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Bids in US$. Winners only notified. Shipping worldwide costs $50 for up to 4 records. Ask cost for shipping more records. No packing cost!! Payment via bank transfer, Skrill or Paypal.

Auction closes Sunday 2nd December 2018


  1 Master  124  D.ELLINGTON   The Lady Who…-You can’t Run   N-

  2 Br race 129  D. MAGIC TRIO ”rare series”   Huckleberry Blues-Free..  E

  3 Ca         937   BROADWAY BROAD. Bye Bye Black../F.RICH Down on the .   E-

  4 Em       1078  LOUISIANA FIVE     Golden Rod-Summer Days   E

  5 Bwy 1168  E.RANDOLPH In my Bouquet of Memories-I didn’t think She’d… E/E-

  6 Radiex  1197  GOLDEN GATErare  California, Here Here I Come-Steppin’ out   E

  7 Olympic 1444 ORIGINAL IND. FIVE  Bebe-Beside a Barbbling Brook very rare  E+

  8 Ba        1781  DIXIE WASHBOARD BAND Boodle Am-I’ve Found a New Baby   V

  9 V.T       2062  R.MARLOW Dixie Jamboree/GEORGIANS Can’t We Be Fr… sol  E-

10 V.T       2099  MILLS MERRY MAKERS When You´re Smiling/J. WINTZ  What..N-

11 Silvertone  2230  LANIN ROSELAND When You and I Were..-You Gave me.. V

12 Famous   3109  BROWN’S DIXIELAND/CAL. RAMBLERS Georgia-Bygones   E-

13 Har    4      SOUTHERN SERENADERS  F.H w/Louis- I miss my swiss V+/ V

14 Har    70    DIXIE STOMPERS(FiH) Spanish Shawl-Here com.. ef Hc 30mm nap  E-

15 Har    283  DIXIE STOMPERSWMCA BROADCASTERS  Alabama Stomp/   sol E-

16 Har    231  GEORGIA STRUTTERS Georgia Grind-Everybody ..lt   ef nap E-

17 Har    332  ARKANSAS TRAVELLERS Boneyard Shuffle-Washboard Blues E-

18 Har    421  ARKANSAS TRAVELLERS  Sensation-Ja Da       E

19 Har    365  BROADWAY BELL HOPS Nesting Time-That´s my Happiness  E

20 Har    296  UNIVERSITY SIX (CR)  Lonely Eyes-My Baby Knows How   E

21 Har    367  UNIVERSITY SIX (CR) The Cat-Oh Lizzie    V+

22 Har    551  UNIVERSITY SIX (CR) There Something Spanish   E-

23 Har    557  UNIVERSITY SIX (CR)Tell me Little Daisy/NEWPORT S.O- Bl..  E

24 Har    501  ORIGINAL INDIANA FIVE Some Day Sweetheart-I’m Coming..   N-

25 Har    601  WASHINGTONIANS (D.E) Stack O’Lee …/ARKANSAS TRAV  E-

26 Har    644  BROADWAY BELLS HOPS  Get out and Get.-I Rather Cry ..  E-

27 Harmograph.  913  GOLDEN GATE very rare  Hugo-Where the Lazy D..   E/E-

28 Harmograph.  954  GOLDEN GATE very rare  Caressing-Somebody Lov..    E-

29 Dec   157   F.HENDERSON      Wrappin it up-Limehouse Blues   E-

30 Dec   158   F.HENDERSON      Shangay Shuffle-Menphis Blues   sol  N-

31 Dec   213   F.HENDERSON      Tidal Wave-Down South Camp Meeting  E+

32 Dec   587   RED MC KENZIE    Monday in Manhattan-Every now and…   sol   N-

33 Dec   721   RED MC KENZIE    Don’t Count Your Kisses-I Don’t Know ...  N-/E

34 Dec   917   B.HOWARD   Bojangles of Harlem-Sing Baby Sing  hc nap  E

35 Dec   2112  B.HOWARD   Any Rags?-Kentucky Sure…  sol  E-

36 Dec   2356  B.HOWARD   Bundle of Love-I Can Tell by Looking…    dam lbl  N-

37 Dec  1621  J.NOONE       Four or Five Times-Japansy    N-

38 Dec  1941  SPENCER TRIO w/BUSTER BWYPCH-Lorna Doone… wol  N-

39 Dec    624   J.VENUTI      Mellow as a Cello-Nothin’ But Notes    sol N-

40 Dec  2312   J.VENUTI      Something-Nothing  sol  E++

41 Dec  2313   J.VENUTI      Flip-Flop  sol wol  V+

42 Dec  7002   GEORGIA WASHBOARD High SocietY-Everybody Loves …    V+

43 Dec  1676   J.DODDS       Melancholy-Stack O’Lee Blues   N-

44 Dec  7413   J.DODDS       Shake Your Can-Blues Calore    N-

45 Variety  517   REX STEWART      Rexatious-Lazy Man Shuffle    N-

46 Variety  518   F.NEWTON    You Show me the Way-Please don’t Talk  N/N-

47 Variety  527   C.WILLAMS  Blue Reverie-Down Town Uproar   N-

48 Variety  593   CAB CALLOWAY   My Mezzanine Cal-Congo    sol N

49 Variety  608   CHAUNCEY MOORHOUSE  On the Alamo-Blues… B Flat  E/E-

50 Variety  524   R.NICHOLS   Wake Up and Live-Never in a Million Years    sol V+

51 Variety  668   BUSTER BAILEY    Dizzy Debutante-Afternoon in Africa   E

52 Col   636  CELESTIN  TUXEDO    Josephine-Station Calls       rare   E-

53 Col   654  F.HENDERSON      Stampede-Jackass Blues     sol E-

54 Co    817  F.HENDERSON     The Chant-Henderson Stomp    N-

55 Col   970  F.HENDERSON     Tozo-Rocky Mountain Blues  sol  E

56 Col   2352  F.HENDERSON  What Good Am I…-Keep a Song in Y… dam lbl  N-/E

57 Col   2559  F.HENDERSON    Sugar-Blues in my Heart     ef nap   E-/E     

58 Col   1229  CHARLESTON CHASERS  Five Pennies-Feelin’ no Pain   pw  N-

59 Col   1260  CHARLESTON CHASERS  Imagination-Sugar Foot Strut  N-

60 Col   1717  IPANA TROUBADOURS    Mississippi-A Precious Little Thing… sol  E

61 Col   1719  B.SELVIN             If I Had You-Carolina Moon     sol E

62 Col   2103  R.BLOOM             The Man From the South-St.Jame’s Infirmary  V+

63 Col   3213  B.SELVINvery rare  Lejos de ti-Ojazos Que Alumbrais mi Amor  sol E-

64 Col   3627  F.WESTPHAL      Those Longing for You/HAPPY SIX-Pick me Up  N-

65 Col   3634  E.WILSON w/J.DUNN Mammy I’m Thinking of You-Take it Couse… E-

66 Col   3910   P.SPECHT          Don’t Cry Swanee-Morning Will Come    dam lbl   E

67  Col  3995  F.HENDERSON   Dicty Blues-Do Doodle Oom    wol  E- -

68 Col Flag  3888 BESSIE SMITH W/F.H  Baby Won’t You Please…-OH Dad… V+/E-

69 Col Flag  3956  CALIFORNIA R.      My Sweetie Went Away-I Love Me     E++

70 Col Flag  4000  C.SMITH w/F.HENDERSON   Awful Morning’ Blues-I Never…V+

71 Everybodys  1017  LEROY SMITH June Brought /CHIC WINTERS Dream… p.w V

72 Everybodys  1038  GOLDEN GATE  Yearning-Easy to Please rare      ef A1 lvl   V

73 Everybodys  1043  I. POSTvery rare    If you See.. –Swanee Butterfly... E-

74 Everybodys  1044  ARTHUR FIELDS    Farewell-Oh How I miss You Tonight  E-

75 Sunset  1075  THE CALIFORNIACS  Yearing-Moonligth and R..  very rare   E-

76 Sunset  1134 C. STEVENSON´S Remember/O. FALLON Lonesone... very rare  E

77 Sunset  1117 C. STEVENSON´Svery rare  Milemburg Joice-Yes Sir That´s my. . V

78 Voc  1184   J. NOONE  Sweet Sue-I Know that You Know      p.w  V+

79 Voc  1185   J. NOONE   Four or Five Times-Every Evening     p.w V

80 Voc   3213  F.HENDERSON     Stealin’Apples-Grand Terrace Swing   V+

81 Voc  3244   HENRY ALLEN     You-Would You     V+

82 Voc  3300   STUFF SMITH       Bye Bye Baby-Knock Knock…     sol E-

83 Voc  3302   H.ALLEN               Algiers Stomp-When Did You…    E

84 Voc 4636  C.WILLAMS  Mobile Blues-Gal Avantin’     N-

85 Clover 1596 CALIFORNIA MELODIE S. Oh Say/ CLOVER D.O. When You...V+/E-

86 Clover 1607 CALIFORNIA MELODIE S. I´m Gonna…A.-Cotton..very rare  wol E-

87 Gnl  1703  J.R.MORTON         Sweet Substitute –panama     eb nap  E

88 Gnl  1704  J.R.MORTON 7      Good Old New York-Big Lip Blues    E+

89 Gnl  1706  J.R.MORTON 6      Get the Bucket-Why    N-

90 Gnl  1711  J.R.MORTON 7      Dirty,Dirty..-Swinging the Elks    N-

91 Domino  4062  F.HENDERSON There’s a Rickety …/ROUNDERS-Is She…rare E

92 OK 4228  M.SMITH        Mem’ries of you- If You Don’t Wan’t…   sol   E-

93 OK 6084  C.CALLOWAY   Bye Bye Blues-Run Little Rabbit    faded  E-

 94 OK 8318 “TRUETONE”-LAMSTRONG HOT5-Georgia Grind….plays very well   V

 95 Romeo  932 BROADWAY BROAD.Honey/HOME TONWERS Let’s Get Tog… N-

 96 Romeo  2148  A.ROLLINI    You’ve Got Ev’ Rything-And So Good Bie  V

 97 Br  2277      C. FENTON       Lovey Dove-You Won’t be Sorry   sol wol  E  

 98 Br  X-2359  J.ROBECHAUX            St. Louis Blues-King Porter Stomp   V

 99 Br  3332      THE WOLVERINES     Crazy Quilt-You’r Burnin’ Me Up    E-

100 Br  3351 B.JACKSON(F.WILLAMS) Messin’Around-Heebie Jeebies rare  wol V+

101 Br  3627  RED NICHOLS   Riverboat Shuffle-Eccentric    E-

102 Br  4286  RED NICHOLS   Roses of Picardy-Allah’s Holiday    N-

103 Br  4456  RED NICHOLS   Alice Blue Gown-A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody  sol E+

104 Br  6035  RED NICHOLS   Sweet Rosita-The Peanut Vendor    N-

105 Br  6266  RED NICHOLS   Sweet Sue-Clarinet Marmalade “original issue” sol  E- -

106 Br  6312  RED NICHOLS   Goofus-Going to Town “original issue”   N-/E

107 Br  6451  RED NICHOLS   Heat waves-Love and Nuts… “original issue”   E+

108 Br  6461  RED NICHOLS   I´m Sorry-Everybody Loves   N-

109 Br  6711  RED NICHOLS   Sweet and Hot-I Got Rhythm   E+

110 Br  6767  R.NICHOLS        Slow and easy-Waiting the Evening Mail   E

111 Br  6832  RED NICHOLS   Smile Nobody Knows    N-

112 Br  6833  RED NICHOLS   After You’ve Gone-I’m Just Wild About Harry    N-

113 Br  6836  RED NICHOLS   The Sheik-Shim Me Sha Wabble     E

114 Br  3630  O.MENPHIS FIVE    Home Come You Do…-Lovely Lee    sol ec nap E- -

115 Br  3636  B.SELVIN     I Call You Sugar-Yes She Do   sol  E-

116 Br  3975  B.GOODMAN’S BOYS    Blue-Shirt Tail Stomp   sol  E-

117 Br  7645  B.GOODMAN  BASIN Street Blues-Beagle Street Blues    N-

118 Br  3998  K.OLIVER    Every Tub-Showboat Shuffle    sol  N-

119 Br  4001  CHICAGO R.K. I’ve Found a New Baby-There’ll Be Some Chang…N-

120 Br  4404  COTTON PICKERS   Sweet Ida Joy-Sugar Is Back in Town    E

121 Br  4440  COTTON PICKERS   St.Louis Gal-No Parking    sol  dam lbl   E-

122 Br  4559  HOTSY TOTSY GANG   Harvey-March of The Hoodlums  b    E

123 Br  6020  C.CALLOWAY   Some of These Days-Is That Religion?   V/E-

124 Br  6074  C.CALLOWAY   Minnie The Moocher-Doin’ The Rumba     E

125 Br  6400  C.CALLOWAY   Hot Toddy-Old Yazoo      E+

126 BB 6220  LITTLE RAMBLERS    I’m Shooting High-The Music Goes’ Round…N-

127 Br 6273  D.REDMAN     How Am I Doin’ Hey, Hey-Try Getting a Good…sol  E-

128 Br 6352  J.DORSEY       Beebe-Dodles of Oodles       sol  N-

129 Br 6354  D.REDMAN      I Got Rhythm-Tea For Two    sol  E+

130 Br 6553  ART TATUM    Sophisticated Lady-Tea for Two    N-

131 Br 6570  BABY ROSE MARY Come Out-My Bluebirds Swingin…  V

132 Br 6743  E.CONDON      Home Cooking-The Eel    N-/E-

133 Br 6763  F.TRUMBAUER Break it Down-Juba    E-

134 Br 6336  D.ELLINGTON   The Sheik-Blue Ramble   wol   N-

135 Br 6802  D.ELLINGTON   Tishomingo Blues-Yellow Dog Blues   N-

136 Br 6810  D.ELLINGTON   Jazz Convulsions-Jolly Wog    E-

137 Br 6811  D.ELLINGTON   When you’re Smiling-Sweet Mama    N-

138 Br 7625  D.ELLINGTON   I’snt Love The Strangest Thing-No Greater…   E+

139 Br 7629  F.TRUMBAUER  Announcer Blues-Fligth of Hay-Bag    N-

140 Br 7729  T.WILLSON w/Billie Holiday My Melancholy Baby-I Cried for You   N-

141 Br 7884  T.WILSON      How Could you-Carelessly  E/V

142 Br 7954  T.WILSON      Big Apple- You Can´t Stop me  V+

143 Br 7960  T.WILSON      If I Had You- You Brought a New Kind   E-

144 Br 8087  T.WILSON w/Billie Holiday Miss Brown to You- Sweet Lorraine   E

145 Br 8112  T.WILSON      Moments Like This- I Can´t Face the Music   E+

146 Br 8116  T.WILSON      All My Life- Don´t Be That Way   N-

147  ViAr  25026  F.WALLER  Rosetta-I Ain´t Got Nobody    N-

148  ViAr  25039  F.WALLER  You´re the Cutest One-Hate to Talk abo… sol N-

149  ViAr  25063  F.WALLER  Lulu´s Back in Town-Sweet and Slow   sol  N-

150  ViAr  25015  F.WALLER  Viper´s Drag-Clothest Line Ballet   N-

151  ViAr  25065  F.WALLER  Squareface/G.GIFFORD-Dizzi Glide   N-

                                              ARGENTINIAN JAZZ

152 BEMOL 8043 SWING TIMERS   Palabritas-Tu Me Enseñaste   E

153 Ideal  1048   ORQUESTA CARABELLI    Crying for You-Yes We Have…V+

154 TK      5027  AHMED RATIP C.PICKERS The 3rd.Man-El Maraquero  ef nap  E-

155 TK      5045  AHMED RATIP C.PICKERS El Mundo Espera la…-Ay que Bueno N-

156  S&R  3    ASES FRANC.y ARGENTINOS   Sweet Georgia Brown-Narcisse    N

157  S&R  1    SINCOPA y RITMO ORQUESTA   Blue Skies-Darktown Stru…N-

158  S&R  2    H.L.FIETTA      I Never Knew-Buddy’s Habbits   N-

159  BrAr  2004  SAM LIBERMAN   Os Beso la Mano,Madame-Amor Pag…  vals E

160  Nac   8084   E.IYRIBARREN    Oh Katharina-Lazy   V+

161 ViAr    60-2194  P.BUSTOS SEXTETO  Caravana-Cumana    E-

162 ViAr   P-1218     HOT CLUB BUENOS AIRES Strar Dust-I Can’t Give….   E+

163 ViAr   37004       A.CARABELLI ORCH. Cancion del Amor-Recordar  vals   E-/E

164  ViAr  68-899     VARELA VARELITA   Ovejitas Blancas-Porteño y Vivaracho   E

165  ViAr  60-1742  PANCHITO CAO   El Bote-El Bichito   N-

166  ViAr  60-1137  SANTA ANITA      Sing,Sing,Sing-Buscandote     bolero  V+

167  ViAr  60-2087  HECTOR ORCH.   Candy and Cake-Junto a Ti      son V/V+

168  ViAr  60-1522  HECTOR ORCH.   Swanee-Adios      bolero   E

169  ViAr  60-704    HECTOR ORCH.   Candy-Par que Subas     bolero  V+

170  ViAr  60-1886  HECTOR ORCH.   Papa Don’t Preach to me-Pecado  bolero N-

171  ViAr  60-1952  HECTOR ORCH.   Dixie-And the Angels Sing   E-

172  ViAr  60-1951  HECTOR ORCH.   Jazz Me Blues-Copacabana      samba  V

173  ViAr  60-0996  HECTOR ORCHESTRA BIG.  The GIPSY-Personality    N-

174  ViAr  68-1848  JAZZ CASINO  Drummer’s Boys-Confeso     samba  V+

175  ViAr  63-0094  JAZZ CASINO  Palestina-Meddley ef nap  V

176  ViAr  60-1286  AHMED RATIP C.PICKERS  My Blue Heaven-Sweet Ge… N-

177  ViAr  60-0315  A.DE LA RIESTRA ORCH.   Soft Shoe Shuffle-Sunday M…   E

178  ViAr  60-1915  JAZZ SAN FRANCISCO     Por aLa Verja-Si Me Sacara…  N-

179  ViAr  39293     E.KAY ALABAMA JAZZ     El Muchacho…-Las Estrellas... N-

180  ViAr  60-1867  HAWAIAN SERENADERS    Again-Cumana   E-

181  OdAr  22 308  O. ALEMAN  Swing en L-Dulce Hogar       samba  sol  E

182  OdAr  22143   E.ARMANI   Los Monitos Bailan Boogie-La Ultima Noche   V

183  OdAr  22116   E.ARMANI   Hace Mucho Mucho Tiempo-El Hombre Caiman   V

184  OdAr  22107   E.ARMANI   Acentuando lo Positivo-Dulce     V

185  OdAr  22129   E.ARMANI   Comienza el Beguin-I-II      sol  E