Offers to: Bruno92@live.com.ar or to “Beruti 3724 6th floor, (C1425BBZ), Buenos Aires, Argentina”

Bids in US$. Winners only notified. Shipping worldwide costs $50 for up to 4 records. Ask cost for shipping more records. No packing cost!! Payment via bank transfer or Paypal. We don’t grade sleeves but if the record comes with the original one we use “os”.

Auction closes Midnight Sunday 24 March 2019


  1 Vi      38011 CLIFFORD HAYES L.VILLE S. Blue Trombone St…-Clef Club S..  N-      

  2 Vi Ar 38057  NAPOLEON’S EMPERORS  Mean to Me-My Kinda Love dam lbl E/E-

  3 Vi Ar 38055  J.R.MORTON     Red Hot Pepper-Deep Creek  os E/E-

  4 Vi Ar 20252  J.R.MORTON      Sidewalk Blues-Dead Man Blues  sol os N-

  5 Vi Ar 38060  TINY PARHAM  Tiny´s Stomp-Stompin´on Down os  E

  6 Vi      38041  TINY PARHAM  Subway Sobs-Blues Island Blues  N-

  7 Vi      38126  TINY PARHAM  Fat Man Blues-Black Cat Moan     E+

  8 Vi      38009  TINY PARHAM  Jogo Rhythm- Stuttering Blues    N-

  9 Vi Ar 38056   FESS WILLAMS  Friction-Here´Tis os E+

10 Vi Ar 38095   FESS WILLIAMS  Musical Campmeeting-Buttons os N-

11Vi Ar  38106   FESS WILLIAMS  Slide Mr Jelly Slide–Goin´to Get´Cha os N-

12 Vi Ar 38062   FESS WILLIAMS Sell it-Betsy Brown  os E-

13 Vi      38105   IRVING MILLS    At the Prom/J.PETTIS Bugle call Blues   N-

14 Vi      38012  B.MOTEN     Slow Motion-Hot Water Blues  N-

15 Vi Ar 38091  B.MOTEN    Kansas City Squabble-Now Goofy Dust os  N-

16 Vi Ar 38123  B.MOTEN   Loose Like a Goose-It Won´t Be Long os  N-

17 Vi Ar 23037  B.MOTEN   The Candy Man-Rumba Negro os  E-

18 Vi Ar 38146  BUBBER MILEY Chinnin’ and Chattin’ With May-Black Maria os  N-

19 Vi Ar 23016  DUKE ELLINGTON  Hittin´the Bottle/ That Lindy Hop    E

20 Vi Ar 38053  DUKE ELLINGTON  Stevedore Stomp-The Dicty Glide os  N-

21 Vi     38065   DUKE ELLINGTON  Hot Feet-Sloppy Joe   E

22 Vi Ar 38079  DUKE ELLINGTON  Cotton Club Stomp-Arabian Lover os N-

23 Vi Ar 38089  DUKE ELLINGTON  Swanee Shuffles-Mississippi  os N-

24 Vi Ar 38092  DUKE ELLINGTON  Haunted Nights-The Duke Steps Out  E-

25 Vi      38130  DUKE ELLINGTON  I Was Made to Love You-My Gal Is Good ..E

26 Vi      38034  D.ELLINGTON/ KING OLIVER  The Mooche-West End Bl... sol os E-

27 Vi Ar 38134  KING OLIVER   Boogie Woogie-Mule Face Blues       E-

28 Vi Ar 38137  KING OLIVER   Rhythm Club Stomp-Edna os E-

29 Vi Ar 23009  KING OLIVER           Shake it and Break it-Stingaree Blues  E-

30 Vi Ar 38515  CANNON’S JUG STOMPERS  Riley´s  Wagon-Feather Bed os E

31 Vi Ar 38103  THE MISSOURIANS     Vine Street Drag- I´ve Got Someone sol os E

32 Vi Ar 23020  MCK. C. PICKERS   Never Swat a Fly-Laughing at Life  sol os N-

33 Vi Ar 23024  MCK. C. PICKERS   I Miss a Little Miss-After All,You´re.. sol  E/E-

34 Vi      38013  MCK.C. PICKERS It´s Tight Like That-There´s a Rainbo… sol os V++

35 Vi Ar 38052  MCK. C. PICKERS   Beedle Um Bum-Selling That Stuff  sol os E/N-

36 Vi Ar 24942  G.WASHBOARD ST     Sophisticated Lady- My Pretty Girl sol os N-

37 Vi Ar 24059  WASHBOARD R.B./A.BARTHA   Tiger Rag-Hot Biscuits  N-

38 Br 3664   C.WILLIAMS B.5   Baltimore/THE FIVE HARMANIACS-Carolina… os N-

39 Br x-2540  J.ROBECHAUX   Stormy Weather-Lazybones  N-

40 Br 6368   DON REDMAN      Hot and Anxious-If it’s True  N-

41 Br 6885   E.WATERS   You´ve Seen Harlem at Its Best-Come Up and…    N-

42 Br 6317   DUKE ELLINGTON  Moon Over Dixie-Baby When You Ain´t There   E

43 Col Blue 2963   MILL’S BLUE R.B.     Out of a Dream-Let´s Have a Jubilee   E

44 Col Blue 2742 LOUISIANA FIVE Yelping Hound Blues-Just Another Good.. sol E

45 Ed   50569  LOUISIANA FIVE  Foot Warmer/BETSY LANE SHEPHERD-I´ll re… E

46 Gnt  5105   NEW ORLEANS R.KIMGS   That´s a Plenty-TIN Roof Blues   sol  E-

47 OK 40979  F.TRUMBAUER w/BIX   Mississippi Mud-There´ll Come a Time   E-/N--

48 OK 41468  H.M.MASTER (DUKE)-Ring Dem Bells/L.AMSTRONG-Body and .. E-

49 OK  8064  SARA MARTIN  Laughin´Cryin’ Blues-Sweet Baby, Good Bye!   E

50 OK  8349  RICHARD M. JONES    Kin to Kant Blues-Mush mouth Blues   V

51 Solo Art 12003   LOFTON  p.solo  Streamline Train-Had a Dream    E

52 Solo Art 12008  JIM YANCEY   p.solo The Fives-Jimmy´s Stuff      E+

53 Solo Art 12009  C. LOFTON      I don´t Know-Pine Top´s Boogie Woogie E

54 MW 1140  LEROY SMITH  St.Louis Blues/C.DORNBERGER-Tiger.. very rare  V

55 QRS 7053 THE JUBILEE G.TEAM I´m Termined To Pray Right on-God Giveth.. E-     

56 Re  9680  F.HENDERSON  Charley, My Boy/MISSOURI J.BAND-Doodle-D..   E

57 Clef 89005 BILLIE HOLIDAY  Solitude-East of the Sun os  N-

58 MGM 295  ZIGGY ELMAN Cheek  to Cheek-Me and my Shadow sol V-

59 MGM 237  E.HINES Keyboard Kapers-Sweet Honey Babe E+

60 Cres 1 KID ORY  South-Creole Song  V

61 Cres 2 KID ORY  Blues for Jimmy-Get out of Here   V+

62 Cres 3 KID ORY  Maryland-Oh Didn´t He Ramble E-

63 Cres 4 KID ORY  1919-Down Home Rag  E+

64 Cres 5 KID ORY  Careless Love-Do What Ory Say   V/V+

65 Cres 6 KID ORY  Ory´s Creole Trombone-Orig.Dixieland One-Step  V+

66 Co E 626 WASHBOARD R. B. A Ghost of a Chance-Midnight Rhythm sol  V

67 Co Ar  291317 TEDDY WILSON w/BILLY  Easy Liv..-What a Little Moonlight  N-

68 Co Ar  291306 TEDDY WILSON w/BILLY  Foolin´Myself-If You where Mine  N-

69 KEY 602 GEORGE HARTMAN   Muskrat Ramble-Diga, Diga Doo   E

70 KEY 601 GEORGE HARTMAN   Tin Roof Blues -Jazz Me Blues E

71 Exc. 165 GLADYS BENTLEY Red Beans & Rice Blues-Find Out What He…sol V

72 De  23021  GRAPPELLY w/DJANGO I´ve Found a New Baby-Limehouse Blues  E

73 De  23032  GRAPPELLY w/DJANGO St.Louis Blues-It don´t Mean a Thing  E

74 De E  5943 GRAPPELLY w/DJANGO I´ve Found a New Baby-It Was so… sol  E

75 De E 5831  GRAPPELLY w/DJANGO Moon glow-It Don´t Mean a Thing    sol E

76 De E 6077  GRAPPELLY w/DJANGO       Djangology-Avalon sol     V+

77 De E  5824 GRAPPELLY w/DJANGO  St.Louis Blues-China Boy     sol N-

78 De F  9207  FUD CANDRIX  The Girl I Love-Flamingo os V+

79 De E  3229  FRED ELIZALDE Nobody’s Sweetheart-Allah’s Holiday   N-

80 De E  2844  SPIKE HUGHES  Six Bells Stampede-Sirocco sol    N-

81 De E  2711  SPIKE HUGHES A Harlem Symphony-I-II  sol   N-

82 De E  2259  SPIKE HUGHES Moon Love-Some of These Days    N-

83 De E  3717  SPIKE HUGHES Donegal Cradle Song-Firebird  E

84 De E  3089  SPIKE HUGHES Buddy´s Wednesday Outing-Long Night Sca… sol N-

85 De E  3004  SPIKE HUGHES Limehouse Blues-Elegy  N-

86 De E  7039  DANNY POLO w/G.WILSON You Made Me Love You-Montma.. sol N-

87 De E  6899  5° HOT C.FRANCE Swing From Paris-Them There Eyes sol E

88 De 7097  G.WASHBOARD ST. The Lady in Red-Chasing Shadows  sol E

89 De 7459  ROSETTA HOWARD w/HAMFATS Stay on It- How Long Baby  E-

90 De 555  F. HENDERSON                  Liza-Hotter Than´Ell  E

91 De 342  F.HENDERSON    Wild Party-Rug Cutter´s Swing  E

92 De 388 NEW ORLEANS R.KINGS Dust Off That Old Pianna-Since we.. sol N-

93 De 640 CHICK WEBB       I May Be Wrong-I´ll Chase The Blues Away  E-

94 De 173 CHICK WEBB       Rhythm Man-Lona  N-

95 Master 117 DUKE ELLINGTON  It’s Swell of You-There’s a Lull in My Life  sol N

 96 Master 102 DUKE ELLINGTON  Sophisticated Lady And I...-Mood Indigo… sol  N-

 97 Master 114 A.ROLLINI        Slap That Bass-Let´s Call The Whole Thing Off    E-/E

 98 Master 126 IRVING MILLS  Merry Widow on a S…-Dear Dear What Can T…os N-                                                                               

 99 Od  Ar  284465  ART TATUM Anything For You-Boots And Saddle os N-

100 Od Ar 284450 E.FITZGERALD Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen -It´s Wonderful sol V-

101 Od Ar 284650 C.BASIE. London Bridge is Falling Down-Texas Suffle os E++

102 Od Ar 284519 C.BASIE. Dark Rapture-Jumpin´ at the Woodside  os E/V+

103 Od Ar 284464 DJANGO REINHARDT and E.GRAPPELLY If I Had you-Tornerai  sol os N-

104 Od Ar   194156 L.AMSTRONG I Got Rhythm-Star Dust os E++ 

105 Od Ar   284499 L.AMSTRONG Mexican Swing-Save It Pretty Mama os V+

106 Od Ar   284476 BOB CROSBY w/Orch. Tea for Two-Royal Garden Blues  os V+

107 Od Ar   284493 BOB CROSBY´S BOB CATS Hindustan-Mournin´Blues   os E+

108 Od Ar   284787 J.DORSEY Minnie de Trinidad-Maria Elena  V/E-

109 Od Ar   194494 WASHBOARD SERENADERS Black Eyes-The Sheik.. ef nap N-

110 Od Ar   193332 IRVING KAUFMANN Broadway Melody-You Were Meant... os E+

111 Od Ar   193333 DORSEY BROTHERS   Breakaway-Evening Star   os E

112 Od Ar   193478 CAROLINA C.OR I´ve Got to Have You- He´s so Unusual   os  V+

113 Od Ar   193375 CAROLINA C.OR. Do Something-Am I A Passing Fancy  os V

114 Od Ar   193365 SEGER ELLIS Hollywood Revue 1929 I-II  fade ef 3 grooves V-

115 Od Ar   193394 ED KIRKEBY     Waiting at The..-The One in The World sol os V

116 Od Ar   193335 S. BALLEW HITTIN    The Ceiling-Spossin   os V-

117 Od Ar   193364 SMITH BALLEW   Evangeline/S. ELLIS-Coquette  os E+

118 Od Ar   193391 SMITH BALLEW Painting The Clouds…-Tip Toe Through... os V+

119 Od Ar   193658 SMITH BALLEW  Sing You Sinners-In My Little Hope Chest os E-

120 Od Ar   193470 CARL WEBSTER  Puttin´on The Ritz-With You  os eb nap V+

121 Od Ar   193236 F.TRUMBAUER Bless You! Sister- Dusky Stevedore E/E-

122 Od Ar   193050 F.TRUMBAUER w/BIX  I’m Coming Virginia-Why Down... os E

123 Od Ar   193090 F.TRUMBAUER w/BIX  Blue River-Three Blind Mice     E-

124 Od Ar   193101 F.TRUMBAUER w/BIX There´s a Cradl…- Crazy Cat dam lbl os E

125 Od Ar   193426 F.TRUMB. w/BIX Turn on The Heat-Sunnyside Up os E-

126 BB 10087 MEZZ MEZROW   If You See Me Comin’-Royal Garden b.  V

127 BB 10088 MEZZ MEZROW   Revolutionary Blues- Getting’ Together   V

128 BB 10254 J.R.MORTON Cannon Ball blues- Grandpa’s Spells        dam lbl V+

129 BB 10264 F.WALLER  Sweet Savannah…-Waitin’ At The End of The Road   V+

130 Co Ar 291247  T.WILLSON Sweet Loreine-But not For me os N-

131 Co Ar 291228  T.WILLSON w/BILLIE Liza- Mean to me os  N-

                                                 EUROPEAN JAZZ

132 El.Sp.  4012 NEW HOT PLAYERS Diga Diga Doo- I Found a New Baby  os  E+

133 El.Sp.  4014 NEW HOT PLAYERS St.James Infirmery-I Can´t Make..  os  E+/E-

134 El.Sp.  4031 RAY VENTURA          China Boy-Nagasaky  os  N-

135 El.Sp.  4062 TEDDY STAUFFER    Margritllied-Das Traumschiet   E

136 El.Sp.  4193 EDDIE BRUNNER Eddie Stomp-Boogie Woogie In C-Major os   E

137 El.Sp.  4192 E.HOLLERHAGEN  Melancholy Baby-In a Little Spanish T.. os  E-

138 El.Sp.  4075 ORIGINAL TEDDIES   Moni Stomp-Lucky Day  os  N-

139 El.Sp.  4149 PHILLIPPE BRUN       Blue Party-I-II  os   V

140 El.Sp.  4081 WILLIE LEWIS            Blue Skyes-Maggie eb nap. os  E+

141 El.Sp.  4079 W.LEWIS NEGRO BAND Ol´Man River-Christopher Colu... eb os  N-

142 El.Sp.  4071 W.LEWIS NEGRO BAND I ain´t Got Nobody-Bacon’s Blues os  N-

143 El.Sp.  4068 W.LEWIS NEGRO BAND Baby Ain´t You Satisfied-Ti-Pi-Tin os  N-

144 El.Sp.  4078 W.LEWIS NEGRO BAND I´ve Found a New Baby-Christm... os N-

145 El.Sp.  4067 W.LEWIS NEGRO BAND Happy Feet-What Will I Do  E/E-

                                              ARGENTINIAN JAZZ

146 Vi Ar 68-0110  VIERI FIDANZINI ORCH.  Saint Louis Blues-Frenesi   bolero  V+

147 Vi Ar 60-1961  SANTA ANITA ORCH. Copapada-La cancion de la Buena Sue.. sol hot dam pw side B  V

148 Vi Ar 60-1137 SANTA ANITA         Buscandote (bolero)- Sing,Sing,Sing  V

149 Vi Ar 60-1194  SANTA ANITA         Alegrate-Diablo y Rumbero  V

150 Vi Ar 63-0129  JAZZ CASINO         Tiger rag-Mama Eu Quero       samba  E

151 Vi Ar 63-0233  JAZZ CASINO         Ojos Negros-Que Tiene Maria sol  E-         

152 Vi Ar 60-2028  CASTRITO ORCH.  Bugle Call Rag-Puede Ser   bolero  E 

153 Vi Ar 60-0722  RENE COSPITO  & RHYTHM  Pobre mariposa…- Bassie Boogie Woogie  sol E

154 Vi Ar 60-0934  HAWAIIAN SERENADERS       Chico Chico-En Acapulco  V

155 Vi Ar 60-0548 HECTOR BIG ORCH. Yo Fui ..- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy sol V/V+

156 Vi Ar 60-0570 HECTOR BIG ORCH. A Journey to a Star-Minnie  sol fade os V   

157 Vi Ar  39517   HAMILTON-VARELA      Margie-Lady Be Good  V

158 Vi Ar  37414   DON DEAN                      Yo-Bailando en el Alvear  sol E-

159 Od Ar 22018  BARRY MORAL   El Boogie de los Ese Besito-Chinitos sol  V

160 Od Ar 22019  BARRY MORAL   Pesadilla-Juguemos de Nuevo  sol V+

161 Od Ar 22022  BARRY MORAL   Divito Boogie-Muy Bien  sol dig nap side b V

162 Od Ar 22026  BARRY MORAL Adios Mariquita Linda-El Boogie de los Patitos  sol dam lbl V+

163 Od Ar 22030  BARRY MORAL   Te Para Dos-Momo Boogie  sol V

164 Od Ar 22410  SANTA PAULA SEREN.   Cinco minutos Mas-Fiesta Para .. V

165 Od Ar 22401  SANTA PAULA SEREN.   El Boogie del Banco Rojo-Cuantos eb 3 grooves..V-/V

166 Od Ar 45663  SANTA PAULA SEREN. Este Chanchito Fue al..- Nuevo Ritmo  E-

167 Od Ar 45667  SANTA PAULA SEREN.   Dinah-Nunca Tuve una Oport… sol os E-

168 Od Ar 45700 THE RHYTHM TRIO (D.V.-K.H.-F.R.) Confessin’-Whispering  sol os E- very rare

169 Od Ar 42103  THE DIXIELANDERS South Rampart Str..- After You´ve Gone os V

170 Od Ar 45811  RAY VENTURA  Danse Macabre-Bolero  sol os V

171 Od Ar 45821  RAY VENTURA  Tico Tico No Fuba-Jalousie  V+

172 Od Ar 45702 ISMAEL PAZ w/FIETTA After You´ve Gone-R.SANCHEZ REINOSO Y SUS S.P SERENADERS Three Little Words N-

173 Od Ar 45701 H.L.FIETTA The Sheik-SAM REZNICK Sophisticated Lady N--

174 Nacional 8001  E.YRIBARREN Chloe-Sapho  sol os V/V-

175 Nacional 8185  E.YRIBARREN Yo Quiero de Eso-Dallas Stomp eb nap sol os V

176 Nacional 8258  R.AVILÉS J.B.    Dinah-Zarina  sol os V/V+

177 Nacional 8100  YRIBARREN J.B. Valencia-Milenberg Joys  sol os  V

178 Music Hall 15427 E.VILLEGAS Y SU RITMO Organ Grinder…-That´s.. os very rare N-