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Auction of Classic Blues

Auction closes Midnight, 29th July 2018

Payment can be made by bank transfer, Paypal, and cash. Postage is strictly at cost.

Visual grading with additional comments

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Prewar BLUES


001 Bluebird 5038 Walter Davis: Blue Sea Blues/Broke And Hungry E+

02 Bluebird 5323 Roosevelt Sykes: New 44 Blues/Big Legs Ida Blues E/EE-

003 Bluebird 5325 Charlie McFadden: Low Down Rounders Blues/Last Journey Blues E+

004 Bluebird 5898 Joe Pullum & Robert Cooper: Rack It Back And Tell It Right/Blues With Class E

005 Bluebird 6042 Oliver Brown: Oh You Devil You/I Ain't Got Nobody E-/E

006 Bluebird 8333 Sonny Boy Williamson: Good Gravy/T. B. Blues EE-

007 Bluebird 8408 Tommy McClennan: Baby, Don't You Want To Go?/Cotton Patch Blues E-/E

008 Bluebird 8550 Huddie Leadbelly: Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On/Don't You Love Your Daddy No More?  E+

009 Bluebird 8580 Sonny Boy Williamson: I Been Dealing With The Devil/War Time Blues E+

010 Bluebird 8605 Tommy McClennan: She's Just Good Huggin' Size/My Little Girl EE-

011 Bluebird 8610 Sonny Boy Williamson: Welfare Store Bl/Train Fare Blues  E

012 Bluebird 8689 Tommy McClennan: Katy Mae Bl./Love With Feeling EE+

013 Bluebird B-8709 Huddie Leadbelly Roberta/The Red Cross Store Bl E+/E

014 Broadway 5033 Anna Bell acc. Clarence Williams Orch.: Kitchen Woman Blues/Lock Step Blues E scratch on A-side NAP RARE!

015 Broadway 5098 Slim Carter-Helen Gordon (Harum Scarums on Pm 13104): Come On In /Where Did You Stay Last Night V+ ½" crack & tiny half moon crack on A-side only RARE! ONLY KNOWN COPY!

016 Brunswick 7046 Mary Butler: Mary Blues/Bungalow Blues E

017 Brunswick 7089 Coletha Simpson: Riverside Blues/Lonesome  Blues EE+

018 Brunswick 7113 Arnold Wiley: Windy City/Arnold Wiley Rag E-

019 Brunswick 7156 Charles McCoy & Vincent: Your Valves Need Grinding /It's Hot Like That EE+

020 Champion 50038 Hokum Boys & Jane Lucas: That's The Way She Likes It/Ain't Goin' There No More No. 2 EE-

021 Champion 50042 Jane Lucas & Geo. Tom: What's That I Smell/Fix It EE-

022 Champion 50059 Hokum Boys & Jane Lucas: Hokum Stomp/Hip Shakin' Strut E/V+

023 Champion 50065 Curly Weaver: Sometime Mama/Two Faced Woman E+

024 Columbia 14279 Hattie Hudson: Black Hand Blues/Doggone My Good Luck Soul EE-

025 Columbia 14293 "Billikin" Johnson & Adams: Sun Beam Bl /Interurban Blues E

026 Columbia 14331 Barecue Bob: Waycross Georgia Blues/Chocolate To The Bone V+ to E- small label damage. Plays fine

027 Columbia 14382 Peg Leg Howell: Banjo Blues/Turkey Buzzard Blues E

028 Columbia 14405 Billiken Johnson & Neal Roberts: Wild Jack Blues/Frisco Blues E+

029 Columbia 14492 Sylvester Palmer: Lonesome Man Blues/Mean Blues EE+

030 Columbia 14571 Sam Townsend: Lily Kimball Blues/I'm Missing That E-

031 Columbia 14610 Wiley and Wiley: Rootin' Bo Hog Blues/Irene's Baker Shop Blues E-

032 Columbia 14674 Lonnie Johnson: Unselfish Love/My Love Don't Belong To You EE- RARE! Columbia pressed only 400 copies!

033 Decca 7023 Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe: Hole In The Wall/Give It To Me In My Hand (Can I Go Home With You) V+ to E-

034 Decca 7028 Alice Moore: Black Evil Blues/Riverside Blues E+

035 Decca 7032 Lee Green: Doctorin' Fool Blues/Southern Blues E+/E

036 Decca 7056 Alice Moore: Lonesome Woman Blues/Trouble Blues E

037 Decca 7092 Kokomo Arnold: Slop Jar Blues/Black Annie EE-/E small label tear on B-side

038 Decca 7103 Kokomo Arnold: 'Cause You're Dirty/Tonic Head Blues E-

039 Decca 7113 Blind "Gussie" Nesbitt: He's The Joy Of My Salvation/God Is Worried At Your Wicked Ways V+ scratches RARE!

040 Decca 7116 Kokomo Arnold: Milk Cow Blues No. 3/Big Leg Mama (John Russel Blues) EE-/E small label damage A-side

041 Decca 7160 Roosevelt Sykes: Dirty Mother For You (Don't You Know)/She Left Me Cold In Hand EE-

042 Decca 7198 Kokomo Arnold: The Mule Laid Down And Died/Model "T" Woman Blues E

043 Decca 7353 Uncle Skipper(Charley Jordan): Chifferobe/Cutting My ABC's E+

044 Decca 7479 Peetie Wheatstraw: What More Can A Man Do?/Shack Bully Stomp E tiny pimple on B-side

045 HMV X 8210 Huddie Leadbelly T. B. Blues/Alberta E+

Unlisted Danish pressing of Bluebird 8559 – pressed for export in UK

046 Melotone 12037 Teddy Edwards: Them Things/Family Troubles E+

047 Melotone 12617 Spark Plug Smith: Motherless Boy/Deserted Man Blues EE-

048 Melotone 12958 Poor Jim with Dan Jackson (Yank Rachel): Stack O'Dollars Blues/Sugar Farm Blues V+ label fade

049 Melotone 13342 Bessie Jackson (Lucille Bogan): Pig Iron Sally/My Man Is Boogan Me E/E- surface noise on B-side

050 Melotone 7-03-55 Mack Rhinehart and Brownie Stubblefield: T. P. N. Moaner (Down On The Santa Fe)/Broke And Hungry E-/V++

051 Melotone 7-06-74 Guitar Slim: Ain't It A Shame/Katie May - Katie May E-

052 OKeh 8485 Sally Roberts (Sara Martin w. Sylvester Weaver): Teasing Brown Blues/Gonna Ramble Blues E+

053 OKeh 8500 Sally Roberts (Sara Martin w. Sylvester Weaver): Useless Blues/Black Hearse Blues  E

054 OKeh 8661 Martin - Weaver - Withers: I'm Happy In Jesus/Where Shall I Be EE- This is Sara Martin, Sylvester Weaver & Hayes Withers

055 OKeh 8750 Snitcher Roberts (James Stump Johnson): The Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas/Low Moanin' Blues E+

056 OKeh 8781 Snitcher Roberts (James Stump Johnson): Heart Is Right Blues/Snitcher's Blues E+

057 OKeh 8787 Roosevelt Sykes: Black River Blues/Poor Boy Blues E-

058 OKeh 8853 Charlie McCoy & Bo Carter: The Northern Starvers Are Returning Home/Mississippi I'm Longing For You E+

059 Paramount 12467 Charlie (Dad) Nelson: Traveling Daddy/Michigan Shoe Blues EE-

060 Paramount 12571 Banjo Joe (Gus Cannon): Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home/Can You Blame the Colored Man V+/E- slightly off center pressing, may need extra weight

061 Paramount 12598 Lucius Hardy: Jelly Bean Man/Mr. Blues EE+

062 Paramount 12647 "Ma" Rainey and Her Georgia Band: Blues The World Forgot - Part I/Blues The World Forgot - Part II  EE+

063 Paramount 12956 Papa Charlie Jackson: You Got That Wrong/Self Experience V+ He plays guitar both sides.

064 Parlophone R2177 Victoria Spivey: How Do You Do It That Way?/Funny Feathers E- Excellent British master pressing of OKeh 8713

065 Perfect 7-06-65 Georgia Slim: Ocean Wide Blues/Separatin' Blues E-/V+

066 Perfect 8-04-62 Blind Boy Fuller: Hungry Calf Blues/Mojo Hidin' Blues EE- small label damage both sides

067 Romeo 5026 Georgia Tom/Sammy Sampson: My Texas Blues/Skoodle Do Do V+

068 Romeo 6-05-65 Blind Gary (Davis): I Saw The Light/Lord Stand By Me V

069 Victor 21268 Jim Jackson: Policy Blues/Bootlegging Blues E

070 Victor 21271 Lonnie McIntorsh: The Lion And The Tribes Of Judah/Sleep On Mother, Sleep On EE-

071 Victor 21387 Jim Jackson: I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop/Old Dog Blue E+

072 Victor 38581 Noah Lewis: Chickasaw Special/Devil In The Wood Pile E  tiny pimple on B-side

073 Vocalion 1123 Blind Joe Taggart: God's Gonna Separate the Wheat from the Tares/The Storm is Passing Over E- may need extra weight to track well

074 Vocalion 1257: Frankie Half Pint Jaxon: How Can I Get It?/Fan It E some gray pressing blemish on both sides. Slightly audible

075 Vocalion 1258 Tampa Red: How Long How Long Blues/It's Tight Like That V Both sides are guitar soli by Tampa Red. Scarce!

076 Vocalion 1285 Frankie Half Pint Jaxon: Let's Knock A Jug/Can't You Wait? E+

077 Vocalion 1288 Hound Head Henry (w. Cow Cow Davenport): My Silver Dollar Mama/Low Down Hound Blues E+

078 Vocalion 03475 ROBERT JOHNSON: I Believe I'll Dust My Broom/Dead Shrimp Blues E- small label damage on B-side. It’s a great copy of this Robert Johnson classic. It plays like E Minimum bid: $2000

079 Vinyl Test DA-398-2 Robert Johnson: Me And The Devil Blues E- Old Vinyl pressing from Vocalion master. Plays like V+

080 Vinyl Test SA 2633-1 Robert Johnson If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day  EE+ Terrific vinyl pressing from Vocalion master. Unissued!