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P=No. of pages, PB=Paper back, NDJ= no dust jacket, Ex-Lib=Ex library book, JBC= Jazz Book Club edition,PS= plastic sleeve over jacket, LF= Large format, PH= photos, Disc.= Discography.


  1 JOE WILLIAMS(EVERY DAY) Leslie Gorse, 208p.Da Capo.PB

  2 BLUES RECORDS 1943-66 Leadbitter/Slaven. 382P Oak.1968

  3 A KIND OF MADNESS(RONNIE SCOTT REMEMBERED)                 55 HOT AIR, COOL MUSIC. Bruce Turner. 248P. 1984. PH.. Disc.

     Rebecca Scott 342P. PB. Disc. NEW.                                                         56 BRUCE TURNER DISCOGRAPHY. Michael Clutten

  4 BILLIE HOLIDAY(WISHING ON THE MOON) Donald                        57 BILLIE HOLIDAY. J. White. 144P. PH. 1987.

      Clarke. 468P. Da Capo.2002PB. PH.                                                         58 SWINGING SHAW. ARTIE SWAW Bio-Disc. Edmund Blandford.

  5 JAZZ (TEACH YOURSELF) John Chilton. 186P. PB 1979                          Castle Books 1973. 230P. .PB.

  6 JAZZ RECORD GUIDE. Rolling Stone. John Swenson.                           59 JAZZ-A CENTURY OF JAZZ. Roy Carr. Many PH. 256P. PB.1997.

     219P. PB.                                                                                                          Showing many L.P. & boxed set cover PH.

  7 JAZZ IT'S EVOLUTION AND ESSENCE. A. Hodier PB.                       60 JAZZ-LEGENDS OF STYLE. K. Shadwick. 352P. LF. PH. 2000.

     Evergreen.1956. Pen writing on flyleaf.                                                     61 JAZZ MILESTONES. Ken Vail.176p.LF. PH. Diary1900-90. 1993.

  8  YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN. D. Baker. JBC 1957. 286P                   62 SATCHMO. G. Giddins. 240P. LF. Hard back. 1988.Many rare PH.

  9 A HISTORY OF JAZZ IN BRITAIN. J .Godbolt. 302P. PB                      63 JAZZ.( Teach yourself ) R.Dale. 192 P. PB. 1998. History and theory.

    1984. A 1919-50 history. Paladin books.                                                     64 HARD BOP. D.Rosenthal. 208P. PB. Oxford. 1993. Selected Disc.          10 MASTERS OF JAZZ. Arnaud /Chesnel. 248P. 1984. PH. PS                   65 ASCENSION. ( JOHN COLTRANE) Eric Nisenson. 278P.      

    Chambers 1991.                                                                                           66 JAZZ.  Rex Harris PB. 224P 1952. complete but tired.

11 JAZZ (AMERICAN THEME SONG)J.L.Collier.326P 1993                     67 TRAD MAD. Clive Brooks. Trad.Jazz in Kent UK.176P PB. 2000.PH. 

12 JAZZ CD GUIDE. M.Gayford1. 144P. PB. Collins.1993                          68  THE IMPERFECT ART. Ted Gioia. 163P. PH. Reflections on Jazz.   

13 JAZZ. R.Goffin.273P Musicians Press 1946 NDJ.                                     69  BEST OF JAZZ. ( Basin St. to Harlem.) Humph Lyttelton.PH..PB.                                       

14 THE REAL JAZZ. H. Panassie. 284PJBC. NDJ.1967                               70  THE MAKING OF JAZZ.James L. Collier. 542P. PB.PH. Some Disc.  

15 COOL, HOT  AND BLUE. C.Boeckman. Ex-Lib.PS. 157P.                      72 EARLY JAZZ. G.Schuller. 401P. PB. PS. Analysis and notation.                            16 THE NEW JAZZ BOOK. J.Berendt 314 P.PB. 1966. 4th Edit                    73ALL THIS AND MANY A DOG.  Jim Godbolt. 217P. PB. PH.

17 THE JAZZ TEXT. C.Nanry. PB. 1979. 276P.                                             74 THE SWING ERA. G. Schuller.. 919P. Analysis and notation.1989

18 DUKE ELLINGTON. J. L.Collier. PB. 1987. PH. As new.                        75 DUKE . Derek Jewell. 192P, PB. PH. PS. 1997.

19 THE JAZZ LIFE. Nat. Hentoff. PB. 1964. 221P.                                        76 WITH BILLIE. Julia Blackburn. 354P.  2005.Various  interviews    

20 DUKE. D. Jewell. 1977. 192P. HB. PS. PH. Disc.                                      77 POPS. Terry Teachout. 475P. 2009. Ex-lib but only 1 small sticker.

21 BLUES PEOPLE. LeRoi Jones. PB. 244P.1968                                          78 BEYOND CATEGORY. (DUKE ELLINGTON) John E. Hasse.

22 JAZZ CLEOPATRA (JO. BAKER)P. Rose.PB. 321P. 1991PH.                        1993. 480 P.  many  PH.. over 100 PH..

23 JAZZMAN (RONNIE SCOTT)J. Fordham. PB. 1995. 198P.                     79 SATCHMO. Louis Armstrong. 1956. 220 PH. PS. 216P. Old/clean.                      

24 ENCYCLOPEDIA  OF JAZZ. L. Feather. 572P. 1962. LF.  Over               80 SLOWING DOWN. George Melly.220P. PB. PS. Ex.Lib. Drawings.

   200 PH. 2000Biographies PS.                                                                        81 A NEW HISTORY OF JAZZ. Alyn Shipton. 965P. PB.2001. 31PH. 

25 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ YEARBOOK 1957. L.Feather. 190p.           82 RECORDED JAZZ. Critical guide. 1957 Harris/Rust.256P. Old but 

     LF.  many PH. Polls etc.                                                                                          complete with some pen ticks.

26 I REMEMBER JAZZ. Al Rose. 257P. .PB. 1987 PH.                                 83 SCOTT JOPLIN Peter Gammond. 1975. 224P. PB. 58PH. Disc.

27 SATCHMO .Louis Armstrong. 191P. PB. 1961. PH. Ex-Lib.                     84 THE  JAZZ SCENE. Francis Newton.1959.PB. 295P.

28 LOUIS ARMSTRONG( A CULTURAL LEGACY) Queens                     85 THE NEW GROVE DICTIONARY OF JAZZ. Ed.Barry Kernfield.  

   museum of arts/ Washington uni. 248P. 1994. PB. LF. Many PH.                          1995P. 1358 P . PS. LF. PH. Bibliog. Disc. Notation.

29 SATCHMO. G. Giddins. 240P. LF. PB. 1988. Many rare PH.                    86 JELLY'S BLUES. Howard Reich/William Gaines.2004. 288P. PB.                             

30 BIRD. Robert Reisner. 256P. PB. LF. 1978. PH. Disc. The Legend.                     34 PH. Compositions. Short Disc.                                                    31 LOUIS ARMSTRONG. J. L. Collier. 383P. PS. PS. 1984. LF.                   87 THE DEFINITIVE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ 

32 LOUIS. Jones/Chilton. 256P. PH.. PS. LF. 1971.                                                   AND  BLUES. ed. Julia Rolf. 2007. 448P.  Glossy LF. Soft cover..

33 LOUIS ARMSTRONG (in his own words)PB. PH. 1999.                                     Early years to contemporary.

34 LOUIS ARMSTRONG COMPANION. J.BerrettPB299P PH.1999.          88 TOMMY DORSEY. Peter Levinson. 2005. 354P. 29PH.                                     35 DUKE (LIFE AND GENIUS) J. E. Hasse. 480P. 100PH.. 1993.                89 LAST CHORUS. Humphrey Lyttelton. 2008. 447P. 51PH. Diary.

36 DUKE ELLINGTON . J.L.Collier. 340P. PH.. 1987. PS.                            90 JAZZ THE GOLDEN ERA. Richard Havers/Richard Evans. Hard

37 SWING,SWING,SWING.(Goodman) Ross Firestone. 522P. PH. 1993.               cover LF with 20 track CD.2009. 192 glossy P. full of PH.

38 BENNY GOODMAN SWING ERA. J.L.Collier.404P. PH. PS. 1989         91 OXFORD COMPANION TO JAZZ. Bill Kirchner.2005. 852P. PB.                                               39 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERIC DOLPHY. R,Horricks. 95P.                    Semi LF. Jazz roots to modern. Bibliography.

    PB.1989. Notation of solo's. Disc. PH.                                                          92 JAZZ New York in the roaring twenties. Robert Nippoldt.2013.                                                                                                    40 MILES DAVIS. I. Carr. 267P.  PB. PH. 1982. Disc.                                              144P 20 track CD. LF. Hard cover NDJ. Drawings not PH.    

41 GOOD MORNING BLUES(COUNT BASIE) A,Murray. 399P.                 93 JAZZ. A  HISTORY OF AMERICAN MUSIC. Ward/Burns. 490P.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

     1985. PH..PS.                                                                                                          Companion to Ken Burns JAZZ TV series. Packed with text and P

 42 MISTER JELLY ROLL. A. LOMAX. JBC. 296P. NDJ.                             94 GOIN' HOME. LIFE AND MUSIC OF KEN COLYER. Pointon/

43 DUKE ELLINGTON IN PERSON. M. Ellington. 1978. 236p..PH. PS                Smith. 368P. 2010. LF. PB.19 track CD. Many PH. Key recordings

44 THE JAZZ BOOK. J. Berendt. 459P. PB. PS. 1979.                                     95 BESSIE SMITH. Albertson/Schuller. 1975. LF. PB. 144P. 32 text                 

45 TREAT  IT GENTLE. S. Bechet. 225P. JBC. 1962. PH. Disc.                               Then 112 P. of words and notation of 30 of her compositions.

46 THE ART OF JAZZ. M. Williams. 284P. Ex-lib. 1980. PS.                          96 THE LITERATURE OF JAZZ. Donald Kennington 1971 Ex-lib. 

47 OH,DIDN'T HE RAMBLE (LEE COLLINS) Mary Collins. 165P, PB.                 142P. PS. Bibliography, film list.

     PH. Disc.                                                                                                         97 THE ESSENTIAL JAZZ RECORDS. Harrison,Fox,Thacker.1984.

48 SCOTT JOPLIN. J. Haskins. 248P. PB. PH.                                                           Ragtime to swing. Lists and reviews. 595P. PB. Some ink ticking.

49 TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS. Life and genius of ART  TATUM        98 MUSIC MASTER JAZZ CATALOGUE. Humphries. 1990. PB.   

      J .Lester. 240P. 1994. PH.                                                                                       PS. 25,000 records listed under artists name with details.

50 CELEBRATING BIRD. G.Giddins. 128P. LF. 1987. Many PH. Disc.           99 SID PHILLIPS CENTENARY. Pope/Nash. Tribute booklet. 59P.

51 ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ. (New edition). B. Case/               PH. And CD list.           

     S,Britt. 224P. LF. 1979. PS. Disc. PH.                                                            100 FINALLY A  GIANT BOOK. 10'' x 14'' X  2.5''

52 PICTORIAL HISTORY OF JAZZ. Keepnews/Grauer. 282P. LF. PH.                     THE JAZZ LIFE. Claxton/Berendt 2005. 555P     

53 CHASIN ' THE  TRANE ( COLTRANE) J.C. Thomas.252P.                                 A tour through US with text and PH. By the authors.

       PH. Disc.                                                                                                                   THE BOOK HAS A SLIDE IN CASE AND IS IN NEW


     414P. 1995. PH. Disc.