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01  Oh, Mister Jelly: A Jelly  Roll Morton Scrapbook, compiled by William Russell. JazzMedia,1999. ISBN: 8788043266 720pp.

  • Beautiful A4 Hardcover book on glossy paper. Very Good condition.
  • Dust jacket and book intact; some wear, marks and crinkles on dust jacket, but fully intact, no tears.
  • Marks and signs of wear to book cover and spine, but intact. Some yellowing and stains on inside front and back covers. 

02  Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton: The Collected Piano Music, by Jim Dapogney. G. Schirmer New York/London & Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C. 1982. ISBN 0874743516. xii+514pp. Soft Cover.

  • Good condition, book is fully intact but shows signs of wear with marks on cover, corners damaged. slight peeling.
  • Crease marks on some inside pages, chord names pencilled in under music on a few tunes, tunes list written under contents.
  • Tears at both ends of the spine and cover, top left corner of first block of pages displaced slightly.
  • Staining of inside front cover & first page. Slight yellowing and staining of some page edges. Blank last page has small tear.


2.1 STORYVILLE magazines.

Very Good condition, no markings, some with slight yellowing of paper edges, some with rusting of staples.

03. No. 89 (Jun-Jul 1980): Milt Hinton; Arabella Fields; Visiting Firemen: Louis Armstrong.

04. No. 91 (Oct-Nov 1980): Bob Howard; Walter Bishop; Visiting Firemen: Cab Calloway/Three Keys/Washboard Serenaders.

05. No. 93 (Feb-Mar 1981): Visiting Firemen: Benny Carter; Harmograph Label; Warners Seven Aces; Nick Casti.

06. No. 97 (Oct-Nov 1981): Ted Lewis; Visiting Firemen: Coleman Hawkins, Snub Mosley.

07. No. 100 (Apr-May 1982): Tommy Benford; Ted Lewis; The One That Got Away (Photos); Visiting Firemen: Teddy Hill.

08. No. 108 (Aug-Sep 1983): Mills Blue Rhythm Band; Visiting Firemen: Leon Abbey/Eddie South/Wilton Crawley/Norman Thomas/Zinky Cohn/Art Tatum; Mack Rogers; Sippie Wallace.

09. No. 114 (Aug-Sep 1984): Frank Teschemacher; Little Brother Montgomery; Visiting Firemen: Adelaide Hall, Joe Turner & Francis J. Carter/Buck Washington; QRS.

10. No. 126 (Aug-Sep 1986): Chicago South Side 1927-1932; Visiting Firemen: Ethel Waters/Ada Brown/Updates; Paramount.


Good to Very Good condition, all intact, slight marks such as spinal wear, crease marks, etc. on some.

11. Volume 51 No. 4 (Apr 1998): Chuck Berghoffer; Bireli Lagrene; The Forgotten Ones: Dave Dexter.

12. Volume 51 No. 7 (Jul 1998): Lennie Niehaus; John Frigo; Snap, Crackle and Pop: From 78 to CD (Chris Hillman).

13. Volume 51 No. 8 (Aug 1998): Budd Johnson; Brad Gowens; The Forgotten Ones: Benny Strickler; Mosaic Records.

14. Volume 52 No. 4 (Apr 1999): Von Freeman; Jack Teagarden; Stan Getz; Tiny Kahn; Stanley Dance.

15. Volume 52 No. 5 (May 1999): Gene Krupa; Bob Mallach; Stan Getz; The Forgotten Ones: Floyd Bean.

16. Volume 54 No. 4 (Apr 2001): Jon-Erik Kellso; Alan Bass; A Memory of Jay Jay (Johnson).

17. Volume 54 No. 5 (May 2001): Rebecca Kilgore; Sidney Bechet; Jon-Erik Kellso; Dizzy Gillespie.

18. Volume 54 No. 12 (Dec 2001): Original Dixieland Jazz Band (Brian Rust); Louis and Bix; Milt Jackson.

19. Volume 58 No. 3 (Mar 2005): Tony Kinsey; Classic Jazz (Floyd Levin)

20. Volume 59 No. 6 (Jun 2006): Tim Kliphuis & Stephane Grappelli; Clifford Brown;

21. Volume 60 No. 1 (Jan 2007): Jim Tomlinson & Stacey Kein; Santo Pecora (Derek Collar & Bert Whyatt).

3. CDs

3.1 NEW:

22. The Complete Blind Willie Johnson. 2 CD Box Set. Columbia/Legacy Roots ’n’ Blues C2K 52835. Still in wrapping.

3.2 USED:

23. Jelly Roll Morton: The Complete Library of Congress Recordings by Alan Lomax. Box set. Rounder 11661-18882. 

  • CD boxes in good condition, 8 CDs at least VG+ visually, some very slight marks.
  • Mister Jelly Roll book by Lomax in excellent condition with no spine creasing or damage.
  • Large booklet in Good to Very Good condition, some marks on outside, one obvious crease on the front.
  • Piano style box has some marks and 1” tears on both sides above ‘keyboard’. Outer sleeve cover missing.