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Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £5/$8. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


It’s quite simple -  there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price. 

Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!

Payment by all major Credit Cards* as well as £ and US$ personal checks and Paypal. (* via Paypal website)

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.



SUGGESTED MINIMUM BIDS. I’m often asked "How much should I bid on so-and-so?” Well, the straight answer is bid what it’s worth to you. However it is useful for newer collectors to have an idea of what some of the rarer items may realistically fetch, so I am showing against some such items a Suggested Minimum Bid (SMB) in British Pounds. 

Feel free to disregard these figures  but they are based on 40+ years of selling 78s, and in many cases are considerably less than what they may actually achieve. Bids over these amounts are more likely to be ultimately successful.

SB=Sunburst (Decca). DJ=Disc Jockey or Sample Copy. TT=Truetone label OKeh. MB = Minimum Bid.

We continue with more Jazz, Blues and Hot Dance records from the collection of jazz clarinettist and record dealer Johnny Hobbs, plus Master Test Pressings, many of which were unissued on 78 (and some never reissued!). Unless stated they are vinyl (rather than the less durable modern polystyrene pressings), and several are super-high quality shellac pressed in the late 1930s and early 1940s for George Avakian for consideration for reissue on Columbia, Parlophone etc.


001 BARBECUE BOB. Chocolate To The Bone/ Way Cross Georgia Blues. Col 14331-D E+ Guitar Blues classic! SMB £150

002 BIG BILL BROONZY. Night Time Is The Right Time No. 2/ New Shake ‘Em On Down. Voc 04149 E- 

003 Black Brown and White/ Feelin’ Low Down. Vogue V2077 E Paris recordings!

004 BUMBLE BEE SLIM. Bumble Bee’s New Muddy Water/ Good Bye. Voc 03611 E

005 I’ll Meet You In The Bottom/ Meet Me At The Landing. Voc 03384 E+

006 LEROY CARR - SCRAPPER BLACKWELL. Hard Hearted Papa. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 16417-1 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £50

007 You Left Me Crying. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 16418-2 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £50

008 PETER CLEIGHTON. Roaming Gambler/ Something Going On Wrong. OK 06514 E

009 FLOYD DIXON. Empty Stocking Blues/ San Francisco Bl. Aladdin 3074 E- lt scfs

010 CHAMPION JACK DUPREE. County Jail Special/ Fisherman’s Blues. Joe Davis 5103 E+

011 LOWELL FULSON. Blues Come Rolling In/ I Love My Baby. London L1199 E+

012 CECIL GANT. The Grass Is Getting Greener/ God Bless My Daddy. Dec 48249 E+

013 LILLIAN GLINN. I’m A Front Door Woman With A Back Door Man/ Black Man Blues. Col 14433-D E+ Fantastic accompaniment! SMB £75

014 RENE HALL 3 w/ COURTLAND CARTER. My Kind Of Rockin’ /Summertime Blues. Dec 48217 E

015 HARLEM HAMFATS. Root Hog Or Die/ Black Gal U Better Use Your Head. Dec 7439 V+

016 WYNONIE HARRIS. Rot Gut/ Greyhound. (Can) King 4190 V+ scfs and lt scrs plays better than it looks!

017 PEG LEG HOWELL. Skin Game Blues/ Doin’ Wrong. Col 14473 E+ West Coast pressing, C1 stampers! SMB £250

018 MAHALIA JACKSON. Last Mile of the Way/ I’m Glad Salvation is Free. Vogue V302 E+

019 FRANKIE HALF PINT JAXON. Gimme A Pigfoot/ Take Off Them Hips. Dec 7795 EE-

020 Fan It Boogie Woogie/ Don’t Fan Me. Dec 7638 VV+ sol

021 JESSE JAMES. Lonesome Day Blues/Southern Casey Blues. (SB) Dec 7213 E sol s2. Piano Blues classic!

022 COLEY JONES. Drunkard’s Special/ The Elder He’s My Man. Col 14489-D E+ few tiny lams at edge, nap, lbl fade. Great Dallas sides! SMB £100

023 MARGARET JOHNSON & BLACK AND BLUE TRIO. Folks In New York City.../ My Man’s Done Done Me Dirty. Vic 20178 E+ superb copy! SMB £75

024 DICK LEWIS & HIS HARLEM RHYTHM BOYS. 8 O’Clock Stomp/ Hurricane Boogie. Imp 5001 V+ scfs

025 BROTHER JOE MAY. Your Sins Will Find You Out/ I Thank The Lord. Spec SP803 E+

026 PALMER McABEE. McAbee’s Railroad Piece/ Lost Boy Blues. Vic 21352 E sm scr end s1, nap Mouth Harp classic!!

027 TOMMY McCLENNAN. Cotton Patch blues/Baby Don’t U Want To Go. BB B8408 E (OS)

028 BROWNIE McGHEE. Diamond Ring/ So Much Trouble. Sav 835 E+

029 LIZZIE MILES (JELLY ROLL MORTON piano). I Hate A Man Like You/ Don’t Tell Me Nothin’ ‘Bout My Man. Vic V38571 E+ Rare and great sides! SMB £100

030 MONKEY JOE & HIS MUSIC GRINDERS. BVD Blues/ Good Business No. 2. Voc 04871 E+ Great sides!

031 ORIG FOUR HARMONY KINGS. Jesus Moves in De Middle Ob de Air/ Long Ago Lullaby. EBW 4354 E sm lt nr s2 nap. Rare London 1925 sides

032 OSCAR’S CHICAGO SWINGERS (Sam Theard vocals). New Rubbing On The Darned Old Thing/ I Wonder Who’s Boogiein’ My Woogie? (SB) Dec 7186 E-

033 PILGRIM TRAVELERS. I’m Standing On the Highway/ I’ll Tell It. Spec SP305 E+

034 Look Down That Lonesome Road/ It Is No Secret. Spec SP872 E few lt scfs nap

035 PINETOP & LINDBERG (Sparks Bros). East Chicago Blues/ LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY. Farish St. Jive. BB B10177E+ Fine sides!

036 MA RAINEY & LOVIE AUSTIN’S BLUES SERES. Ma Rainey’s Mystery Record/ Honey Where You Been So Long. Para 12200 E-/E Ladnier etc!

037 ALTON REDD & HIS LOW DOWN BLUES O. Let’s Get Together/Mean Ol’ World. Bel-Tone 757 E sol s2

038 TODD RHODES ORCH (Lavern Baker vcl s1). Pig Latin Blues/Blue Autumn. King 4566 EE+

039 ETHEL RIDLEY. Alabama Bound Blues/ I Don’t Let No Man Worry Me. Col A3965 E+ lovely copy!

040 BESSIE SMITH. Sing Sing Prison Blues/ Dying Gambler’s Blues. (Flag) Col 14051-D E+ Lovely copy!

041 HAZEL SMITH (King Oliver acc!!). West End Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 401083-B E+ SMB £50

042 PINETOP SMITH. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out/ Big Boy They Can’t Do That. Voc 1256 E+ Very rare and in immaculate shape! SMB £150

043 VICTORIA SPIVEY. New York Blues. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 59142-1 E+

044 TAMPA RED. Grieving Blues/I’ll Dig You Sooner Or Later. Vic 20-3160 E+

045 YACK TAYLOR. You’re Gonna Go Your Way.../ 4 BLACKAMOORS. Break It Up Charlie. Dec 7850 sm inaudible int hc s1 nap

046 JOHNNY TEMPLE. Big Leg Woman/ Louise Louise Blues. Dec 48002 E

047 FLOYD TILLMAN. It’s A Cruel World 4 Me/ Same Old Blues. Col 37826 E+

048 JOE TURNER & BLUES KINGS. Married Woman/Well All Right. Atlantic 1040 E  couple lt nr, nap OS

049 ETHEL WATERS w/ DUKE ELLINGTON’S ORCH. I Can’t Give You ABL. 1/s vinyl Br/Decca Master Test Pressing of mx B12783-A  E+

050 Porgy. 1/s vinyl Br/Decca Master Test Pressing of mx B12784-A  E+

051 GEORGIA WHITE. I Just Want Your Stingaree/ Alley Boogie. Br 48006 EE+

052 GEORGE WILLIAMS & BESSIE BROWN. Satisfied Blues/Double Crossing Daddy. Col A3974 E+

053 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON. Lacey Belle/Polly Put The Kettle On. Vic 20-2521 E+


054 AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. Singapore Sorrows/Without U Sweetheart. HMV B5464 E+ Hot and Uncommon!

055 I May Be Wrong But I Think U’re Wonderful. 1/s vinyl Dec Master Test Pressing of mx MB707-2 E+ Hot!

056 High and Low. 1/s vinyl Dec Master Test Pressing of mx MB953-2 E Fine Lew Stone arrangement

057 (Evelyn Dall vcl). Jeepers Creepers. 1/s vinyl Dec Master Test Pressing of mx DR3430-1 E+

058 BOSTON ORCHESTRA. Mamma’s Gone/ Nola. HMV B1964 E- plays  better. Fine hot 1924 side 1 by contingent of Savoy Orpheans!

059 THE BLUE MOUNTAINEERS. A Great Big Bunch Of You/Listen To German Band. Bcst 12 3249 E Fine Gonella tpt!

060 THE BOSWELL SISTERS (Ambrose Orch acc). Lullaby of Broadway. 1/s vinyl Dec Master Test Pressing of mx GB7317-3 E+ 

061 (w/ Ambrose Rhythm section). Fare Thee Well Annabelle. 1/s vinyl Dec Master Test Pressing of mx GB7316-1 E+ 

These two were recorded in London 1935, and were unissued in USA!

062 ALIX COMBELLE ORCH (Bill Coleman tpt). Hang Over Blues/Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Swing SW 11 E+

063 BENNY CARTER ORCH (Django). Farewell Blues/ FLETCHER ALLEN & HIS ORCH. What’ll I Do. Swing SW36 E+ Paris 1938

064 You Understand/If Only I Could Read Your Mind. (Swing) VoE 27 E+ London 1936

065 BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND. I Don’t Know Why/ PERCIVAL MACKEY BAND. Blue Grass. Curry 187 E/E- tight 1” hc s2, nap Hot s1!

066 Hello Beautiful/ River and Me. CoE CB259 E+ Hot s1, Gonella tpt!

067 THE CRICHTON LYRICALS (Roy Bros.) Somebody Said/ Where Oh Where Do I Live. Imp 1820 E 2 hot 1927 sides!

068 LEW DAVIS (Trombone solos). Swing Me Sweetly/ I Never Knew. PaE R2152 EE+

069 JIMMY DORSEY & SPIKE HUGHES 3 BLIND MICE. I’m Just Wild About Harry/ After U’ve Gone. DeE F9003 E+

070 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS ORCH. Rhythm Step/Paree. BrE 114 E-

071 & HIS MUSIC. Under The Moon/ Diane. BrE 143 EE+ Fine s1, Rollini, Davis, Quealey!

072 MAURICE ELWIN-SYDNEY NESBITT. Sleep Baby Sleep/ Great Camp Meeting Day. Zon 5298 E sm scr s1. Great Ahola/Lally solos, uncommon!

073 EMBASSY RHYTHM 8. Back Home In Tennessee/Where Black-Eyed Susans Grow. DeE F5467 E+ 

074 BERT FIRMAN’S D.O. Ain’t That A Grand & Glorious Feeling/ Souvenirs. Zon 5015 E

075 TEDDY FOSTER’S KINGS OF SWING. Tain’t No Use/ When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South. HMV BD 5141 E+

076 THE GILT-EDGED FOUR. Tell All The World/PERCIVAL MACKEY’S BAND. Knock At /The Door. CoE 3711 EE+ 2 good sides

077 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS MUSICIANS (George Shearing pno). Noel Brings The Swing/ Sweet Sue. DeE F7841 E+

078 JACK HARRIS & HIS BAND. The Free and Easy.  1/s vinyl Dec Master Test Pressing of mx MB1406-4 E+ Fine arrangement of this unissued 1930 ‘Experimental Recording!’

079 IKE HATCH. The Rhythm’s OK in Harlem/ With A Banjo On My Knee. PaE F662 E+ Great sides by black American singer/composer

080 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS DECCA-DENTS. Fascinating Devil/What Wouldn’t I Do For That Man. DeE F1710 V+ Fine 1930 sides!

081 JACK HYLTON & HIS ORCH. 7 and 11 Blues/ Blue Trot Blues. HMV B1701 E+

082 Buffalo Rhythm/ I’m Seeking A Ladybird. HMV B5379 E- Uncommon!

083 Oh What A Night To Love/Where Shy Little Violets Grow. HMV B5594 EE- Hot Berlin 1928 sides - Jack Jackson etc!

084 Oh What A Silly Place To Kiss A Girl/ Amy. HMV B5836 E+ Hot Berlin 1930 side 1 - Phillippe Brun, Crossman solos!

085 JAZZ DE PARIS (Combelle, Rostaing Joe Reinhardt etc). Ambiance/ Verlaine. Swing SW105 E

086 JEFFRIES RIALTO ORCH. Piccadilly Strut/ BAILEY’S LUCKY 7. After I Say I’m Sorry. Gmn 1908 E+ Uncommon and fine!

087 THE KRAKAJAX. Tap Your Tootsies/ Celebratin’. PaE F418 E+ Fine sides with tap dancing side 1!

088 JOE LANIN’S JAZZ BAND. I’ll Build A Stairway To Paradise/ En Douce. (Vert) Fr Pathe 6602 E Hot Paris 1923 side featuring US trumpeter Clarence Gransie.

089 LONDON RADIO DANCE BAND. Who Taught You This/ n.i. CoE 4171 E+ Hot Bass sax/tpt!

090 The Devil Is Afraid of Music/ Castilian Nights. CoE 4669 E

091 NEW MAYFAIR D.O. Copper Blues/ Terribly Fond of You. HMV B5717 E+ Fine and uncommon 1928 sides, Sylvester Ahola solos!

Next, two London 1919 sides by the ODJB - probably the nicest copies of these London 1919 rarities to be offered for a long time - bid accordingly!

092 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Tiger Rag/ Look At ‘Em Doing It. (12”) CoE 748 EE- SMB £100

093 Satanic Blues/ ‘Lasses Candy. (12”) CoE 759 E- SMB £150

093A JACK PAYNE BBC DANCE ORCH. Down By The Old Front Gate/n.i. CoE 5118 E+ Fine arrangement and hot solos!

094 QUEEN’S DANCE ORCH. Bull Frog Patrol/Come Along. HMV B1299 E- Fine London 1921 sides featuring black American clarinettist Edmund Jenkins!

095 QUINTETTE DU HOT CLUB DE FRANCE (Django). Sweet Sue/ Sunshine Of Your Smile. Oriole LB1004 E+ Paris 1935! SMB £40

096 Souvenirs/ Honeysuckle Rose. DeE F6639 E+ London 1938

097 Flat Foot Floogie/Lambeth Walk. DeE F6776 EE+ London 1938

098 DJANGO REINHARDT-STEPHANE GRAPPELLY. Tornerai/ If I Had You. DeE F6721 E+ London 1938

099 RHYTHMIC EIGHT. What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be/n.i. Zon 5269 E few lt scfs Fine hot side - Norman Payne, Lally etc!

100 RHYTHM MANIACS. Don’t Pose As a Saint/Elizabeth. DeE F2130 V++ scrs

101 RHYTHM RASCALS. Temptation Rag. 1/s vinyl Crown Master Test Pressing of mx H111-2 E+ Great side, Gardener, Polo, Ted Heath!

102 SYD ROY’S LYRICALS. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune/ n.i. Beltona 1219 E-

103 SAVOY ORPHEANS. Shine/ n.i. CoE 3459 EE+ Fine Vernon Ferry tpt

104 REX STEWART & HIS FEETWARMERS (Django). Solid Old Man/ Montmartre. Swing SW56 EE+ Paris 1939

105 LEW STONE & HIS BAND. Tiger Rag/Canadian Capers. DeE F3839 E rc s1 nap

106 FREDDY TAYLOR & HIS SWING MEN FROM HARLEM. Viper’s Dream/ Blue Drag. (Gold) Oriole LV105 E+ Paris 1935 SMB £40

107 VALAIDA (QUEEN OF THE TRUMPET). I Must Have That Man/ I Want A Lot of Love. PaE F575 E- 

108 FATS WALLER. You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It/ Smoke Dreams of You. HMV B8967 E+ London 1939, Unissued in USA!

109 JAY WHIDDEN MIDNIGHT FOLLIES BAND. I Don’t Want Nobody But You/ Hello Baby. Hot! London 1926

110 BAND. Louisiana/Happy Days and Lonely Nights. Imp 2024 E- Fine side 1, Norman Payne Bixian tpt solo!

111 NORA WILLIAMS. Muddy Water/Piccolo Pete. ReZ MT1697 E- Rare London 1935 sides by great US singer and hot band acc!

112 GARLAND WILSON (pno solo). Your Heart and Mine. 1/s vinyl Dec Master Test Pressing of mx TB2429-2 E+ Fine London 1936 side!

113 Get Up Bessie/Blues In C Flat. BrE 1476 E+ Paris 1932

114 MARIUS B. WINTER D.O. Tap Your Feet/ n.i. Bct 12 3036 E/E- hot solos!

115 JIMMY WORNELL’S HOT BLUE BOTTLES. Broadway Stomp/ Stomping. Bcst 12 3033 E+ Rare and hot! SMB £50


116 AMERICAN RAGTIME OCTETTE. Syncopated Boogie Boo/The Ragtime Jockey. EBW 2262 E Fine copy of these London 1912 sides!

117 FELIX ARNDT (Piano solos). Desecration Rag/ Hacienda-Society Tango. Vic 17608 E-

118 CIRO’S CLUB COON ORCHESTRA. Never Let Your Right Hand Know What Your Left Hand’s Going To Do/ My Mother’s Rosary. (12”) CoE 641 EE- Fine and very rare London 1916 sides by black American String Band! SMB £50

119 EUGENE EARLE (Banjo solos). A Banjo Vamp/ A Desert Breeze. Pic 152 E+ Fine banjo solos!

120 Withdrawn

121 EMPIRE ORCH. Red Pepper - A Spicy Rag/ Alexander’s Ragtime Band. (Vert) Pathe 8584 EE- tight 1/2 hc nap

122 GARDE REPUBLICAINE BAND. Le Vrai Cake-Walk. G&T GC-30343 V+ Rare early French Ragtime, Paris 1906!

123 GOTTLIEB’S ORCHESTRA. Alexander’s Rag Time Band/ VICTOR MILITARY BD. Gaby Glide. HMV B161 E-

124 HAGER’S ORCHESTRA. Darkie Tickle. Harmony Diisc 2102 E- (large spindle hole)

125 THE HOME GUARDS BAND. Cannon Ball (Rag) March/ n.i. The Twin 74 E Superb English band version of a classic rag, 1908!

126 JUMBO MILITARY BAND. Rum Tum Tiddle/Popinjay March. Jumbo 933 E- nr s2 nap sol s1

127 THE LONDON ORCH. Blue Feather Intermezzo/ n.i. Cinch 5214 E

128 OLLY OAKLEY (Banjo solos). A Dusky Belle/Darkey’s Awakening. EBW 2086 E-

129 JOHN PIDOUX (Banjo solos). Queen of Diamonds/ Piper’s March. Cinch 5290 E+ Stunning copy of this 1914 rarity!

130 Queen of the Burlesque/ Fusiliers’ Patrol. John Bull H51 EE- Rare, and odd misprint - the ‘N’ in John is reversed!

131 PRINCE’S BAND. Ramshackle Rag/Red Pepper Rag. CoE 1910 V+ 

132 Gaby Glide/ CASINO ORCH. On The Road To Zig A Zag. CoE 1958 E+ Lovely copy, big sound!

133 ROYAL MILITARY BAND. That Mysterious Rag/ Policeman’s Holiday. EBW 2199 E

134 Alexander’s Ragtime Band/ Bogie Walk. Colis 136 EE-

A nice selection of Savoy Quartets, featuring the very advanced and exciting drumming of black American Alex Williams!

135 SAVOY QUARTET. Indian Rag/ Some Sunday Morning. HMV B985 E Lovely copy!

136 The Jazz Band/ Everything Is Peaches Down In Georgia. HMV B1008 V+

137 Sweet Kisses (great tune!)/ Who Wants A Baby? HMV B1151 E-

138 SCALA CONCERT BAND. The Turkey Trot/ Bogie Walk. Scala 83 V

139 THE VERSATILE FOUR. Castle Of Dreams/El Relicario. EBW 3437 V++

140 Bo Bo Beedle-Um Bo/Japanese Sandman. EBW 3524 V++

141 VICTOR MILITARY BAND. Too Much Mustard/ Gertrude Hoffmann Glide. Vic 17292 E-


142 ALLEN-HAWKINS ALL STAR ORCH. The River’s Taking Care of Me/Aintcha Got Music. (Fr) Br 500371 E+ silky surface!

143 THE AMBASSADORS. Oh Baby!/ BAR HARBOR SOC ORCH. Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo. VoE X9460 E+ 

144 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS ORCH. Sweet Savannah Sue. 1/s Laminated Shellac Parlophone Test Pressing of OK mx 402511-B E+ Superb sound! SMB £50

145 BUSTER BAILEY 7 CHOC DANDIES. Call Of The Delta (-2)/ Shanghai Shuffle. Col 35677 E+ 2nd Master of side 1

146 BILLY BANKS & HIS ORCH. Spider Crawl/ Bugle Call Rag. Per 16515 E+ sol

147 BROWNLEE’S ORCH OF NEW ORLEANS. Dirty Rag/Peculiar. OK 40337 EE-  Great and Rare N.O. 1925 sides, hard to find in anything like decent shape!

148 JACK BLAND RHYTHMAKERS. It’s Gonna Be You/ BILLY BANKS O. I Would Do Anything 4 U. (Fr) Br 500316 E lovely pressing!

149 J.H. BRAGG’S RHYTHM FIVE. Ethiopian Stomp. 1/s vinyl Voc Master Test Pressing of mx SA2358-2 EE+ Unissued take of great 1935 Texas side! SMB £50

150 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS. Ramblin’ Blues/ HARRY RESER O. Sam The Old Accordion Man. PActE 11386 E-

151 CAB CALLOWAY ORCH. Is That Religion?/ MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BD. Red Devil. BrE 1226 E+

152 Kickin’ The Gong Around/ Hot Toddy. BrE 1417 E-/E

153 CAROLINA COTTON PICKERS ORCH. It’s Our Business/ Let’s Get Together. Voc 03527 V++ sol Great black Territory Band!

154 CELESTIN’S ORIGINAL TUXEDO ORCH. Papa’s Got The Jim Jams/ Dear Almanzoer. Col 14220-D E+ Stunning copy of classic 1927 N.O sides!! SMB £250

155 COON-SANDERS ORCH. Rhythm King/ Mississippi Here I Am. Vic 21891 E+

156 FORD DABNEY’S SYNCOPATED ORCH. Doo Dah Blues/ Sweet Man O’ Mine. Pur 11120 E-

157 JOHNNY DODDS (Clarinet solos). Oh Lizzie/ New St. Louis Blues. Br 3585 E/E- several lt scfs and scrs s2 but little effect.

158 SEGER ELLIS (Stunning Louis Armstrong tpt!). To Be In Love/ S’posin’ (Arg) Od 193379 E+ 

159 FIVE BIRMINGHAM BABIES. Copenhagen/ Deep Sea Blues. Silvertone 1294 EE+ Rare issue

160 JAY C. FLIPPEN & HIS GANG. How Many Times/ Who Wouldn’t. Per 12277 E Fine acc!

161 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOTEL ORCH. Lovable and Sweet/ Love is a Dreamer. Per 15213 E- T & J Dorsey solos s1

162 BUD FREEMAN SUMMA CUM LAUDE ORCH. The Eel/ China Boy. BB B10386  E Cardboard sleeve has Bud Freeman’s Autograph and dedication to Brian Rust!

163 EARL FULLER’S FAMOUS JAZZ BAND. Jazz De Luxe/ ALL STAR TRIO.  Sensation. Ed 50541 E-

164 JAN GARNER & HIS ORCH. Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down/ Sister Kate. Col 1306-D E sol s2 Terrific sides!

165 GEORGIA MELODIANS. Wait Till U See My Gal (-C)/ ATLANTIC D.O. That’s The Tune.  ED 51338 V+

166 Tea Pot Dome Blues (-A)/ n.i. Ed 51347 E- lbl missing s2

167 ERNIE GOLDEN ORCH. Love Me Just Like I Luv U (-B)/ I’ll Take Her Back (-A). ED 51512  E- ef s1 0gvs. Don’t be put off by the title - this is red hot!

168 BENNY GOODMAN’S BOYS. Room 1411/ Jungle Blues. (Fr) Br E- rc s1 0gvs

169 THE GOOFUS FIVE. Everybody Luvs My Baby/ Oh How I Luv My Darling. PaE E5326 E

170 CLIFFORD HAYES LOUISVILLE STOMPERS. The Petter’s Stomp. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 42388-2 E+ Superb sound! SMB £50

171 JOE HAYMES & HIS ORCH. That’s A Plenty/Sister Kate. Voc 3307 EE- lt nr s1, sol s1

172 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. Chicago Blues/ JEFFRIES RIALTO ORCH. Oh Eva. Homochord H670 E/E- rare issue!

173 A New Kind Of Man/ n.i. ACO G15651 E And another rare issue!

174 (DIXIE STOMPERS). Off To Buffalo/Brotherly Luv. Har 299H V+

175 There’s a Rickety Rackety Shack/ RESER. You Sing That Song To Somebody Else. Imp 1858 EE-

176 Tiger Rag/Somebody Stole My Gal. Crown 3107 EE- Superb sides!

177 Singin’ The Blues. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 53069-2 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £40

178 I Wanna Count Sheep. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 71942-1 E+ Stunning sound!

179 Sugar Foot Stomp/ Hocus Pocus. BB B10247 E

180 Jangled Nerves/ Riffin’. HMV B8470 E

181 EDDIE HEYWOOD’S KANSAS CITY BLACKBIRDS. What Have I Done? 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81452-C E+ Terrific Territory Band side, Unissued on 78!! SMB £40

182 LES HITE & HIS ORCH. T-Bone Blues/ That’s The Lick. BB B11210 E

183 HUDSON - DE LANGE ORCH. Sophisticated Swing/The Maid’s Night Off. Mas MA103 E+ sol s2

184 PHIL HUGHES HIGH HATTERS (Reser). I’ll Fly To Hawaii/ Don’t U Remember. Per 14739 E

185 DEWEY JACKSON’S PEACOCK ORCH. She’s Crying For Me/ ROSA HENDERSON & 3 HOT ESKIMOS. Here Comes My Baby. (Eng) Oriole 1006 EE-/EE+ couple shallow scrs s1, don’t sound. Two great sides on very rare 1927 English issue! SMB £150

186 THE JAZZ PILOTS. Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech/ Sleepy Time Gal. OK 40502 VV+ plays better 2 hot sides!

187 Kentucky’s Way of Saying Good Morning/ Sitting On Top of The World. OK 40533 E- Hot sides!

188 JACK JENNEY & HIS ORCH. Got No Time/  What More Can I Give U. Voc 4803 E+

189 CHARLIE JOHNSON’S ORIG PARADISE TEN. Birmingham Black Bottom/ Paradise Wobble. Vic 20551 E tiny rc s1 nap. Harlem Jazz Classics! SMB £100

190 JAMES P. JOHNSON (Piano solos). You’ve Got To Be Modernistic/ Jingles. Br 4762 EE+ Essential Stride Piano sides! SMB £50

191 Snowy Morning Blues/ PECK’S BAD BOYS. I Never Knew. Asch 350-3 E+

192 ROGER WOLFE KAHN & HIS ORCH. Crazy Rhythm/ Imagination. Vic 21368 E+ Great Miff Mole solo s1

193 THE KEYSTONE SERENADERS. Where Can I Find You/Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now. VoE X9735 E- Rare and fine 1925 mystery band sides!

194 LANIN’S SOUTHERN SERENADERS. Arkansas Bl (-3)/ Lonesome Lovesick Bl (-2). Re 9164 E extra spindle hole

195 SAM LANIN & HIS ORCH. Rollin’ Down the River. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 490085-A E+ Terrific Teagarden feature, vurtually impossible to find on US Odeon!

196 JULES LEVY’S TRIO. My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms/ CASINO D.O. Teasin’. PAct 020748 V+ ruff start s2

197 LILL’S HOT SHOTS. Drop That Sack (-56)/ Georgia Bo Bo (-57). Eng Oriole 1009 EE+ 1926 Louis Armstrong classics on rare British issue! SMB £150

198 LOUISIANA FIVE. Weeping Willow Blues (-2)/ Big Fat Ma (-1)/ Em 10172 EE-, noisy start s2

199 DICK McDONOUGH ORCH (Berigan). He Ain’t Got Rhythm/ Girl on the Police Gazette. Mel 7-03-11 E-

200 BUBBER MILEY & HIS MILEAGE MAKERS. Without You Emaline. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 62233-3 EE+ few sm pits in surface, nothing serious.

201 EMMETT MILLER. Any Time/ St. Louis Blues. OK 41095 E 2 great and hot sides by celebrated Minstrel Man!

202 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Let’s Have A Jubilee/Out Of a Dream. (Blue wax) Col 2963-D E/E- scrs to lbl s2

203 Harlem After Midnight/ JOE HAYMES ORCH. Christopher Columbus. (Swing) VoE 6 E+

204 IRVING MILLS HOTSY TOTSY GANG. Railroad Man/ Crazy Bout My Gal. (Fr) Br 500147 E- Great Goodman features!

205 MOONLIGHT SERENADERS (Fred Hall O). Hot Stuff Bl/ Sitting On Top of World. Bell 383 E-/V+ blasty spots s2

206 CHAUNCEY  MOREHOUSE SWING 6. My Gal Sal/I’ll Build A Stairway To Paradise. Voc 3837 E+ Excellent sides!

207 JELLY ROLL  MORTON (Piano solo). The Pearls/ SOL WAGNER O. Dream Daddy.  Gnt 5323 EE- Nice to see clean! SMB £40

208 BENNIE MOTEN’S K.C. ORCH. Kater Street Rag/ Sister Honky Tonk. OK 8277 VV+ even wear and clear

209 Small Black. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 57304-3 E  This take Unissued on 78!SMB £50

210 New Orleans. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 74850-1 E+ Stunning crisp clear sound!

211 MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS. Tailspin Blues/ Never Had A Reason To Believe in U. Vic V38087 E Great Teagarden!

212 NAYLOR’S SEVEN ACES. Twilight Rose/ BAILEY’S LUCKY 7. It Had To Be U. Gnt 5432 E-

213 PAUL NERO’s VIOLIN JAZZ. The Hot Canary/ The Hip Hippo. Selmer 7128 E+ Fine sides by underrated violinist!

214 NEW ORLEANS OWLS. The Owls’ Hoot/ WARNER’S 7 ACES. Breakin’ The Leg. Col 605-D E- sol s2

215 KING OLIVER’S JAZZ BAND. Too Bad/ Snag It. (large lbl) Voc 1007 EE- plays E, few lt scrs nap SMB £75

216 DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. Every Tub/ Showboat Shuffle. Br 3998 E rep rc s2 0 gvs

217 Got Everything/ 4 or 5 Times. Br 4028 EE+ sol

218 ORCH. Mule Face Blues/ Boogie Woogie. (Arg) Vic V38134 E few lt scfs nap

219 Stealing Love/ DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS. Memphis Shake. (Ger) Electrola EG7853 E+ OS. Only 78 issue of side 1!

220 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Darktown Strutters’ Ball (-3)/ Indiana (-3) Col A2297 E-

221 Oriental Jazz/ DABNEY’S BAND. Indigo Blues. (Vert) Aeo Voc 12097 V plays  better

Now some cleaner than average ODJB Victors...

222 Tiger Rag/ Skeleton Jangle. Vic 18472 E 

223 Fidgety Feet/ Lazy Daddy. Vic 18564 EE+

224 Clarinet Marmalade/ Mournin’ Blues. Vic 18513 E

225 ORIGINAL INDIANA FIVE. Heebie Jeebies/ My Baby Knows How. Bell 456 E-/V+ nr s2, lt tix in places

226 ANTHONY PARENTI’S LIBERTY SYNCOS. Be Yourself/ La Vida Medley. Vic 19698 EE+ N.O. 1925 SMB £50

227 JACK PETTIS & HIS BAND. I Gotta Get Myself Somebody To Luv/ FRED RICH O. Take Yr Finger Out of Yr Mouth. Re 8244 E

228 BEN POLLACK & HIS PARK CENTRAL O. My Kinda Love/ On With The Dance. Vic 21944 E+ Tea and BG!

229 THE RED HEADS. You Should See My Tootsie/ Here or There. PActE 11376 E+ superb copy!

230 THE RHYTHM WRECKERS. Blue Yodel No. 3/ Red Headed Music Maker. Voc 3670 V+ Muggsy and Irving Fazola!

231 EARL RICKARD AND THE DUBS. Sweet Child/ Where The Huckleberries Grow. PaE E5269 V+ tiny rc s1 nap. Hot Reser group acc, one of the nicest versions of Sweet Child!

232 JOE ROBECHAUX N.O. RHYTHM BOYS. Sleep Come On and Take Me/ Just Like A Falling Star. (Gold) Voc 2881 E great!

233 WILLARD ROBISON & HIS ORCH. The Devils is Afraid of Music/Music of a Mountain /Stream. PActE 11383 E

234 There Ain’t No Maybe In My Baby’s Eyes/ IRWIN ABRAMS O. Muddy Water. PACTE 11348 E good tpt s1

235 ARTHUR ROSS WESTERNERS (Selvin). Diga Diga Doo/ Crazy Rhythm. Har 755H E+ 2 hot sides!

236 LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCH. Goin’ To Town/ GENE KARDOS O. Sing - It’s Good 4 U. (Staff) BB B7367 E

237 ELMER SCHOEBEL & HIS FRIAR’S SOC. O. Copenhagen/ Prince of Wails. Br 4762 E+  Stunning copy of classic Tesch sides! SMB £50

238 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH. Susquehanna Home/ AMBASSADORS. Follow The Swallow. Voc 14871 E-lt scrs Fine hot s1

239 OMER SIMEON (Clarinet solo). Beau-Koo Jack. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx C-4330-A E+ great sound!

240 SIX JUMPING JACKS. Charleston Ball/ Village Blacksmith Owns The Village Now. (Aus) Br 3064 E- lbl fade

241 JABBO SMITH & HIS RHYTHM ACES. Lina Blues/ Croonin’ The Blues. Br 7087 EE-/E lt scfs nap 2 classic sides! SMB £75

242 HARRY SNODGRASS (Piano solos). Maple Leaf  Rag/ Miami Shore. BrE 3239 EE+

243 MIKE SPECIALE ORCH. Bam-Bam-Bammy Shore (-B)/ When You Sww That Aunt of Mine (-C). Ed 51635 E+ hot sides

244 SPIRITS OF RHYTHM. Shoutin In That Amen Corner/ Thats’ What I Hate About U. BrE 02058 E

245 ERNEST STEVENS DANCE ORCH. Learn To Do The Strut (-A)/ DON PARKER O.  Ed 51267 EE+ Early Red Nichols solo s1!

246 REX STEWART HIS ORCH. Linger Awhile. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053610-1 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £50

247 Linger Awhile. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053610-2 E+

Ooops! Out of alphabetical order!

248 STATE STREET RAMBLERS. Endurance Stomp/ Tack It Down. (SB) Dec 7224 E 1928 Gennett masters

249 JESSE STONE & HIS ORCH. Sneaky Pete/ I Came Hiome Unexpectedly. Vic 20-2670 E+ sol s1

250 WILBUR SWEATMAN (Clarinet solo). Sweat Blues/ n.i. GG 1706 E-

Next, two Bix Beiderbecke classics in awesome sound quality...

251 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. Singin’ The Blues. 1/s oversize vinyl Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK mx 80393-C  E+ SMB £50

252 Way Down Yonder in New Orleans.  1/s oversize vinyl Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81084-B  E+ SMB £50

253 SUGAR UNDERWOOD (Piano solos). Dew-Drop Alley Stomp/ Davis Street Blues. Vic 21538 E+ Superb copy of these Barrelhouse piano classics! SMB £100

254 UNIVERSITY SIX. Fallin’ Down/ HARMONIANS. Roll ‘Em Girls. Har 106H E+ lovely copy!

255 THE VAGABONDS (California Ramblers). Somebody Like You/ I Can’t Stop Babying U. Gnt 5630 E+ fine copy, hot solos both sides!

256 TED WALLACE CAMPUS BOYS. Ro-Ro-Rollin Along/ Stein Song. PaE E6320 E/E- Jack Purvis tpt solos both sides!

257 THOMAS WALLER & THOMAS MORRIS HOT BABIES. Please Take Me Out of Jail/ He’s Gone Away. Vic 21202 E+ Great copy! SMB £75

258 WASHBOARD RHYTHM BAND. Trust Me For A Hamburger.  1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Columbia mx 265089-2 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £40

259 WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS. Pepper Steak. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 70596-1 E+

260 If You Were Only Mine. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 59030-1 E+

261 TED WEEMS & HIS ORCH. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of Victor mx 56897-1 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £40

262 WHOOPEE MAKERS. Railroad Man/ BROADWAY BROADCASTERS (Lanin). St. Louis Blues. Romeo 852 V+  Goodman s1


264 CLARENCE WILLIAMS. You Rascal You/ Michigan Water Blues. OK 8806 V+

265 BLUE FIVE. Old Folks Shuffle. 1/s oversize vinyl Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK mx 80729-B E+

266 Black Snake Blues. 1/s oversize vinyl Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK mx 80728-D E+

267 ORCH. Watchin’ The Clock/ Feeeze Out. OK 8663 E- stress lames nap

268 BLUE FIVE. Thriller Blues/ Uncle Sammy Here I Am. BB B11368 EE+

269 COOTIE WILLIAMS ORCH. Ain’t Misbehavin/ Blues in My Condition. OK 6224 E

270 DALE WIMBROW & HIS RUBEVILLE TUNERS. Country Bred and Chicken Fed/ It Takes A Good Woman. Col 821-D EE- Sylvester Ahola solos!

271 JIMMY YANCEY. Yancey Stomp. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 044006-1 E+

272 ZUTTY & HIS BAND. I Would Do Anything 4 U/Clarinet Marmalade. (SB) Dec 432 E


273 THE DANCE BANDS. By Albert J. McCarthy. Studio Vista, 1971, 1st ed. 175pp hb, many photos. Dedicated and signed by author. E

274 BENNY: KING OF SWING. A Pictorial Biography with Intro. essay by Stanley Baron. Thames & Hudson 1979 1st ed, hb, profusely illustrated from Goodman’s own archives. E+

275 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ - A FAMILY ALBUM. By Al Rose & Edmond Souchon. Louisiana State Uni Press, 1967 1st ed, hb, dj, 320+pp, illus. E, few marks to dj.  A ‘must have’ book for all N.O. jazz lovers!

276 A THOUSAND GOLDEN HORNS. By Gene Fernett. The Pendell Co, 1967, 1st ed, hb, dj,  178pp, illus. E+ Great photobook on glossy paper covering the Big Band era, from the 1920s to 1960s.

277 DESTINATION CHICAGO JAZZ. By Sandor Demlinger & John Steiner.  Arcadia, 2003, 2nd ed, hb, dj, 168, illus. Fantastic photo essay with many previously unpublished photos pertaing to the Chicago jazz scene. E+

278 KING JOE OLIVER. By Walter C. Allen & Brian Rust. Jazz Monographs, 1956, 2nd ed, copy no. 468, 162pp, sb, ill. The first attempt to seriously catalogue and study King Oliver’s records. V+, grubby cover, clean inside.

279 JAZZWAYS. Ed. George Rosenthal & Frank Zachary. Musicians Press, 1946, 1st ed, 110pp, hb, dj, many great photos. E. Beautifully-produced photobook, amazingly produced to this high quality months after the end of WW2!

280 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ. By Leonard Feather. Horizon Press, 1957 4th Ed, hb, dj, illus. E

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