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Welcome to the latest update of VJM's website! Trevor Benwell started Vintage Jazz Mart in 1953, which makes us the oldest continually-published jazz and blues magazine in the world!

The cover of this issue shows a star-studded Chicago band of the late 1920s, the photo of which only surfaced last year. VJM Editor Mark Berresford examines the theories behind who, what, when, and where in an article in this issue.  This issue also sees the continuation of Ralph Wondraschek’s mammoth examination of the career of the Original Memphis Five, one of the most important disseminators of jazz in the immediate post-WW1 period, a time when the moral backlash against jazz music was at its height in the early 1920s. 

As you’ll see on our Auction link page we’ve a bumper offering of mouthwatering selection of Jazz and Blues 78s including items from some legendary collections! This is especially true of the selection of rare pre-war and post-war Blues 78s. Amazingly, there are even more in the hard copy of VJM -  not all the auction listings are available on the VJM website - to see the others you’ll have to subscribe to the magazine - it’s great value and you can get your subscription HERE

Our proven track record of problem-free transactions forged over 60 years, together with unbeatable value advertising rates (that’s a fact - no fat cat shareholders or dotcom billionaires to pay dividends to here!) means we regularly offer the finest selection of records to be found anywhere.

Whilst you'll find a great selection of Jazz and Blues 78 records and LPs for auction on the website, remember - there are many more record auctions and more articles in the 'hard copy' of the magazine -  and you will only see them by subscribing to the magazine! What gems are you missing out on by not subscribing? It costs less than you think!

We've all the regular  features, including our legendary CD and Book reviews, Ate van Delden's 'Discographical Ramblings' page and other articles not available here - you really don't know what you're missing if you don't subscribe. The world’s leading Jazz and Blues 78 and LP collectors subscribe to VJM - ask them why!

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