm So Dissapointed In You E+

004 Bluebird 6355 Washboard Sam's Band: You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down/Don't 'Low  E+

005 Bluebird 6388 Tampa Red: I Wonder What's The Matter Blues/She Don't Know My Mind  E+

006 Bluebird 8866 Sonny Boy Williamson: I'm Gonna Catch You Soon/Million Years Blues E/E+

007 Brunswick 7063 Al Miller: I Would If I Could/Somebody's Been Using That Thing E

008 Brunswick 7090 Lovin' Sam From Down In 'Bam (Sam Theard): Doodle It Back/Get Your Mind On It EE-

009 Brunswick 7098 Lovin' Sam From Down In 'Bam (Sam Theard): You Rascal You/The Lover And The Beggar EE- light scuff

010 Brunswick 7105 Al Miller: Thirty First And State/Somebody's Been Using That Thing - Part II  E-

011 Brunswick 7118 Charlie McCoy & Chatman's Mississippi Hot Footers: It Ain't No Good - Part I & II  E-

012 Brunswick 7126 Walter Vincent & Chatman's Mississippi Hot Footers: Your Friends Gonna Use It Too - Part I & II  E tiny press. bubble.  RARE!

013 Brunswick 7131 Lovin' Sam From Down In 'Bam (Sam Theard): Ain't Nobody Got Nothin'/Get It In Front  E

014 Brunswick 7143 Al Miller/Memphis Mose (Tom Dorsey): Give Me A Lil Taste/Billie The Grinder  E- labels faded

015 Columbia 14293 "Billikin" Johnson and Fred Adams: Sun Beam Blues/ Interurban Blues E

016 Columbia 14386 Curley Weaver: Sweet Petunia/No No Blues E lams on B-side, slight warp needs extra weight to track well RARE!

017 Columbia 14393 William McCoy: How Long Baby/Just It E/E-

018 Columbia 14453 William McCoy: Out Of Doors Blues/Central Tracks Blues

E/E- slightly audible bump

019 Columbia 14537 Blind Willie Johnson: The Rain Don't Fall On Me/Trouble Will Soon Be Over E 5 lams on A-side need a little extra weight to track well. Plays with slight rumble.

020 Conqueror 8479 Pinewood Tom: Milk Cow Blues/Black Gal  EE+

021 Conqueror 8498 Joshua White: I Got A Home In That Rock/Paul And Silas Bound In Jail  E-

022 Conqueror 9938 Brownie McGhee (Blind Boy Fuller #2): Death Of Blind Boy Fuller/Key To My Door  E-

023 Decca 7008 The Mississippi Mudder (Joe McCoy): I Got To Have A Little More/Someday I'll Be In The Clay  E-

024 Decca 7012 Mary Johnson: Those Black Men Blues/Peepin' At The Risin'  Sun E-

025 Decca 7066 Flyin' Lindburg (Milton Sparks): I. C. Train Blues/No Good Woman Blues E/V+ to E- RARE!

026 Decca 7091 Springback James (Frank James): Springback Papa/Rusty Can Blues  E- small rim flake B-side. NAP

027 Decca 7142 Verdi Lee & Charley Jordon/Verdi Lee: Get It If You Can/Signifying At You  E

028  Decca 7163 Kokomo Arnold: Milk Cow Blues #4/Down And Out Bl EE-

029 Decca 7347 Kokomo Arnold: Red Beans And Rice/Mean Old Twister  E-

030 Decca 7473 Sleepy John Estes: New Someday Baby/Brownsville Blues E-

031 Decca 7789 Sleepy John Estes: Mailman Blues/Time Is Drawing Near  E

032 Decca 7832 Frankie Black (Scrapper Blackwell): No Good Woman Blues/Alley Sally Blues  E+/E

033  Melotone 7-03-73 Tampa Red: I. C. Moan Blues/The Dirty Dozen No. 2 E

034 Melotone 7-05-79: Jazzbo Tommy & Lowlanders: Blaze Face Cow/You Don't Mean No Good E+ original sleeve RARE!

035  OKeh 8455 Blind Lemon Jefferson: Black Snake Moan/Match Box Bl. E-

036 OKeh 8558 Lonnie Johnson: Playing With The Strings/Stompin' 'Em Along Slow E/E- Guitar solo!

037 OKeh 8748 Edith Johnson Heart Aching Bl./Ain't No More To Be Said E+

038 OKeh 8750 Snitcher Roberts: Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas/Low Moanin' Blues E+ (this is James Stump Johnson)

039 OKeh 8781 Snitcher Roberts: Heart Is Right Blues/Snitcher's Blues E+

(this is James Stump Johnson)

040 OKeh 8805 Sloppy Henry: Say I Do It/Some Sweet Rainy Day E+

041 OKeh 8887 Bo Carter: Pin In Your Cushion/I Love That Thing EE-/E- with potential rim flake click 10 grooves, label damage

042 OKeh 8935 Bo Carter: I Want You To Know/You Dont Love Me No More V+ One of his best!

043 OKeh 05625 Bukka White: Bukka's Jitterbug Swing/Good Gin Blues V+ to E-/EE- Strong playing record!

044 OKeh 05671 Brother George & Sanctified Singers: Jesus Is A Holy Man/No Stranger Now E (this is Blind Boy Fuller)

045 Paramount 12419 "Ma" Rainey: Little Low Mamma Blues/Grievin Hearted Blues E- (with Blind Blake on guitar)

046 Paramount 12717 Blind Joe Taggart: I've Crossed The Separation Line/There's A Hand Writing On The Wall  E-

047 Paramount 12773 Will Ezell: Bucket Of Blood/Playing The Dozen E RARE!

048 Parlophone A7500 Bessie Smith: St. Louis Blues/Reckless Blues E (Australian pressing)

049 Parlophone R2177 Victoria Spivey: How Do You Do It That Way?/Funny Feathers E- (Early UK release from original masters)

050 Perfect 8-02-59 Pinetop Burks: Mountain Jack Blues/Shake The Shack E-/V+ (late Perfect release)

051 Varsity 6056 Cryin' Ellen (Bayless Rose): Black Dog Blues/Original Blues EE+ RARE!

052 Victor 20854 Dixieland Jug Blowers: I Never Did Want You/Only Mother Cares For Me E+

053 Victor 21538 Sugar Underwood: Davis Street Blues/Dew-Drop Alley Stomp E+ (Piano solo. Rare in this condition)

054 Victor 21671 Jim Jackson: I'm Gonna Move To Louisiana  Part 1/I'm Gonna Move To Louisiana  Part 2 E+ (Rare in this condition)

055 Victor Vinyl test BVE 45463-2  Tommy Johnson: Lonesome Home Blues E+ (Unissued)

056 Victor Vinyl test BVE 45430-1 Furry Lewis: Cannon-Ball Blues E+

057 Vocalion 1257 Frankie Half Pint Jaxon: How Can I Get It?/Fan It E

Slight color blemish on both sides NAP

058 Vocalion 1285 Frankie Half Pint Jaxon: Let's Knock A Jug/Can't You Wait? E+

059 Vocalion 1298 "Pinetop" Smith: Jump Steady Blues/Now I Ain't Got Nothin' At All  V+ to E-/E- label tear on B-side

060 Vocalion 1556 Memphis Minnie (Minnie McCoy): I'm Talkin' 'Bout You - No. 2/Bumble Bee - No. 2 V+/E (gold label)

061 Vocalion 03036 Bernice Edwards: Butcher Shop Blues/Bantam Rooster Blues  E

062 Vocalion 03222 Memphis Minnie: Hoodoo Lady/Ice Man EE-

063 Vocalion 05030 Blind Boy Fuller: I Want Some Of Your Pie/Big Leg Women Gets My Pay  EE- label fade both sides, label damage on A-side

Postwar BLUES

101 Aristocrat 413 Nighthawks (Robert Nighthawk): Six Three O/Jackson Town Gal E+

102 Aristocrat 1234 Leroy Foster & Muddy Waters: Locked Out Boogie/Shady Grove Blues  E

103 Chance 1131 James Williamson: Homesick/The Woman I Love  E/E+

104 Elko 821 Big Son Tillis: Rocks In My Pillow/Zetela Blues  E+

105 Gotham 506  Johnny Williams (John Lee Hooker): Wandering Blues/House Rent Boogie  E+

106 J.O.B. 1016 J. B. Lenore: I Want My Baby/I'll Die Tryin' E

107 J.O.B. 1108 Sunnyland Slim: That Woman/Four Day Bounce  E+

108 Meteor 5006 Sunny Blair: Please Send My Baby Back/Gonna Let You Go


109 Ora Nelle 712 Johnny Young: Money Talking Woman/Worried Man Bl. E+

110 Parkway 103 Robert Jenkins and Trio: Steelin' Boogie Pt.1/Steelin' Boogie Pt.2 E+ RARE!

111 Parrot 798 Albert King: Bad Luck Blues/Be On Your Marry Way  E+

112 S.R.C. 104 Harvey Hill Jr.: Boogie Woogie Woman/She Fool Me  E- press marks on both sides, needs extra weight to track well

113 Sun 206 James Cotton: Cotton Crop Blues/Hold Me In Your Arms EE+

114 Vee-Jay 111 Floyd Jones: School Days On My Mind/Hard Times E+

115 Vee-Jay 237 Jimmy Reed: Little Rain/Honey, Where You Going? E+

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