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It’s quite simple - there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price. 

Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to

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NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

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SB=Sunburst (Decca). DJ=Disc Jockey or Sample Copy. TT=Truetone label OKeh. MB = Minimum Bid.

We’re pleased to offer some fantastic items from the collection of the well known record connoisseur and record shop owner Morris Hunting. Over 70-plus years Morris amassed a great collection, notable not only for the quality of the records, but for the superb condition of most of the items. There’s lots more to follow!


001 BARBECUE BOB. Meat Man Pete/ Dollar Down Blues. Col 14412-D EE- Great Guitar Blues sides!

002 BIG MACEO. Broke & Hungry Blues/ Kid Man Blues. Vic 20-2687 E nr s2 nap

003 ALEX BRADFORD. I’ve Got A Job/ He’s Everything To Me. Spec 910 E+

004 BIG BILL BROONZY. She’s Gone With The Wind/ Why Should I Spend My Money. Col 37461 E+

005 TEDDY BUNN & SPENCER WILLIAMS. Clean It Out/ Goose and Gander. Vic V38602 EE- Terrific and Rare 1929 Guitar/Washboard sides!

006 BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE. I Wanna Hot Dog For My Roll. 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 80686-A E+, sm cr at edge, nap. Unissued on 78 and VERY Naughty!!

007 LEROY CARR & SCRAPPER BLACKWELL. Don’t Start No Stuff. 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 15647-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

008 BO CARTER. Old Shoe Blues/ Let Me Roll Your Lemon. (Buff) BB B5861 EE- Great Guitar Blues! EE-

009 IDA COX + LOVIE AUSTIN’S BLUES SERENADERS. So Soon This Morning/ Confidential Bl. Para 12086 E+ Stunning copy of fine sides - Ladnier!

010 ARTHUR BIG BOY CRUDUP. I Don’t Know It/ That’s Your Red Wagon. Vic 20-2387 EE+

011 TOM DELANEY. Georgia Stockade Blues/ I’m Leavin’ Just To Ease My Worried Mind. Col 14082-D E+ Fine 1925 sides by important Pioneer Blues composer!

012 DOWN HOME BOYS. You Do It. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 57250-2 E+ Great sides!

013 CHAMPION JACK DUPREE. Wet Deck Mama/ Love Strike Bl. Davis 5108 E+

014 BLIND BOY FULLER. Ten O’Clock Peeper/ Looking for My Woman No. 2. Voc 04054 E Fine copy of great Guitar blues sides!

015 Jitterbug Rag/ To Many Women Blues. Voc 04782 V+ Fine playing copy!

016 Bulldog Blues/ You Never Can Tell. Dec 7878 E+ Lovely copy of Fine Guitar Blues sides!

017 ROSA HENDERSON (as MAMIE HARRIS). You Get Mad/ What’s The Matter Now. (Race) Per 101 V+ Fats Waller pno acc!

018 LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS. Lightnin’s Special/ Life I Used To Live. Herald H428 E Uncommon Guitar Blues

019 ROSETTA HOWARD & HARLEM HAMFATS. Oh Rider/ All On Account of You. Dec 7531 EE+

020 PEG LEG HOWELL. New Prison Blues/ Fo’ Day Blues. Col 14177-D E+ Stunning copy of Guitar Blues Classics!

021 MAHALIA JACKSON. Go Tell It On The Mountain/ Get Away Jordan. Vogue V307 E+

022 FRANKIE HALF PINT JAXON. & HARLEM HAMFATS. Wet It/ She Brings Me Down. (SB) Dec 7286 V++ Great!

023 FRANKIE HALF PINT JAXON. When They Play Them Blues/ Something’s Goin’ On Wrong. Dec 7742 E+

024 BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON (as THE BLIND PILGRIM). Motherless Children/ Oh Lord If I Had My Way. Anchor E+ Very rare late sides!

025 LONNIE JOHNSON. I Know It’s Love/ Bewildered. King 4261 E+

026 LEROY’S BUDDY (BILL GAITHER). Hard Way To Go/ See Me Grieve Blues. Dec 7846 E+ Great Honey Hill piano!

027 SARA MARTIN (Fats Waller Piano Acc.). You’ve Got Ev’ry Thing A Sweet Mama Needs/ Tain’t Nobody’s Bizness… OK 8043 E-

028 TOMMY McCLENNAN. I’m A Guitar King/ Travellin’ Highway Man. BB B8957 E- 1 noisy gr s1. Delta Blues Guitar Classic!!

029 New Highway 51/ I’m Goin’ Don’t You Know.  BB B8499 E-  More great Delta Guitar Blues!

030 VIOLA McCOY. Back Water Blues/ Mama Is Waitin’ For You. Romeo 416 V+ Great Cornet/piano acc!

031 MEMPHIS MINNIE. Love Come and Go/ When You Love Me. Col 37455 E+ Two great Guitar Blues sides!

032 Lean Meat Won’t Fry/ Fish Man Blues. Col 37579 E+ Classics!

033 MUDDY WATERS. Rollin’ Stone Blues/ Walkin’ Blues. Vogue V2101 E+ Guitar Blues Classics!

034 NEW ORLEANS 7 ORCH + JOE TURNER. Easy Rider/ How Long Blues. Hits 5032 E

035 PILGRIM TRAVELERS. I’ll Trust His Hand/ Angels Tell Mother. Spec SP812 E+

036 HELEN PROCTOR. Blues At Midnight/ Cheatin’ On Me. Dec 7666 E+ Star-studded acc. - Red Allen, Buster Bailey, Lil Armstrong etc!

037 ETHEL RIDLEY. Here’s Your Opportunity/ Liza Johnson’s Got Better Bread… Col A3941 EE- plays EE+

038 REV. RIMSON & CONGREGATION. Believe On Me/ Living Waters. Spec SP801 E+ Orig Sleeve

039 BESSIE SMITH. Lady Luck Blues/ Yodling Blues. (Flag) Col A3939 E-

040 Reckless Blues/ Sobbin’ Hearted Blues. Col 14056 E+ Superb copy, Louis Armstrong cornet!

041 I’ve Been Mistreated and I Don’t Like It/ Red Mountain Bl. Col 14115 E/E+ 2 lt scrs s1 nap. Joe Smith tpt!

042 Gin House Blues/ Lost Your Head Blues. Col 14158-D E Great acc!

043 Poor Man’s Blues/ You Ought To Be Ashamed. Col 14399 E+ Fine acc!

044 VICTORIA SPIVEY. Funny Feathers / How Do They Do It That Way? (Race) PaE R2177 E+ Louis Armstrong Hot 5 acc!

045 HANNAH SYLVESTER. Down South Blues/ I Want My Sweet Daddy Now. PAct 032007 E

046 TAMPA RED & HIS HOKUM JUG BAND (Frankie Jaxon vcls). I Wonder Where My Easy Rider’s Gone/ Come On Mama Do That Dance. (Race) Voc 1420 E- Two great South Side Skiffle sides!

047 TAMPA RED. This Ain’t No Place For Me/ The Jitter Jump. BB B8744 E+/E sm patch lt scrs s2, v lt tix

048 I Ain’t Fur It/ You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone. BB 34-0711 E+

049 Mercy Mama/ Better Let My Gal Alone. BB 34-0740 E+

050 SISTER ROSETTA THARPE. Two Little Fishes & Five Loaves of Bread/ Strange Things Happen Every Day. Dec 8669 EE+

051 Sleep On Darling Mother/ I Want To Live So God Can Use Me. Dec 8657 EE+ sm ef s1, 0gvs

052 LOVIN’ SAM THEARD (as LOVIN’ SAM FROM DOWN IN ‘BAM). Hot Dog Man/ I Ain’t No Ice Man. (Race) Br 7094 E+ Gorgeous copy of two great sides, with Cow Cow Davenport piano!

053 BIG JOE TURNER + PETE JOHNSON TRIO. It’s The Same Old Story/ Rebecca. Dec 11001 E+

054 WASHBOARD SAM & HIS WASHBOARD BAND. Back Door/ We Gonna Move. BB B7001 E+

055 Broadcast Blues/ Let Me Play Your Vendor. BB B8967 EE+ 

056 No. 1 Drunkard/ Nothing In Rambling. Vic 22-0017 E

057 ETHEL WATERS (James P. Johnson piano). Guess Who’s In Town/ My Handy Man. Col 14358-D EE+ gorgeous copy!

058 Do What You Did Last Night/ Get Up Off Your Knees. Col 14380-D E lt nr s2, lt tix

059 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW. Shack Bully Stomp/ What More Can A Man Do? Dec 7479 E/E-

060 BUKKA WHITE (As BOOKER T. WHITE). Sic ‘Em Dogs On Me/ Po’ Boy. Herwin 92400 E++ Delta Blues Rarity!

061 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON. Mighty Long Time/ Nine Below Zero. Trumpet 166 E-

062 THE YAS YAS GIRL. Grieving Heart Blues/ True Love. Voc 04775 E+


063 AMBROSE & HIS ORCHESTRA. Do Something. 1/s Vinyl Master Decca Test Pressing of mx MB20404 E+ Hot 1929 side Ahola/Heath/Polo solos!

064 ‘Leven Thirty Saturday Night/  I’m Telling The World About U. HMV B5847 E+ Hot solos and surprisingly uncommon!

065 SVEND ASMUSSEN TRIO. Bugle Call Rag/ SA KVARTETT. Memories of You. (Norwegian) HMV AL 1328 E+

066 ORCH. Tiger Rag/ My Blue Heaven. HMV X4570 E+ Great Copenhagen 1935 sides in fine condition!

067 HARRY BIDGOOD’S ORCH. Who’d Be Blue?/ n.i. Aco G16029 V+ noisy start soon settles down to E- Rare 1927 side excellent solos!

068 THE CAROLINA CLUB ORCH. Red Hot Mamma/ TED LEWIS BD. June Night. CoE  3446 EE+ Great hot 1924 side by Hal Kemp’s College Band!

069  BENNY CARTER & THE RAMBLERS. I’ll Never Give In/ New Street Swing. (Swing) VoE S81 E Holland 1937

070 & HIS ORCH. Skip It/ Pardon Me Pretty Baby. (Swing) VoE S126 E+ Holland 1937

071 BILL COLEMAN & HIS ORCH. What Is This Thing Called Love?/ Blues At Noon. Swing SW295 E+ Don Byas tenor sax

072 BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND. It’s The Girl/ Give Me Your Affection Honey. CoE CB374 EE+ Huge sound, great arrangements, solos!

073 Sailin’ on the Robert E. Lee/ Open Up Dem Pearly Gates. ReE MR556 EE+ 

074 Lawd You Made The Night Too Long/ Can’t We Talk It Over. ReE MT561 E

075 THE DEVILLERS. Mediterranean Blues/ You Don’t Like It - Not Much. ReE G9050 E Rare!

076 DEVONSHIRE RESTAURANT DANCE BAND. Yale Blues/ Every Morn, Every Noon… Zon 5011 E lt nr s1 nap. Excellent s1, solos!

077 Where Oh Where Do I Live/ My Heart Stood Still. Zon 5014 E Lally bar sax solo!

078 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS UNDERGRADUATES. Clarinet Marmalade/ Stomp Your Feet. HMV B5315 E+ Superb copy of 1927 University Band rarity!

079 & HIS ORCH. Rhythm Step/ Paree. BrE 114 E Great Henry Levine tpt!

080 & HIS MUSIC. Sugar/ Again. BrE 150 E Excellent solos, Rollini, Quealey, Davis etc - Bill Challis arrangement recorded a month before Whiteman’s take on the same arrangement!

081 How Long Has This Been Going On?/ Tea Time. BrE 169 EE+ sm pressing pimple side 2, lt tix Fine and hot!

082 Blue Baby/ Coquette. BrE 188 E+ Red hot s1 - Rollini, Davis, Quealey etc., not common either!

083 NAT GONELLA & HIS TRUMPET. I Heard/ I Can’t Believe That U’re In Luv With Me. DeE F3176 E+ His first solo sides, London 1932

084 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & DJANGO REINHARDT. Baby/ Out Of Nowhere. Swing SW 199 E+ Rare

085 STAN GREENING’S BAND (as HANNAN D.B.) On The Z-R-3/ REISMAN O. Because They All Luv U. CoE 3618 E Hot s1 - how many songs about airships do you know?

086  IKE ‘YOW SUH’ HATCH & HIS HARLEM STOMPERS. Some Of These Days/ Dinah. ReZ MR2050 EE- lt scfs plays E Hot backing!

087 COLEMAN HAWKINS (Acc. DJANGO REINHARDT & STEPHANE GRAPPELLY). Stardust/ HAWKINS w/ MICHEL WARLOP-ARTHUR BRIGGS O. Avalon. (Scand) HMV X4496 E+ hand made labels stickers lower halves - I suspect it is labelled in reverse underneath. Paris 1935

088 & HIS ALL STAR JAM BAND (Django, Benny Carter etc).  Sweet Georgia Brown. 1/s Shellac HMV Master Test Pressing of mx OLA1745-1 E+

089 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS D.O. Zonky/ Crying For The Carolines. DeE F1747 E few lt scfs s1 nap. 2 fine 1930 sides, Goldberg, Jack Jackson etc!

090 Ka-Lu-A/ Dancing Time. DeE F1816 E+ Stormin’ Norman Payne tpt!

091 JACK HYLTON’S KIT-CAT BAND. Crazy Quilt/ Cuckoo. HMV B5174 E Rare!

092 & HIS BAND. Hylton Stomp/ St. Louis Blues. DeE F3239 E+ Fine sides, 1932!

093 JAZZ CLUB AMERICAN HOT BAND. Stealin’ Smack’s Apples/ One, Two, Button Your Shoe. Jazz Club JC135 E+ Hucko, Mel Powell, Ray McKinley etc., Paris Jan 1945.

094 JAZZ CLUB MYSTERY HOT BAND (DJANGO). Hallelujah/ I Must Have That Man (No Django s2). Jazz Club ST1229/1231 EE+ Paris Jan 1945

095 If Dreams Come True/ Blue Skies. Jazz Club ST1228/1235 E+ Paris Jan 1945

096 JEFFRIES & HIS RIALTO ORCH. Who Loved You Best?/ The Two Of Us. Aco G15929 EE- Hot tpt/tbn s 1

097 FREDDY JOHNSON & HIS HARLEMITES. Tiger Rag/ I Got Rhythm. DeE F5110 E Paris 1933, Arthur Briggs tpt

098 THE KIT-CAT BAND. Headin’ For Home/ You’ve Got ‘Em. HMV B2229 E-/E Rare and hot ‘Charlestons’!

099 THE KRAKAJAX. Crazy Rhythm Man/ I Got Rhythm. PaE F397 E

100 MITCHELL’S JAZZ KINGS. Non, Non, Jamais Les Hommes/ Dans La Vie Faut Pas S’En Faire. Salabert 100507 E+ Orig Sleeve. Rare lateral-cut issue by legendary Pioneer Black band in Paris, 1922.

101 THE NOVELTY PLAYERS. Japanese Sandman/ When Day Is Done. ReZ MR3571 E- Rare, hot and unlisted - Goldberg, Chisholm, Pogson etc!

102 BARRIE OLIVER. I May Be Wrong/ Let’s Amalgamate. DeE F1614 E Rare London 1929 sides with Ahola & Danny Polo etc!

103 ORIGINAL CAPITOL ORCHESTRA. Broadway Blues/Last Night On The Back Porch. Zon 2427 E Great London 1923 sides by Mississippi Riverboat band!

104 When It’s Night Time In Italy/ There’s a Bungalow That’s Waiting. Zon 2437 E

105 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Sensation Rag/ Ostrich Walk. 12” CoE 736 V++ Historic London 1919 sides!

106 Sphinx/ Alice Blue Gown. 12” CoE 824 V+ Rare London 1920 sides!

107 PAQUITA & ZARATE WITH THE BLUE 4 (Myrtle Watkins & Samuel Zarate). St. Louis Blues/ Lady Be Good. (Indian) Col FB40099 V++ Super-rare and hot Calcutta 1941 sides featuring important globetrotting Black American singer Myrtle Watkins and her Mexican husband Samuel Zarate, who pays a mean hot violin. For more on her career go to

108 JACK PAYNE & HIS BBC DANCE ORCH. My Baby Just Cares For Me/ I’ll Still Belong To U. CoE CB154 E+ Great hot arrangements Frank Wilson tpt solos etc!

109 Never Swat A Fly/ Don’t Tell Her What Happened To Me. CoE CB196 E+ Huge sound, solos s1

110 If I Ever Lost You/Ali Baba’s Camel. CoE CB383 E+ Fine arrangement s1, Jack Jackson tpt solo!

111 Tiger Rag/ Lazy Rhythm. Rex 8179 E/E-

Now a selection of really clean ‘Starita Brothers Bands’ - great bands and fine solos…

112 THE PICCADILLY PLAYERS. I Want To Be Alone With Mary Brown/ n.i. CoE 4886 E+ Fine Ahola solo s1!

113 It Don’t Do Nothin’ But Rain/ How Long Has This Been Goin’ On? CoE 4908 E+ Fine solos s1, Perley Breed sax etc!

114 PICCADILLY REVELS BAND. Do The Black Bottom With Me/ n.i CoE 4444 E+ Fine hot side - Jack Jackson? t/ Ray Starita tenor, vn etc!

115 I Ain’t That Kind Of a Baby/ n.i. CoE 4550 EE-/E+ Hot solos s1- vn, Ray Starita ts!

116 Just The Same/ Yales Blues. CoE 4603 E+ Two hot sides, Jack Jackson tpt, Ray Starita, Eric Siday vn etc., recorded in the ballroom of the Piccadilly Hotel, 1927!

117 THE PLANTATION ORCHESTRA. Smiling Joe/ Silver Rose. CoE 4185 EE+ Harlem Jazz in London, accompanying Florence Mills and the Blackbirds Revue, 1927 - Johnny Dunn, Pike Davis tpts etc!

118 Arabella’s Wedding Day/ For Baby and Me. CoE 4238 E- Uncommon!

119 DANNY POLO & HIS SWING STARS. Blue Murder/ That’s A Plenty. DeE F6550 E+

120 SAM PRICE (Yes, the Sammy Price!). Montparnasse/ Eiffel Tower. (Fr) Dec 20122 E+ Fine piano solos

121 QUINTETTE DU HOT CLUB DE FRANCE (DJANGO). Viper’s Dream/ Minor’s Swing. Swing SW 23 V++ plays better, sol s2.

122 Daphne/ My Sweet. DeE F6769 E+ London 1938

123 Jeepers Creepers/ Swing 39. DeE F7027 E+

124 I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight/ Time On My Hands. DeE F7100 E+

125 Japanese Sandman/ Twelfth Year. DeE F7133 EE+

126 Undecided/ Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me. DE F7140 E+ London  1939

127 Sweet Sue/ Avalon. Royale 1780 EE+ Unusual US issue of 1935 sides!

128 DJANGO REINHARDT & STEPHANE GRAPPELLY. Nocturne/ It Had To Be You. DeE F7009 E+ London 1938

129 CHAS. RENARD & HIS BAND.  Eccentric/n.i. ReE G8226 V++ Brave attempt, London 1924!

130 THE RHYTHMIC EIGHT. Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man/ Ol Man River. (Fr) Salabert FZ880 E+ Stunning Sylvester Ahola tour de force s1 - and rare issue!

131 THE RHYTHM MANIACS. Here Comes Emily Brown/ Cheer Up and Smile. DeE F1843 V+ ef s1, 0gvs. Hot solos both sides!

132 Sweet Jennie Lee/ My Sunshine Came On Rainy Day. DeE F2207 E Bouncy version s1, Jack Jackson, Lally, as solos!

133 SAVOY HAVANA BAND. Henpecked Blues/ Farewell Blues. 12” CoE 953 E- Rare and hot London 1923 extended performance sides!

134 JOEY SHIELDS w/ SPIKE HUGHES’ THREE BLIND MICE. The Devils Is Afraid of Music/ St. James Infirmary. DeE F2584 E+ Black American singer/dancer in London, 1931

135 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS SPECIAL ORCH. I’m Coming Virginia/ I’m Going Back Again To Old Nebraska. PaE R3522 E- Excellent acc both sides!

136 RAY STARITA & HIS AMBASSADORS BAND. An’ Furthermore/ Teach Me To Dance Like Grandma. CoE 4918 E+ Fine and uncommon sides with guest American vocalist Les Reis!

137 REX STEWART & HIS FEETWARMERS (Django, Bigard etc). Solid Old Man/Montmartre. Swing SW56 E+ Paris 1939

138 VALAIDA (Queen of the Trumpet). The Mood That I’m In/ Sweet Heartache. PaE F867 E+ Rare London 1937 sides!

139 LEON VAN STRATEN’S ORCH (as VAN’S TEN). Then I’ll Be Happy/ n.i.  EBW 4393 E Fine tpt/tb solos, Max Goldberg

140 FATS WALLER (Piano solo). Soho. 1/s Vinyl Victor Test Pressing of mx D6 VB 2881-1 E+  As is generally known, all the issues of Waller’s ‘London Suite’ records are dubs, made from HMV masters held in Ed Kirkeby’s office (though what Kirkeby was doing with EMI property in his office is anyone’s guess!). The first dubs were made from Kirkeby’s masters by Victor, but never issued, and the subsequent European issues were redubbed in England, probably from the Victor dubs themselves. The sound of this Victor test is streets ahead of any of the HMV issues!

141 FATS WALLER - THE LONDON SUITE. Three x 78s (bids for the set only):-

Piccadilly/Chelsea. HMV B10059 E+

Soho/ Bond Street. HMV B10060 E+

Whitechapel/ Limehouse. HMV B10061 E+

144 & HIS CONTINENTAL RHYTHM. Pent Up In A Penthouse/ Music Maestro Please. (Laminated) Austr HMV EA2245 E inaud 1” lam cr 

145 DICKY WELLS & HIS ORCH (Django, Bill Coleman). Sweet Sue/ Hangin’ Around Boudon. HMV B8763 E Paris 1937

146 JAY WILBUR & HIS ORCH. Happy Feet/ A Bench in the Park. Imp 2339 E fine tpt/bar solos s1!

147 GARLAND WILSON & NAT GONELLA. Nobody’s Sweetheart/ Stormy Weather. BrE 01537 E sm nr s2 couple of lt tix.


148 AMERICAN RAGTIME OCTETTE. Robert E. Lee/ The Ragtime Jockey.  EBW 488 EE+ Fine copy!

149 ‘BAND’. Operatic Rag/ Skating Trot. Ed 50217 E- 2” lam s2, tix

150 CIRO’S CLUB COON ORCH. They Called It Dixieland/ Something Seems Tingle-Ingleing. 12” CoE 633 E, tiny ef s1 not to music Rare 1916 Black String Band in London!

141 DOLLY CONNOLLY. Waiting For the Robert E. Lee/ PRINCE’S MALE 4. Hear That Pickaninny Band. CoE 2026 E- Great 1912 sides!

152 DAN & HARVEY’S JAZZ BAND. If You Look In Her Eyes/ n.i. CoE 750 E- Rare Black Band in London, 1919 led by pianist and wife murderer Dan Kildare!

153 EMPIRE MILITARY BAND. That Mysterious Rag/ Alexander’s Ragtime Bd. Beka 526 E Great copy! 

154 H.M. COLDSTREAM GUARDS BAND. A Coon Band Contest/ Ginger Two Step. HMV B109 E Good copy of fine side!

155 HOWARD KOPP (Drum Solo). The Ragtime Drummer/ Mascot of the Troop. ReE G7348 EE-

156 OLLY OAKLEY (Banjo solos). Oakleigh Quick Step/ Merrie Company. Colis 719 E Fine copy

157 A Banjo Oddity/ Camptown Carnival. Hom H155 E- Oakley at his best!

158 VESS L. OSSMAN. St. Louis Tickle/ PRINCES’S BAND. Silver Bell. Co A937 E- Fine 1907 Ragtime Banjo!

159 The Smiler Rag. 1/s Nassau Record B34 V+ Rare label and fine Ragtime!

160 OSSMAN-DUDLEY TRIO. Chicken Chowder/ FRED VAN EPS. Policy King March. Col A220 E- Great folksy string band s1!

161 JOHN PIDOUX. (Banjo solos). Americana/ Jester’s Parade. Cinch 5247 E+ Astonishingly clean copy, London 1914!

162 PRINCE’S BAND. Cabaret Rag/ Black Diamond Rag. CoE 2011 V+ Two fine sides!

163 Chicago Tickle/ n.i. ReE G6845 E- lt scfs and scrs

164 Ballin’ The Jack/ Meadowbrook. 12” Col A5595 E+ Gorgeous copy!

165 ARTHUR PRYOR’S BAND. The King of Rags. 1/s GP Vic 5301 V++ One of his best!

166 Any Rags. 1/s G&T V.M. 2-104 E- Rare British issue

167 THE RAGTIME ORCHESTRA (Cond. Louis Hirsch). At The Ragtime Ball/ The Ragtime Soldier Man. 12” HMV C262 EE+

168 ROYAL COURT ORCH. The Hudson Hustle/ The Brooklyn Crawl. EBW 2827 V+

169 SAVOY QUARTET. Oh Helen!/ When You See Another Sweetie Hanging Around. HMV B1069 E-

170 The Vamp/ Arabian Nights. HMV B1082 V+ scfs

171 THE THREE RASCALS. Hello! Hello! London Town/ Snooky Ookums. Jumbo 1071 V+

172 SYDNEY E. TURNER (Banjo solos). A Rag Time Episode/ Dark Town Dandies. 8.25” Vertical cut Pathe 77227/77222 E- Fine 1908 sides by highly-regarded (and little-recorded) British Banjoist

173 THE TWO BOBS. Casey Jones/ Belle of the Barbers’ Ball. CoE 1932 E press blister s1 ticks 11 gvs

174 THE UNION JACK BAND. The Yankee Shuffle/ USA Patrol. Hom 4106 V+

175 VICTOR MILITARY BAND. Joe Turner Blues/ Ni—er Blues. Vic 18174 E-


176 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT 5. Struttin’ With Some Barbecue/ Once In A While. (Big Red) OK 8566 E++ A2/A1 Stampers. Essential Jazz!

177 HOT 7. Potato Head Blues/ Alligator Blues. (Aust) Parl A6450 E+ Another Jazz Classic on a Beautiful Laminated Pressing!

178 SAVOY BALLROOM 5. Tight Like This/ Heah Me Talkin’ To Ya. (Sm Red) OK 8649 E++ A5/B5 Stampers Flawless copy!

179 Beau Koo Jack. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of PK mx 402169-C E+

180 No One Else But You/ I Can’t Give You Anything But Love. (Blue label) OK 8669 E+

181 & HIS ORCH. After You’ve Gone/ St. Louis Blues. (Black) OK 41350 E+ Gorgeous!

182 Shine. Oversize 1/s vintage Vinyl Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK mx 404421-C E++

183 The Peanut Vendor. 1/s vintage Vinyl Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK mx 404419-B E++

184 Mahogany Hall Stomp/ Basin Street Blues. (Aust) Parl A7409 E+ Beautiful Laminated Pressing!

185 JOHNNY BAYERSFORFFER & HIS JAZZOLA NOVELTY ORCH. The Waffle Man’s Call/ I Wonder Where My Easy Rider’s Riding Now. (Keith Prowse) PaE R3260 EE- N.O. 1924 Jazz Classics on rare British issue!

186 IRENE BEASLEY (Benny Goodman acc!).  Choo Choo Train/ St. Louis Blues. Vic 21467 E+ 2 great  and uncommon sides!

187 BIX BEIDERBECKE. In A Mist/ BIX BEIDERBECKE & HIS GANG. Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down. (Aust) Parl A6236 E+ Beautiful Laminated Pressing!

188 BIX BEIDERBECKE & HIS GANG. Somebody Stile My Gal/ Thou Swell. (Black) OK 41030 E+/E West Coast G1 Stampers!

189 Goose Pimples. 1/s ‘George Avakian’ Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81568-B EE+ plays E+

190 BEN’S BAD BOYS (POLLACK). Yellow Dog Bl/ Wang Wang Bl. Vic 21971 E+ Great 1928 sides, Goodman, McPartland etc!

191 BEN BERNIE & HIS ORCH. Why Couldn’t It Be Poor Little Me/ n.i. Hom HD769 E Fine s1 - Pettis etc!

192 JIMMY BERTRAND’S WASHBOARD WIZARDS (Dodds). Struggling (-66) / Little Bits (-64) Voc 1035 V+ South Side Jazz Classics!

193 BARNEY BIGARD & HIS JAZZOPATORS. Frolic Sam/ Clouds In My Heart. Vty VA525 E+/EE+

194 JOE BUSHKIN’S BLUE BOYS (Hot Lips Page etc).  Bozay. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Com mx 4656-A N- Unissued on 78!

195 JOE CANDULLO & HIS EVERGLADES O. I Wonder Whats’ Become Of Joe?/ Black Bottom. Imp 1685 E 2 great sides!

196 HOAGY CARMICHAEL & HIS ORCH (Bix, Tea etc). One Night In Havana/ Georgia. Vic 23013 E+ Lovely copy!

197 THE CHARLESTON CHASERS. Mississippi Mud/ My Melancholy Baby. Col 1335-D E+

198 EDDIE CONDON & HIS BAND. Georgia Grind. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Com mx 29054-1 E+ Fats Waller pno!

199 It’s Right Here For U. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Com mx 25708-2  N- Unissued on 78!

200 THE COTTON PICKERS. No Parking/ St. Louis Gal. Br 4440 E+

201 Moanin’ Low (Libby Holman vcl)/ AL GOODMAN ORCH. After Thinking It Over. Br 4446 E+

202 WILTON CRAWLEY (Clarinet solos). Crawley Clarinet Moan/ Love Will Drive U Crazy. (Big Red) OK 8539 E+

203 BOB CROSBY’S BOB CATS. Jazz Me Blues. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Dec mx 67175-A  E+

204 CHARLIE DAVIS & HIS ORCH (Dick Powell vcl s1). You’re A Real Sweetheart/ Just Like A Melody Out of Sky. Voc 15702 E- Rare and hot!

205 JOHNNY DE DROIT & HIS N.O. JAZZ ORCH. Panama/ Eccentric. Shellac OK Test Pressing of mxs 8556-B/ 72943-A E- int tight hc 1” into play, inaudible.

206 HARRY DIAL & HIS BLUSICIANS. I Like What I Like When I Like It/ Wedding Day Blues. Queen 4164 E Rare 1947 sides with Ruben Reeves tpt!

207 CARROLL DICKERSON & HIS ORCH. Symphonic Raps/ Savoyagers Stomp. (Arg) Od 295321 E Classic 1928 Louis, Unissued in USA!

208 DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS. I Never Did Want You/ Only Mother Cares For Me. Vic 20854 E+ Gorgeous copy!

209 JOHNNY DODDS’ BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS. Melancholy/ BILL BROWN’S BROWNIES. Bill Brown Blues. Voc 1128 E++ Flawless copy of rarity!

210 CLYDE DOERR’S SAXOPHONE OCTETTE. The Nightmare/ SAM LANIN & HIS O. He’s The Last Word. Rom 379 EE-

211 THE DORSEY BROTHERS ORCH. Maybe! Who Knows?/ SMITH BALLEW & HIS ORCH (Jack Purvis tpt). Miss You. (US) Od ONY41279 E++ C1/C2 Stampers, West Coast Pressing

212 The Spell Of The Blues. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 401560-B E+ Bing Crosby vcl!

213 Was It A Dream? 12” 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 500021-C E+ Only issued on Odeon!

214 Was It A Dream? 12” 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 500021-D E+ Unissued on 78!

215 LOUIS DUMAINE’S JAZZOLA EIGHT. Pretty Audrey/ To-Wa-Bac-A-Wa. Vic 20723 E- sol s2. New Orleans Jazz Classics!

216 WILLIE ECKSTEIN (Piano solos). Puttin’ On The Dog/ Dansopation. PaE E5258 E-

217 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS WASHINGTONIANS. Down In Our Alley Blues/THE CHARLESTON CHASERS. Delirium. (Blue wax) Col 1076-D E+

218 Hop Head/ East St. Louis Toodle-Oo. CoE 4420 E+

219 Take It Easy/ Black Beauty. Br 4009 E+

220 Move Over/ BOB HARING ORCH. Me & Man In the Moon. Cam 9025 V+dig end s2 jumps 1 gv

221 & HIS ORCHESTRA. Blues I Love To Sing (Adelaide Hall vcl)/ Blue Bubbles. Vic 22985 E+

222 Doin’ The Voom Voom/ Flaming Youth. Vic V38035 E shallow dig s2 4 lt tix

223 Harlemania/ Japanese Dream. Vic V38045 EE+/E+

224 Stompy Jones/ Blue Feeling. Vic 24521 E+

225 Mississippi Dry. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 55845-2 N-

226 The Duke Steps Out. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 55846-2 N-

227 Saratoga Swing. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 51974-2 N-

228 Chloe. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053580-1 E+

229 Creole Love Call/ Saturday Night Function. (Aust) HMV EA2809 E+ Lovely Laminated Pressing!

230 Prelude To A Kiss/ Lambeth Walk. Br 8204 E+

231 La De Doody Doo/ The Stevedore’s Serenade. Br 8174 E+ Ivie Anderson vcl s1

232 Rose of the Rio Grande/ A Gypsy Without A Song. Br 8186 E+ Ivie Anderson vcl s1

233 Dinah Lou. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx C1200-1 E+ Ivie Anderson vcl, Unissued on 78!

234 Let’s Have A Jubilee. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx C885-3 E+ Ivie Anderson vcl, Unissued on 78!

235 Twits And Twerps. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx M898-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

236 The Greatest There Is. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 41689-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

237 (Piano Solo). Just Good Fun. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx M990-1 E+ Unissued on 78!


239 THE FIVE COUSINS (5 Spirits of Rhythm). Nobody’s Sweetheart. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO1334-1 E+ Unissued on 78!

240 FRANKIE FRANKO & HIS LOUISIANIANS. Golden Lily Blues/ Somebody Stole My Gal. Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mxs C6180/C6179 N- Punch Miller tpt!

241 BUD FREEMAN TRIO. At Sundown. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Com mx 22720-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

242 & HIS GANG. Memories Of You. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Com mx 23234-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

243 GENE GIFFORD & HIS ORCH. Nothin’ But The Blues. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 89794-1 E+ Bunny Berigan tpt

244 LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH (Annette Hanshaw vcl s1). I’m Losin’ You/ I Just Roll Along. Per 14942 EE+ Fine copy of Annette Hanshaw rarity!

245 GOLDEN GATE ORCH. Red Hot Henry Brown/ LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH. What Did I Tell Ya. Per 14500 EE+ Fine solos, Rollini etc!

246 JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCH. Here Comes The Show Boat/ My Ohio Home. Vic 21166 EE+

247 BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH. Lucky. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 35237-4 E+ Unissued in USA!

248 THE GOOFUS FIVE. Yes Sir That’s My Baby/ Honey I’m In Love With U. PaE E5421 EE- Two fine sides, Rollini, Nichols, Davis etc!

249 Vaniteaser/ All Of the Time. OK 41113 E

250 Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81016-B N- Fab side!

251 HALFWAY HOUSE ORCHESTRA. Wylie Avenue Blues. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Col mx 146220-3 E++ Fabulous NO Jazz rarity - only issued in Australia!

252 Tell Me Who/ Love Dreams. Col 1542-D E++ Superb copy!

253 FRED HALL & HIS ORCH. She’s The Sweetest Kid/ n.i. (Flexi) Goodson 115 E Hot solos!

254 W.C. HANDY’S ORCHESTRA. Aunt Hagar’s Blues/ GUYON’S PARADISE ORCH. Henpecked Blues. PaE E5115 E- Composer’s own version s1 ‘With Weird and Wonderful Effects’ according to the label!

255 ANNETTE HANSHAW & HER SIZZLIN’ SYNCOPATORS. Who’s That Knockin’ At My Door/ It Was Only A Sun Shower. Per 12372 E- plays E Fabulous Rollini, Venuti & Lang acc!

256 HARLEM HAMFATS. Lake Providence Blues/ Oh! Red. (SB) Dec 7182 E+

257 She’s Gone Again/ Live and Die For You. (SB) Dec 7196 E+

258 JOE HAYMES & HIS ORCH. I’se A Muggin’/ Christopher Columbus. Per 6-05-09 E-

259 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Steppin’ Out/ NATHAN GLANTZ O. Whose Izzy Is He? Em 10714 EE- Fine early Hawkins solo!

260 Fidgety Feet/ Sensation. BrE 3521 E+ Fabulous Ladnier tpt!

261 St. Louis Shuffle/ Variety Stomp. BB B10246 E+ Both Alternate Masters!

262 Sugar/ Blues In My Heart. Col 2559-D E+/E lt scr s2, couple lt tix

263 JOHNNY HODGES & HIS ORCHESTRA. Peckin’. Oversize 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vri Mx 21189-1 EE+ Unissued on 78!

264 Peckin’. Oversize 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vri Mx 21189-2 EE+ Unissued on 78!

265 Peckin’. Oversize 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vri Mx 21189-3 EE+ Unissued on 78!

266 JAMES P. JOHNSON (Piano solo). Blueberry Rhyme. 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 24762-A E+ Unissued on 78!

267 DOLLY KAY & THE GEORGIANS. Someday Sweetheart/ Big Boy! Col 117-D E Great sides - this lady just grows on you!

268 HAL KEMP & HIS CAROLINA ORCHESTRA. Brown Sugar/ A Little Girl - A Little Boy. BrE 3486 E Fine and Uncommon!

269 CARL KRESS & DICK McDONOUGH (Guitar Duets). Stage Fright. 1/s Oversize Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx 14729-B E+ Unissued on 78!

270 HOWARD LANIN’S BEN FRANKLIN D.O. Melancholy Lou/ Don’t Wake Me Up.  Vic 19797 E+ Huge ‘Empty Ballroom’ sound, Red Nichols solo!

271 LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS. Georgia Camp Meeting/  I’m Gwine Back To Dixie. Col 15409-D EE+ Great String Band sides - VJM Founder Trev Benwell’s old copy, according to writing in run-off area s2!

272 TED LEWIS AND HIS BAND. Farewell Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 148930-3 N- Tesch and Muggsy!

273 Wabash Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Col mx 148931-4 N- Tesch and Muggsy!

274 Egyptian Ella/ I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby. Col 2428-D E+ lbl fade. Rare and memorable 1931 sides - Fats, Goodman, Muggsy etc!

275 THE LOUISIANA FIVE. High Brown Babies Ball (-1)/ Yelping Hound Blues (-3). 12” Emerson 501 E- Rare 1919 sides!

276 McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS. Milenberg Joys/ Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble. Vic 21611 E

277 It’s Tight Like That/ There’s A Rainbow Round My Shoulder. Vic V38013 EE+

278 THE MELODY SHEIKS (LANIN). Steppin’ In Society/ Florida. PaE E5400 E sm dig start s2, lt tix. Hot solos!

279 THE MILLS BROTHERS. That’s Georgia. 1/s Oversize ‘George Avakian’ Shellac Master Test Pressing of Br mx 13014-A E+ Unissued on 78!

280 MIFF MOLE & HIS LITTLE MOLERS. The New Twister/ Honolulu Blues. (Arg) ‘Veroton’ Od 193171 E+

281 Imagination. Oversize 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81296-B E+

282 (as Gilbert Marsh’S Orch). Lucky Little Devil/ CASA LOMA ORCH (as HAL LASKA’S ORCH). Any Time’s The Time To Fall In Love. (US) Od PNY 24041 E++ C1/C1 West Coast stampers - Super rare!

283 MOONLIGHT REVELERS (J.C. Johnson Band). Alabama Shuffle/ HARMONY SYNCOPATORS. Bottoms Up. GG 1775 E- lbl tr s1. Rare and Very Hot!

284 MONETTE MOORE w/ FATS WALLER PIANO. A Shine On Your Shoes & Louisiana Hayride. Oversize 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of ARC mx TO-1210 E+ Private Recording - Not Commercially Issued!

285 THOMAS MORRIS & HIS 7 HOT BABIES. Charleston Stampede/ Georgia Grind. Vic 20180 E

286 LEE MORSE & HER BLUE GRASS BOYS. Oh! Boy What A Girl/ My Sweetie Turned Me Down. PActE 11004  E Fine acc s1!

287 JELLY ROLL MORTON’S RED HOT PEPPERS. Dead Man Blues (-1)/ Sidewalk Blues. Vic 20252 E- Rare ‘Southern Special’ issue of take 1 of ‘Dead Man Blues’

288 Steamboat Stomp/ Tank Town Bump. HMV JF56 E+ Rare ’Export Issue’ - Masters!

289 Hyena Stomp/Billy Goat Stomp. Vic 20772 EE+ Fine copy!

290 TRIO. Wolverine Blues/ Mr. Jelly Lord. Vic  21064 EE+ sol s1

291 RHP. Ponchartrain/ Little Lawrence. (Aust) HMV EA3680 E++ Lovely Laminated Master Pressings!

292 Blue Blood Blues/ Mushmouth Shuffle. (Staff) BB B8201 E

293 Pretty Lil/ Burnin’ The Iceberg. (Swiss) HMV JK2738 E+ Great Swiss Pressing!

294 TRIO. Smilin’ The Blues Away/ Turtle Twist. HMV JK2186 E+ Great Swiss Pressing!

295 BENNIE MOTEN’S KANSAS CITY ORCH. Hot Water Blues/ Slow Motion. Vic V38012 E+ Gorgeous copy!

296 Liza Lee/ Get Goin’. Vic 23023 E+ shop stickers on lbls. Beautiful copy and uncommon, Jimmy Rushing vcls.

297 MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS. Indiana/ Fire House Blues. Col 1946-D EE- Great Bruce Yantis vn!

298 Hello Lola/ One Hour. (Aust) HMV EA2963 E+ Lovely Laminated Master Pressings!

299 NAPOLEON’S EMPERORS. My Kinda Love/ Mean To Me. Vic V38057 EE+

300 OLIVER NAYLOR’S ORCH. Slowin’ Down Blues/ JAN GARBER O. Montmartre Rose. HMV B2079 EE- Great 1925 NO Jazz band s1, Unissued in USA!

301 RED NICHOLS’ FIVE PENNIES. Feelin’ No Pain. 1/s Shellac Decca Master Test Pressing of Br mx E24235 E+ Great sound!

302 Indiana/ Dinah. (Fr) Br 500404 E Goodman!

303 Can’t You Hear Me Calling Caroline. 12” 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx XE26775 N-

304 Poor Butterfly. 12” 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx XE26772 N- Terrific extended  Mole/ Livingston solos!

305 New Orleans Pts 1 & 2. 12” Br 20110 E+

306 JIMMIE NOONE’S APEX CLUB ORCH. Birmingham Bertha/ Am I Blue. Voc 1296 V++

307 KING OLIVER & HIS ORCH. Olga/ JELLY ROLL MORTON’S RED HOT PEPPERS. Blue Blood Bl. Vic 22681 E+ Fabulous coupling, lovely copy!

308 I Must Have It/ You’re Just My Type. Vic V38124 E+ Beautiful!

309 ORIGINAL MEMPHIS FIVE. Red Hot Mamma/ It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’. Col 155-D E+

310 FRANKIE QUARTELL’S MELODY BOYS. Prince Of Wails/ PARLOPHONE SYNCOPATORS (H. RESER O). Doo Wacka Doo. PaE E5323 E 2 hot sides

311 SLATZ RANDALL & HIS ORCH. I’d Do Anything For U/ Blame It On The Moon. Br 4562 E- Fine Hot Territory Band!

312 CASPER REARDON & HIS ORCH. Ain’t Misbehavin’/ In A Sentimental Mood. Master MA133 E+ sol s1

313 RED & MIFF’S STOMPERS. Delirium/ Davenport Blues. Vic 20778 EE+

314 ADRIAN ROLLINI & HIS ORCH. Mississippi Basin/ Blue Prelude. PaE R2515 E+ Only issue of s1!

315 (LUIS) RUSSELL’S HOT SIX. 29th & Dearborn/ Sweet Mumtaz. (Ger) Br A81003 E++ Superb fine-surface Master Pressings of 1926 Chicago Jazz Classics!

316 ORCH (as SOUTHERN SERENADERS). Goin’ To Town/ GENE KARDOS O. Sing. (Staff) BB B7367 E+

317 SEATTLE HARMONY KINGS. How Many Times/ TED WEEMS ORCH. Oh If I Only Had You. Vic 20133 E+

318 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH. San/ Red Hot Mamma. VoE X9481 E+ Lovely copy of two fine hot 1924 sides!

319 This Is The Missus/ Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries. PaE R1073 E+ Rare ex-Harmony versions!

320 NOBLE SISSLE’S SWINGSTERS (Bechet!). Characteristic Blues/ MEZZ MEZZROW & HIS ORCH. Free Love. Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of mxs M407-2/ 14272-A E++  This take of the Sissle only issued in France!

321 BLUE STEELE & HIS ORCH. Betty Jean (-7)/ RED & MIFF’S STOMPERS. Feeling No Pain. Vic 21183 E+ Marconi Bros shop stickers on lbls

322 SAMMY STEWART & HIS ORCH. Copenhagen/ ST. LOUIS LOW DOWNS. Eliza. Pur 11359 E Fine Chicago Black Band s1!

323 WILBUR SWEATMAN (Clarinet solo). Sweat Blues/ GREY GULL BAND. Weary River. GG 1706 EE-

324 JACK TEAGARDEN & HIS ORCH. You’re Simply Delish/ CLEVELANDERS. A Peach of a Pair. Per 15361 E- Fine solos s1 - Charlie Tea, Matlock etc!

325 TRACY-BROWN’S ORCHESTRA. Beautiful/ Chloe. Col 1344-D E+ Lovely copy of fine sides - Sam Coslow vcl s2

326 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. Crying All Day/ A Good Man Is Hard To Find. (Large Black) OK 40966 EE+ A2/A5 Stampers!

327 Shivery Stomp/ Reaching For Someone. (Large Black) OK 41268 E+

328 Raisin’ The Roof. 1/s Shellac Parlophone Master Test Pressing of OK mx 401704-D E+

329 VARSITY EIGHT. Sister Kate/ Is She My Girlfriend. Romeo 514 E- sm dig s1, 2gvs 2 Hot sides, solos!

330 JOE VENUTI - EDDIE LANG. Doin’ Things/ Wild Cat. BB B10280 EE+ Alternate Masters to Victor!

331 JOE VENUTI’S BLUE FOUR. Little Buttercup. 1/s Shellac Parlophone Master Test Pressing of OK mx 404942-B EE+

332 Ragging The Scale/ Put and Take. OK 41432 EE+ A2/A4 Stampers, Rollini!

333 ORCHESTRA. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Promises. OK 41427 E- Memorable Tea solo s1!

334 THE WABASH DANCE ORCH (RED NICHOLS O). My Ohio Home/ HARRY PAUL D.O. (PAUL SPECHT O.). Ten Little Miles From Town. (Unbreakable) Duo D4005 E Specially recorded for the British market and Unissued in USA!

335 THOMAS WALLER & MORRIS’ HOT BABIES. Please Take Me Out of Jail. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 40098-2 E+ Amazing sound!

336 He’s Gone Away. 1/s Shellac HMV Transfer Test Pressing of mx 40093-2A E+ Rare take!

Now, a fine selection of Fats Waller Test Pressings, including several unissued takes - Fabulous sound quality!

337 FATS WALLER (Piano solo). My Feelin’s Are Hurt. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 56126-1 E+ Fine sound!

338 & HIS BUDDIES. Ridin’ But Walkin’. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 57927-3 EE+

339 & HIS RHYTHM. I Wish I Were Twins. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 82527-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

340 Honey Hush. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 038207-2 E+ Unissued on 78!

341 I Can’t Give You Anything But Luv. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 043351-2 E+ slightly off centre pressing. Unissued on 78!

342 You’re Letting The Grass Grow Under Your Feet. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 043349-1 E+

343 Baby Brown. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 87083-1 E+

344 Thief In The Night. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 94100-1A E+ Rare!

345 You’re The Cutest One. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 89763-1 E+

346 How Can I? 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 014645-1 E+ Great sound and uncommon!

347 WARNER’S SEVEN ACES. Ace of Spades (astonishingly hot!!)/ I’d Like To Be Your Sheik. OK 40080 E- Great and uncommon 1924 Atlanta sides!

348 TED WEEMS & HIS ORCH. My Cutey’s Due At Two To Two/ I’m Going To Park Myself… Vic 20120 E+ s1 a standout Weems side!

349 PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCH. I’m Coming Virginia/ Just Once Again. Vic 20751 E+ Nichols tpt!

350 When/ JOHNNY JOHNSON ORCH. The Grass Grows Greener Way Down Home. HMV B5493 E+

351 China Boy/ Body and Soul. Col DC177 E+ Levy’s shop stickers on lbls.

352 CLARENCE WILLIAMS’ WASHBOARD BAND. Candy Lips/ Nobody But My Baby. (Sm Red) OK 8440 E+

353 Log Cabin Blues/ Sweet Emmalina. (Sm Red) OK 8572 E/EE-

354 High Society/ Whoop It Up. (Sm Red ) 8706 E+

355 JAZZ KINGS. I Need You/ Red /River Blues. Col 14326-D E King Oliver tpt!

356 Whoop It Up/ I’m Not Worrying. Col 14447-D EE- Levy’s shop sticker s1

357 Them Things Got Me/ In Our Cottage of Love. (Blue Wax) Col 14434-D E Uncommon!

358 COOTIE WILLIAMS & HIS RUG CUTTERS. Downtown Uproar/ Blue Reverie. Vty VA527 E+

359 FESS WILLIAMS & HIS ROYAL FLUSH O (as Bud Jackson’s Swanee Seres). Heebie Jeebies (-00)/ Messin’ Around (-99). Br 3351 E+/EE- lt scrs and nr s2 lt tx in places

Now, a rare chance to acquire the full set of 5 x 78 discs of the Teddy Wilson School For Pianists series - preference will be given to bids for the set.

360 TEDDY WILSON (Piano solos). Coquette/ China Boy. Teddy Wilson School for Pianists E+

361 I’ll See You In My Dreams/ Alice Blue Gown Teddy Wilson School for Pianists E+

362 Tiger Rag/ Loch Lomond. Teddy Wilson School for Pianists E+

363 That Old Feeling/My Blue Heaven. Teddy Wilson School for Pianists E+

364 When You And I Were Young Maggie/ Melody in F. Teddy Wilson School for Pianists E+

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