Offers to: Bruno92@live.com.ar or to “Beruti 3724 6th floor, (C1425BBZ), Buenos Aires, Argentina”

Bids in US$. Winners only notified. Shipping worldwide costs $50 for up to 4 records. Ask cost for shipping more records. No packing cost!! Payment via bank transfer or Paypal. We don’t grade sleeves but if the record comes with the original one we use “os”.

Auction closes Midnight Sunday 21 July 2019


 1 Hg 879    GOLDEN GATE I’ve Got a Cross Eyed Papa-You can´t make... very rare  V+

2 Per 14309 GOLDEN GATE Ramblin’ Blues/P.LODGE-Follow the Swall.. sol bw E to E-

3 Pa 36001  GOLDEN GATE You Darling You-Mama Loves Papa.. ef s1 2 grooves ap E

4 Radiex 1197 GOLDEN GATE ORCH California, Here I Come-Steppin’ out very rare E-

5 Ca 287     LUCILLE HEGAMIN Papa, Papa-He May Be Your Man  ltl dam lbl E-

6 Muse 270 LUCILLE HEGAMIN Beale St. Mama-Aggrava.. ltl dam lbl side1 very rare  E

7 Har 5H “SOUTHERN SERENADERS” F.H w/Louis Alone at Last/M.D.O. Are… rare  E

8 Har 206H BLUE GRASS FOOT WARMERS (C.W.) Señorita Mine tk4-How Coul..tk3 E-

9 Har 176H  BROADWAY B.HOPS To-Night´s my Night With Baby-Hi Ho the Merrio...E--

10 Har 253  BROADWAY B.HOPS Don´t be Angry with me-Who Could Be More.. N-/E

11 V.T 1245 UNIVERSITY SIX (C.R.) St.Louis Hop/ORIG. I.5 I’d Leave Ten Men V to V+

12 Har 92       DIXIE STOMPERS (F.H.) Panama-Chinese Blues E-

13 Har 121H  DIXIE STOMPERS (F.H.) I Found a New Baby/B.B.HOPS Wimmin A.. lam s1 wol V+

14 Har 209 DIXIE STOMPERS Dynamite/ UNIVERSITY SIX Ace in the Hole run on lbl V+

15 Har 283 DIXIE STOMPERS Alabama Stomp/WMCA BROADCASTERS All Alone Monday  sol E+

16 Har 353 DIXIE STOMPERS (F.H) Snag It-Ain’t She Sweet?   V/V+

17 Ct 121   CLEARTONE J.B. Weary Blues-Wang Wang Blues      rare lbl    E- to V+

18 Co Flag 30 THE GEORGIANS Shake your Feet-Old Fashioned Love ef s2 pass  V

19 Co Flag 49 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS  Linger Awhile-Rememb’ring  os   V

20 Co 638  CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS The Girl Friend-No Foolin’ run on lbl ef. s2 nap  E-

21 Vo 14436    CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS I Wish I could Shimmie Like My Sister Kate..-Lonesome Mamma Blues..bw N-/E

22 Co Flag 217 LITTLE RAMBLERS Deep Blue Sea Blues-I’m Satisfied.. wol sol os E-/E

23 Co Flag 3888 BESSIE SMITH w/CW Baby Won’t You Please...-Oh Daddy Blues os E-

24 Co Flag 14020 BESSIE SMITH Sorrowful Blues-Rocking Chair Blues   V

25 Co Flag 14041 CLARA SMITH Freight Train Blues-Done Sold My Soul t.. ltl dam lbl V+

26 Vo 14952 TENNESSEE TOOTERS Prince of Wails-I ain’t Got Nobo.. ltl dam lbl bw  E-

27 Co Flag 126 F.HENDERSON Somebody Stole my Gal-My Papa Doesn’t tw... E-- to V+

28 Co Flag 164 F.HENDERSON Muscle Shoals Blues-Houston Blues   V+/E-

29 Silv. 1298  F.HENDERSON My Rose Marie/LANIN’S ARCADIANS Some ot... rare E-

30 Imp. 1329 F.HENDERSON Hard Hearted Hannah/6 BLACK DIAMONDS Who is the Meanest Girl in all the Town. Josephine?.. sol ec nap V+ to V

31 Ba 1384  F.HENDERSON I Can’t Get the One I../MISSOURY J.B.-Doo.. dam lbl E-/V+

32 Co 2565  F.HENDERSON It´s the Darndest Thing-Singing the blues semi erased lbl E-

33 Br 3026   F.HENDERSON Let me Introduce you to my rosie-I Wan’t to See…  E to E-

34 Re 9684  F.HENDERSON  Where the Dreamy Wabash.../LANIN Maytime ltl ec nap  E

35 Per 14264 F.HENDERSON After the Storm/CASINO D.O.Turkestana ltl ec nap bw E-

36 Co 14392  F.HENDERSON Come on Baby!-Easy Money dam lbl ef nap  V+

37 Vi 25334   F.HENDERSON Where There’s You th...-Do You or Don’t You Love me N-

38 Vi 25375   F.HENDERSON  Sing, Sing, Sing-Shoe Shine Boy sol E

39 Vi  20960   JACKSONVILLE HARMONY TRIO Jacksonville Blues-Them Piano Blues mid dam lbl rare V to V-

40 Ro 371 NEW ORLEANS FIVE (OI5) Some of These Days-The Memphis Blues fade V

41 Co 909   CHARLESTON CHASERS Davenport Blues-Wabash Blues  ltl dam lbl E++

42 Co 1925 CHARLESTON CHASERS Lovable and Sweet-Red Hair and Frechles.. V+

43 Co 1123 DON VOORHEES w/R.N. Baby’s Blue/RADIOLITES The Calin.. ltl dam lbl E

44 Co 1284 DON WOORHEES Ol’Man River-Can´t Help Lovin’That Man sol os E++

45 Co 3579  JOHNNY DUNN’S O. JAZZ HOUNDS Moanful Blues-Put and Take    V+

46 Ca 1149  BROADWAY B. St.Louis Blues/AL FRIEDMAN Somebody Else   V+/E-

47 Re 8230  CORONA D.O. It ain’t gonna rain no mo’- You Know Me Alabam N--

48 Re 9753  MISSOURI J.B Where’s My Sweetie Hiding/F.HENDERSON w/L.A.  One of These Days   E-

49 Or 1544  TED WHITE (WOOPEE MAKERS) Tiger Rag-Shirt Tail Stomp  V+

50 Clover 1639 CALIFORNIA M. SYNCOP.Roll ‘Em ../COVER D.O.My S..very rare ec nap dig nap E

51 Mad. 1649 SOUTHERN D.O. Louise /COTTON PICKERS Just Blues V+

52 Br 2766      COTTON PICKERS Prince of Wails-Jimtown Blues ltl fade  V+

53 Black Swan 2021 ETHEL WATERS There’ll be Some C..-One M.. ltl dam lbl v. rare V+

54 Black Swan 2034 HENDERSON D.O. Aunt Hagar..-Shake it and... ec nap very rare V

55 Black Swan 2039 TRIXIE SMITH Desperate Blues-Trixies Blues very rare  V

56 Vo 2563 C. WILLIAMS The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole-She’s just a little bit.. V

57 Vo 2616 C. WILLIAMS Swaller Tail Coat-Look There, Ain´t she...ltl dam lbl side A os E

58 Vi Ar 38063 C. WILLIAMS Lazy Mama-In Our Cottage of Love os N--

59 BB 11368    C. WILLIAMS BLUE 5 Uncle Sammy…-Triller Blues ´´The Last´´ E++

60 OK 4427 MAMIE SMITH Mamma Whip! Mamma Spank! -I’m Free, Single, Disen... N-

61 OK Truetone 8349    R. M.JONES  Kint to Kant Blues-Mushmouth Blues  fade  V

62 Br 2766  COTTON PICKERS Prince of Wails-Jimtown Blues ltl fade  V+

63 Br 3332  THE WOLVERINES Crazy Quilt-You’re Burnin’ Me Up  E+/E

64 Br 3373 SAVANNAH SYNCOP. (K.O.) Someday Sweetheart-Wa Wa Wa ec nap  N--

65 Br 4014 HOTSY TOTSY GANG Doin’ Then New Low-Down-Digga Digga Doo sol V++

66 Br X15892  D.WILLIAMS(REDMAN) Sophisticated Lady-Smoke Rings wol  E-/E+

67 De 625       JOE VENUTI Mystery-Tap Room Blues     os  N-

68 Mel 12839  JOE VENUTI  No More Love-Build a Little Home   E

69 Mel 12882  JOE VENUTI  One Minute to One-You Have Taken my Heart   E

70 Mel 12886  JOE VENUTI  Cinderella’s Fella-Alice in Wonderland ec nap sol  E-

71 Vi 23021    JOE VENUTI  Really Blue-The Wild Dog   N-

72 Mel 12790  ADRIAN ROLLINI   Beloved-I’ll be Faithful   E-

73 Vi 19255  PIRON’S N.O. ORCH. Do Doodle Oom-West Indies... ec nap ltl dam lbl V+

74 Vi 20955  BENNY MOTEN Moten Stomp/CLIFFORD HAYES Blue Guitar Sto.. sol  N-

75 Vi Ar 38021  B.MOTEN South-She’s no Trouble   E

76 Br 4013        B.GOODMAN’S BOYS  Room 1411-Jungle Blues    pw   V

77 Pe 16002  THE MODERNISTS-(B.GOODMAN) Solitude-I’m Getting Sentimental...  V

78 De 18122  MARY LOU WILLAMS K.C.7 Baby Dear-Harmony Blues   E+

79 Vi  21184     BEN POLLAK  Waitin’ for Katie-Memphis Blues   ec nap  sol   E-

80 Vi 21944      BEN POLLAK My Kinda Love-On With the Dance! E

81 Vi Ar 38523 CANNON’S JUG STOMPERS Viola Lee Blues-Heart Breakin’ Blues E

82 Br race series 7071 JABBO SMITH Ace of Rhythms-Take me to the River ltl dam lbl tiny ec os Visually E sounds E+

83 Br 4701     RED NICHOLS  Sometimes I’m Happy- Hallelujah wol    E-

84 Br 6824     RED NICHOLS  Roses of Picardy-Allah’s Holiday  os N-

85 Vi  21056  RED NICHOLS  Make my Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows-Sugar E

86 Vi  21560  RED NICHOLS  Five Pennies-Harlem Twist scarce E-/V+

87 Br 7543 TEDDY WILSON Every Now and Then- It Never Dawned on... p.solo   N-/E+

88 Br 7563 TEDDY WILSON  Rosetta-Liza p. solo ltl dam lbl scarce  V+ 

89 Br 7572 TEDDY WILSON  On Treasure Island-I Found a Dream  p.solo wol  N-

90 Br 7577 TEDDY WILSON  w/BILLIE These ’n’ That ‘n’ Those-Sugar Plum   E-/V

91 Br 7702 TEDDY WILSON  w/BILLIE Guess Who/I’ts Like Reaching for the moon..  eb s1 3 sources ap  E-

92 Br 7640 TEDDY WILSON  w/ELLA All my Life-Christopher Columbus   V+

93 Br 7699 TEDDY WILSON  w/BILLIE These Foolish Things-Why do I Lie To...  V+ to V

94 Br 7768 TEDDY WILSON  w/BILLIE Who Loves You?-With Thee I Swing   V

95 Br 7867 TEDDY WILSON  w/BILLIE How Could You?-Carelessly   E/V

96 Br 7964 TEDDY WILSON  Honeysuckle Rose-Ain’t Misbehavin’   N-

97 Br 8319 TEDDY WILSON  w/BILLIE Sugar-More than you Know sol  E

98 Br 8336 TEDDY WILSON  w/BILLIE What a Little Moonlight..-I Wished on the m..  N-

99 Paramount 12080 MA RAINEY w/L.AUSTIN  Bo Weavil Blues-Last Minute Blues E+

100 Paramount 12251 IDA COX  Mississippi River Blues-Graveyard Bound Blues V

101 Per 14276 ORIGINAL MEMPHIS 5 Oh Baby-I Never Care ’bout To-Morrow… bw E-

102 Per 15126 WHOOPEE MAKERS St Louis Blues-Bugle Call Rag N-

103 Ch 15505 D.BEESON That Certain party/SEVEN CHAMPIONS(BL7) Then I´ll be Happy ltl dam lbl s1 E-

104 Per 15873 CAB CALLOWAY Kickin’ the Gong Around-You Gotta Ho-De-Ho  sol E-/E

105 Vi  24451   C.CALLOWAY Lady with the Fan-Father’s Got his Glasses on   E-

106 Vi  20425   G.OLSEN Sam, the Old Accordion Man/BEN POLLACK He’s the Last  World visually E sounds E++

107 Vi Ar 20252   J.R.MORTON  Sidewalk Blues-Dead Man Blues  tk1    rare os N-

108 Vi  21064      J.R.MORTON  Wolverine Blues-Mr Jelly Lord  pw E--

109 Vi 38024       J.R.MORTON Georgia Swing-Mournful Serenade   N-

110 Vi Ar 38055  J.R.MORTON Red Hot Pepper-Deep Creek  sol  E-

111 Vi Ar 20293 FIVE HARMANIACS Sadie Green Vamp...-Coney Island Washboard   N-

112 Vi Ar 22092 F.WALLER Love me or Leave me-I’ve Got a Feelin.. ltl dam lbl ec nap  V

113 Vi  22371      F.WALLER  St. Louis Blues-After You’ve Gone   N-

114 Vi 23331       F.WALLER Sugar-I Ain’t Got Nobody N--/E++

115 Vi 25388       F.WALLER   Numb Fumblin’-Smashing Thirds   E

116 Vi  20751  PAUL WHITEMAN  Just Once Again-I’m Coming Virginia N-

117 Vi  21346  LOUISIANA SUGAR BABES  Persian Rug-Thou Swell sol  os N-

118 Vi  21348  LOUISIANA SUGAR BABES  Willlow Tree-Sippi  ltl dam lbl V+

119 Vi  21730     MC K. C. PICKERS  Cherry-Some Sweet Day  ec nap    pw   E-

120 Vi  22511     MC K.C.PICKERS  Hullabaloo-Baby Won’t you Please Come Ho.. os E-

121 Vi Ar 23000 MC K.C.PICKERS Okay, Baby-I Want a little girl ltl dam lbl os V+

122 Vi Ar 23024 MC K.C.PICKERS I Miss a Little Miss-After all you’re all I’m Af.. sol E/E-

123 Vi Ar 22298 KING OLIVER St.James Infirmary-When You’re Smiling os E++

124 Vi Ar 22306 LEO REISMAN w/BUBBER Puttin on the Ritz/N.SHILKRET Singi…ltl dam lbl side2 looks like E sounds like N-

125 Vi Ar 22398  LEO REISMAN w/BUBBER I Like to do Things for you-Happy Feet  E-

126 Vi Ar 23005  F.WILLIAMS Ida Sweet as Apple Cider-Dinah sol os E

127 Vi Ar 24059  WASHBOARD R. B. Tiger Rag/A.BARTHA Hot Biscuits    sol   V/E-

128 Vi Ar 24232  L.ARMSTRONG  Mahogany Hall Stomp-High Society  fade E-

129 Vi Ar 24233  L.ARMSTRONG I Gotta Right to Sing the Bl..-Hustlin’ and Bustlin’ f…  E

130 Vi 24501 D.ELLINGTON  Daybreak Express-Dear Old Southland   N-/N--

131 Vi 24521 D.ELLINGTON  Stompy Jones-Blue Feeling   E+

132 Vi 38008 D.ELLINGTON Diga Diga Do-I Can’t Give You A.. sol ltl run on lbl s1 E-/V+

133 Vi 38092 D.ELLINGTON Haunted Nights-The Duke Steps Out E/E-

134 Vi Ar 38053 D.ELLINGTON Stevedore Stomp-The Dicty Glide sol V/E-

135 Vi Ar 38096 EARL HINES  Grand Piano Blues-Blue Nights  os E+

136 Vi Ar 24942 GEORGIA WASH. STOMPERS Sophisticated Lady-My Pretty Girl  V+

137 Blue Star 50 DJANGO & QHCF Insensiblement-Brazil sol ltl dam lbl E

138 Blue Star 55 DJANGO QHCF Gipsy With a Song I & II sol E

139 Blue Star 58 H.C.FRANCE Old Time Blues-Good Time Blues E to E+

140 Blue Star 59 DJANGO REINHARDT Peche a la Mouche-Minor Blues E-

141 Vi Ar 68-0059 QHC FRANCE w/DJANGO Sweet Chorus-Runnin’ Wild E


                                              ARGENTINIAN JAZZ

142 Co Ar 20723 E. HALL w/Argentine Music. Sweet Georgia Brown-´s Wonderf.. sol E-

143 Co Ar 20726 E. HALL w/Argentine Music. You Made me Love You-Sting on.. wol E

144 Od Ar 55298 OSCAR ALEMAN  Vieni Sul Mar-Pe de Manacá (Baiao)    wol   E/V

145 Od Ar 55511 OSCAR ALEMAN  Daphne-Hombre Mio wol E++

146 Od Ar 55888 OSCAR ALEMAN You Belong to Me-Tonterias     scarce  wol  E--/E

147 Od Ar 22302 OSCAR ALEMAN Tea for Two-Swingin’ on a Star (Quintet) wol sol E-

148 Od Ar 45959 OSCAR ALEMAN Limehouse Blues-I never Knew sol V+

149 Od Ar 45973 OSCAR ALEMAN Scartunas-Eu Vi Um Leao sol E

150 Od Ar 45984 OSCAR ALEMAN You Made me Love..-Cross R..(Quintet) wol sol V+/V

151  TK   5050  ALL STARS ARGENTINOS  Night and Day-Continental  wol      V+

152 Nac 4033 FRANCISCO CANARO Say it Wilt a Ukulele-Asi m.. (Tango) sol ec nap V+

153 Nac 4135 FRANCISCO CANARO Kentucky-Trago Amargo (Tango) sol E--/ V+

154 Nac 4177 FRANCISCO CANARO I’m Sitting on of the..-Que Tie..(tango) ef nap sol V

155 Nac 4271 FRANCISCO CANARO Bye Bye Blackbird-La Cieguita (Tango) sol  V

156 Co Ar  2991-X CARLOS COBIAN Caminado por Florida-Francesita sol V+

157 Od Ar 52447    DIXIE HOT JAZZ  Dulcemente-Eso Es Amor sol  E-

158 Od Ar 42103 THE DIXIELANDERS  After You’ve Gone-South Rampart Sweet.. sol E-

159 Vi Ar 1A-2037 GEORGIANS JAZZ BAND Georgia Swing-1919 March   V+

160 Vi Ar 1A-1741 GEORGIANS JAZZ BAND Wolverine Blues-Limehouse Blues sol E

161 TK   5234        GUARDIA VIEJA JAZZ BAND 12th Street Rag-That’s a Plenty   E

162 Co Ar 20403 THE KRAZY KATS Lambeth Walk-Je Ne Suis Pas Milliona.. sol wol  E--

163 Nac 9360  ORQUESTA PLAZA HOTEL Chin Chin-American Club fade sol v. rare V+

164 Od Ar 45733 R.S.R. & Sta.P.SERENADERS Ten Pretty Girls-Lambeth Walk sol   E-

165 Od Ar 45656 R.S.R. & Sta.P.SERENADERS Quien le Tiene Miedo al Lobo Grande y Malo-Hacemos Parvas Mientras Brilla el Sol scarce V+

166 Od Ar 22401 R.S.R. & Sta.P.SERENADERS Red Bank Boogie-Ho..ef s1 nap sol V+

167 Od Ar 45682 R.S.R. & Sta.P.SERENADERS About a Quarte..-Go Int.. sol ec nap V+

168 Od Ar 45659 R.S.R. & Sta.P.SERENADERS Heat Wave-Inka Dinka Doo sol wol V++

169 Vi Ar 38182 OSVALDO FRESEDO Sweet Sue-No quiero verte llorar (tango) sol V

170 Nac 8103  JAZZ BAND YRIBARREN Cecilia-Don´t Wake me Up ec nap sol  V+

171 Nac 8192  JAZZ BAND YRIBARREN Sweet Marie-Nay Nay Neighbor ec nap sol  V